Barn Find Homemade tractor, could it Be Saved, pt 3 of 3.

this is the final video on the homemade doodle bug tractor that was dragged out from its long hibernation under a house, lets fix all the broken rusted and busted issues,


  1. CrumblingCrap


    Dag sedan

    I laughed so hard at the tumbler, I have been trying to think of a diy way to do it and that's geniusly simple

  2. tractortinkerer11


    Dag sedan

    So dang cool. Glad you saved it.

  3. johnny Johnson

    johnny Johnson

    2 dagar sedan


  4. Rodney J.

    Rodney J.

    2 dagar sedan

    Nice little hot rod .

  5. Jimmy Nail

    Jimmy Nail

    3 dagar sedan

    Use ice from ice box to slarse around in the tank!!?.

  6. robert lapsley

    robert lapsley

    3 dagar sedan

    Riding that must be similar to riding a half broken bronco,enjoyed the video

  7. John Doe

    John Doe

    3 dagar sedan

    Great little series. Very cool tractor at the end. I hope you can find some uses for it so it can live on and be useful. You've inspired me to fix up some old equipment I've found around. So far its all worked out pretty well. Thanks!

  8. Daniel


    3 dagar sedan

    Making something from practically nothing, gotta luv it.!! "Next day after Mexican food"... Hahahaha

  9. David Phillips

    David Phillips

    4 dagar sedan

    My go lol 🤪

  10. Lumpy Rutheford

    Lumpy Rutheford

    4 dagar sedan

    When you're done with that tractor, you can go put some rear brakes on your truck.

  11. Harry Jensen

    Harry Jensen

    5 dagar sedan

    The old open vent system on the brake system .later years it became a closed system. On vent hole for air to get in . Brake fluid exposed to the air can and will collect moisture over time .not a friend to brake fluid .the filler cap was vented. ,the new system was a sealed system .

  12. Charlie Naylor

    Charlie Naylor

    7 dagar sedan

    I hope you showed the former owner how it runs !

  13. ARTHUR N


    8 dagar sedan


  14. Ian Daly

    Ian Daly

    10 dagar sedan

    You had the gas tank clean enough to solder it.

  15. Ian Daly

    Ian Daly

    10 dagar sedan

    Cotter Pins are a solid piece of steel with a flange on one end and a split pin hole at the other end. The items you were pulling out from the brakes with side cutters are split pins.

  16. Cliff Waller

    Cliff Waller

    12 dagar sedan

    Clean out rusty tank????? Two or three bottles of CLR and three handful of marbles or ball for me



    13 dagar sedan

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  18. Brian Sutton

    Brian Sutton

    13 dagar sedan

    You might give KBS a try in the future. The KBS system is a three step process for fuel tanks, the only down side is step three needs several days to dry / cure. I've used it a few times and I am pleased with the outcome. Rust no more.

  19. Amit Desai

    Amit Desai

    18 dagar sedan

    Your tractor is amazing, just correct the steering angle, you may have noticed that steering angle is not correct to Ackermann principle, When steering; outer wheel of your tractor turns more degrees than inner wheel which is exactly apposite to the perfect steering angle. And just because of that wheels are sleeping when you steer it..!

  20. Nickel Hound

    Nickel Hound

    19 dagar sedan

    That is quality deck stain right there... - Vice Grip Garage

  21. corrugateddesigner


    19 dagar sedan

    Alright, this one approached some Red Green level thinking.

  22. Ryan Crawford

    Ryan Crawford

    25 dagar sedan

    Sure it’s not a Panzer, Because they had small looking car rear ends

  23. Larry Hokaj

    Larry Hokaj

    25 dagar sedan

    "it's the next day after Mexican food"

  24. Larry Hokaj

    Larry Hokaj

    25 dagar sedan

    "It's like baking with Mustie1"

  25. Stephen Balogh

    Stephen Balogh

    27 dagar sedan

    Don't know how much you'd paid for it, but you sure have a sexy old little toy for yourself there mate. And if ever decide to drive it on the highway and the police pulled you over it'd likely be for a photo opp...

  26. Terry Meehan

    Terry Meehan

    29 dagar sedan

    Been watching your videos for a little while. Love how you actually fix with original parts instead of just replacing with new plastic junk.

  27. skat kat

    skat kat

    29 dagar sedan

    This was the BEST video EVER!

  28. captinsulu


    Månad sedan

    Whats size are the back tires

  29. Richard John Best

    Richard John Best

    Månad sedan

    Good Place for that KABOTAa3 deasel

  30. Mike


    Månad sedan

    Lol. Wasn’t Expecting Jesse Duke to show up at the end. 🤟🏼

  31. captainjerk


    Månad sedan

    The caps are a classy touch! Just a buff, and it's ready for the show! LOL :D

  32. Michael Berry

    Michael Berry

    Månad sedan

    I always use slingshot ammo (ball bearings) to clean out things like this, great innovation though

  33. Sheila Mclaughlin

    Sheila Mclaughlin

    Månad sedan

    Looks like a Briggs sounds like a Briggs must be a Briggs

  34. Sheila Mclaughlin

    Sheila Mclaughlin

    Månad sedan

    Wire brush it and solder

  35. Sheila Mclaughlin

    Sheila Mclaughlin

    Månad sedan

    Looks like a Ford rr

  36. Sheila Mclaughlin

    Sheila Mclaughlin

    Månad sedan

    Throw it in carb cleaner

  37. Sheila Mclaughlin

    Sheila Mclaughlin

    Månad sedan

    Air the back up

  38. Sheila Mclaughlin

    Sheila Mclaughlin

    Månad sedan

    Hone this side and then drive it out

  39. Ed Hansen

    Ed Hansen

    Månad sedan

    Really enjoyed the video. Reminded me of when I worked in gas stations back in the 60's-70's. AAAAA++++++

  40. Gixxer983


    Månad sedan

    @mustie1 Can you please lube chains from the inside so the centrifugal force draws the lube thru it. Free biker tip :)

  41. Everett Marshall

    Everett Marshall

    Månad sedan

    Looks like an old Panzer garden tractor

  42. Daniel S

    Daniel S

    Månad sedan

    It may look like a tractor, but it's actually a minibike.

  43. Robert Morin

    Robert Morin

    Månad sedan

    Nice going. I like that thing. Great troubleshooting and repairs.

  44. Henry The 83rd

    Henry The 83rd

    Månad sedan

    Cooling system??

  45. Joe L.

    Joe L.

    Månad sedan

    You my friend are amazing . P.S. Your having way too much fun ! Lol......

  46. William Rhea

    William Rhea

    Månad sedan

    It's ok, I call them cotter keys too

  47. Dan Currier

    Dan Currier

    Månad sedan

    It’s very entertaining and there is always something to learn!

  48. mark eiler

    mark eiler

    Månad sedan

    Love your videos you have inspired me to not fear to the trying to work on motorized vehicles if that makes any since,thank you for your videos

  49. Lasetta Tedrow

    Lasetta Tedrow

    Månad sedan

    how much$$$



    Månad sedan


  51. Matthew B

    Matthew B

    Månad sedan

    Mustie 1: *Dumps gas into a pan ME: I've never smelled a color, until now.

  52. David Walker

    David Walker

    Månad sedan

    If you would just use a little penetrating oil on things that you took them apart your life would be so much better

  53. graeme fyffe

    graeme fyffe

    Månad sedan

    Mexican food! I it

  54. Alan Robison

    Alan Robison

    Månad sedan

    It needs a floorboard too.

  55. Alan Robison

    Alan Robison

    Månad sedan

    Fill it with Evaporust and let it set for a few days.

  56. charles miller

    charles miller

    Månad sedan

    NIce find I like it

  57. Howard Garverick

    Howard Garverick

    Månad sedan


  58. ampar wingate

    ampar wingate

    Månad sedan

    I believe that was not all rust it might have been dirt some one put in the tank

  59. ZoSoUsAm 68

    ZoSoUsAm 68

    Månad sedan

    I wouldn't waste one cup of gas in that tank!!!

  60. Jose Ortiz

    Jose Ortiz

    Månad sedan


  61. ira lloyd

    ira lloyd

    Månad sedan

    please make a new shroud {fiber glass maybe} that has foot pegs., and is their a air filter?

  62. Fred E

    Fred E

    Månad sedan

    Dude, that is a single-piece hub , I've seen them before,

  63. Troy Crowder

    Troy Crowder

    Månad sedan

    just one thing it needs a stack with the flapper lol

  64. jimkuz27


    2 månader sedan

    A few years ago i found a Sears Craftman garden tractor on an abandoned property, i got permission to take it, i put 250.00 into it, it has an 18 H.P. Kholer magnum engine it runs fine and this tractor also has a 3 point hitch and a hook up for a blade, i looked all over this property but i couldn't find the mower deck or any thing else that belonged to it. The steering needs to be rebuilt the bushings are shot, they're a fiber type, but once i get my metal lathe i will get some bronz stock and make better bushings for it and install zerk fittings. The transmission has high and low range, 6 foward and 2 reverse, it has a leaky seal at the axil, so i have to replace it. It will be a gem once it's all done!

  65. lindsay Leake

    lindsay Leake

    2 månader sedan

    as an old brake specialist (Australia) you should be able to find someone who could bond your shoes alliteratively you should be able to buy lengths of brake lining and rivet the lining to the shoes (you meed the correct drills) if you cannot get the correct thickness you need to find someone who can re radius the shoes, also you should wash brake parts in metholated spirits (alcohol) otherwise you damage the seals

  66. Kevin Kanak

    Kevin Kanak

    2 månader sedan

    I knew it! I was waiting for the tank on the tire when I saw what came out of it!

  67. John Salt

    John Salt

    2 månader sedan

    Eyup mustie all it needs now is a paint job to complete it lol

  68. Ernie Crowe

    Ernie Crowe

    2 månader sedan

    That's a nice NEW toy you got there! I never find good toys like that! Good for you!!!!

  69. Nigel Carruthers

    Nigel Carruthers

    2 månader sedan

    Chunky fuel is the best fuel ;-)

  70. Ryan Beyea

    Ryan Beyea

    2 månader sedan

    What's up

  71. Ryan Beyea

    Ryan Beyea

    2 månader sedan


  72. Tom Taylor

    Tom Taylor

    2 månader sedan

    I love that tractor.

  73. Turbo496Vette


    2 månader sedan

    The ol’ power seat brake tension adjuster 😂👍

  74. breakandfix


    2 månader sedan

    Why would you waste your time trying to clean a tank like that buy a new one cheaper and a hell of a lot safer

  75. Wes LaBrash

    Wes LaBrash

    2 månader sedan

    That tractor looks a lot like a cub cadet.

  76. abijah2002 _

    abijah2002 _

    2 månader sedan

    my man is soo good he can rebuild wear items

  77. Paul Hopps

    Paul Hopps

    2 månader sedan

    I watch the video on you doing the brakes on Ratty, and noticed that the brake master is very similar?

  78. Jake Higgins

    Jake Higgins

    2 månader sedan

    I think with that gorilla glue you're supposed to use a little bit of water to activate it or something

  79. Pam Reid

    Pam Reid

    2 månader sedan

    Reminds me of the sound of a old John Deere tractor. Enjoyed watching you play with it as I did when you worked on it.

  80. Pam Reid

    Pam Reid

    2 månader sedan

    What did you do for air filter?

  81. Ditto Ditto

    Ditto Ditto

    2 månader sedan

    i love baking with mustie 1

  82. Sue Dorning

    Sue Dorning

    2 månader sedan

    Do you know anything about burns lawn tractors

  83. Gary's Garage

    Gary's Garage

    2 månader sedan

    "and there's your dinner"

  84. stoptheirlies


    2 månader sedan

    I was really looking forward to seeing you fit the replacement coil and get a spark. WTF! after playing with your dog it's suddenly all back together?

  85. Chris Bennett

    Chris Bennett

    2 månader sedan

    Dude, you caused me to spit out a mouthful of cola when you jumped the tractor off that wooden "ramp".

  86. Robert Stern

    Robert Stern

    2 månader sedan

    Why don’t people use some wd40 it does help

  87. BU𐍂AGØ


    2 månader sedan

    17:04 when you get a expensive prostitute

  88. Woody Wonderinjew

    Woody Wonderinjew

    2 månader sedan

    My Sunday is complete👌 thank you Mustie1 🙌🙌

  89. unit11k9


    2 månader sedan

    Thats Awesome!!!

  90. Cole


    2 månader sedan

    You should stick that junk yard picked liquid cooled Kubota generator engine on this thing

  91. Harry Odum

    Harry Odum

    2 månader sedan

    I don't know if I missed it or what , but what kind of engine is that and how many horsepower does it have?

  92. Harry Odum

    Harry Odum

    2 månader sedan

    P stones and kerosene and then shake it. I guarantee it's better than nuts and washers. Fixing motorcycle thanks for 50 years and that's the best there is. Then you can put the stones in a coffee can for the next project.

  93. Jackbox


    2 månader sedan

    That has to be the funniest way I've seen to remove rust from a gas tank. Now stored in my head....

  94. Alex Woodland

    Alex Woodland

    2 månader sedan

    Hi Mustie1 great work on bring it back to life, I think it would look great with the rear tyres swapped so that the white walls are showing

  95. Tony Montana

    Tony Montana

    2 månader sedan

    Suburban Tractor S&M 8/1961 build!! better than anything made today!

  96. gilliland426


    2 månader sedan

    Darren what size is your ultrasonic cleaner

  97. TwoHerbs


    2 månader sedan

    Just a reminder to folks, make sure that gas can has no gas in it before putting muriatic acid in it. Muriatic acid is just "junk" hydrochloric acid and acids and organic solvents (gas) don't like each other.

  98. kc7wzl


    2 månader sedan

    LOL I watch old Taryl Dactal on youtube.... seeing you use something from his channel brought a smile to my face!!!! old Taryl is a hoot to watch he is so full of beans that would make a Hispanic restaurant cry from the gas but he knows his stuff!!!

  99. T Webster

    T Webster

    2 månader sedan

    This has been one of those fun adventures that storybooks are made of...maybe storybooks only tinkerers enjoy though. Right? Thank you for this one. Great instructions, and entertainment. Can't wait for the next time. Wayne in Colorado Springs

  100. Robbie Hanes

    Robbie Hanes

    2 månader sedan

    Mustie is that your casting couch chair I see lol jk