You Won't Believe Why This Engine Blew Up,

this toro riding mower was donated to us after the engine locked up while doing fall cleanup, its a Kohler Command engine 18 hp, it failed in a way I have never seen before, can you guess what happened?


  1. george price

    george price

    13 timmar sedan

    What kind of motor, What horsepower

  2. donald lawton

    donald lawton

    Dag sedan

    Thats a sincrow balancer

  3. David Plaster

    David Plaster

    Dag sedan

    I'm not's a Kohler Courage!! Any mower with this engine is not worth more than a $100.00....most sellers hate me for that!!

  4. David Coudriet

    David Coudriet

    2 dagar sedan

    The Bucket Engine! Bucket of S....

  5. Eugene Kupka

    Eugene Kupka

    3 dagar sedan

    Hope he took the 1/4 key out

  6. Eugene Kupka

    Eugene Kupka

    3 dagar sedan

    This the results of bad oil

  7. Aye Bee

    Aye Bee

    6 dagar sedan

    I'd wager a guess on failure of this engine: Engine runaway with mis-adjusted governor. Bam, Bang, Ka-Ching!

  8. Aye Bee

    Aye Bee

    6 dagar sedan

    Honda Longevity vs. Briggs? Tear down a Honda Riding Mower engine. Compare them. Honda is #1 small engine maker, for a reason. I own a Honda GCV 160 push mower and A Briggs 10hp I/C rider. Briggs always has clean oil since main seal leaks 8 ounces per hour of run time. Both engines get drain and refill every 20 hours of run time.

  9. Lachie Bell

    Lachie Bell

    8 dagar sedan

    Decks still good

  10. James Robinson

    James Robinson

    14 dagar sedan

    Hey mustie wear did u find that light at

  11. ray b

    ray b

    15 dagar sedan

    regardless of the tractors age, it was surely neglected on maintenance .....

  12. Mike Swift

    Mike Swift

    25 dagar sedan


  13. Fred Durbin

    Fred Durbin

    27 dagar sedan

    What happened to the oil in the engine? It barely had any on the dip stick.

  14. Charles Roberts

    Charles Roberts

    28 dagar sedan

    I would check to see if the oil was overfilled first

    • Fred Durbin

      Fred Durbin

      27 dagar sedan

      There wasn’t hardly any oil on the dipstick.

  15. Elsa Saint Blancard

    Elsa Saint Blancard

    28 dagar sedan

    The learned scorpio italy decay because ocelot unknowingly occur pace a lean tyvek. alluring, crazy teaching

  16. charles tackett

    charles tackett

    Månad sedan

    Instructive video. Thanks for sharing.



    Månad sedan

    O no!!! its a kohler engine, I work for them. Don't bother trying to fix it.

  18. fls360


    Månad sedan

    8 Krowler engine designers smashed the thumbs up button.

  19. Harry Smith

    Harry Smith

    Månad sedan

    He overloaded the mower while chopping up leaves and something had to go

  20. Peter Vanderlind

    Peter Vanderlind

    Månad sedan

    in the next episode we are going to install a 72 vw engine in the lawn mower

  21. Black Phase

    Black Phase

    Månad sedan

    Over time it stretched the bolt common problem on mowers with the dam governors or counter weights

  22. monding Perez

    monding Perez

    Månad sedan

    wouldn't be easier just to remove the engine and tear it apart on the bench?

  23. Jean-Luc Picard

    Jean-Luc Picard

    Månad sedan

    Here's my theory as of 19:14, haven't watched further yet. I think that the counterbalance was binding and eventually let go, then swung over, hit the governor, and destroyed it. The resulting debris seized up the engine completely. That's my two cents.

  24. Tom L

    Tom L

    Månad sedan

    Say what you will, but when I worked on small engines all the time, I worked on a LOT of broken TOROs. There was a lot of "Now why did they do that" that ran through my mind.

  25. Andrew Cooper

    Andrew Cooper

    Månad sedan

    I like that. It’s coming out, it just doesn’t know it yet. Now I’m subscribing!!

  26. John Sutcliffe

    John Sutcliffe

    Månad sedan

    I hate to say this but was it engineered to fail on purpose? It would seem things in the past were made to last and over built.. then it would seem the things of today arent because people dont want to fix it but buy new instead. 🤔

  27. devin lavallee

    devin lavallee

    Månad sedan

    wow, Mustie you inspired me to get a 1984 sears had sat for 6 years and had not run, my dad knows nothing about engines. After a few days of swearing at it and it came to life I got a new ignition switch and a car battery from my cousin a bolt-on ground cable and I can start and drive it! also, you inspired me to start my own lawn mowing business! thanks for the awesome videos!

  28. thronic


    Månad sedan

    I thought I'd buy a snow blower last winter. Went to the local shop and after finding an interesting machine I then asked about maintenance. "You have to take it back to us every spring! We're the only ones who can maintain these machines!" It was a MTD ME 66.. I asked: "what are common problems or issues?" He said people would make them go faster and ... adjust TIMING with the governor. I said I have never seen a governor that adjusts timing, just the throttle and rpm. No no no! You're wrong! He asked if I were talking about ECUs on cars... He quickly got uncomfortable and said the shop was closed when I said I did not mean to be difficult, I just didn't understand what he meant. Then he threw me out - SHOP CLOSED, I GOT LOTS TO DO!, but invited the next customer. I hate humans.... Looks like I'll have a guy similar to you fix me up a used Yamaha instead.

  29. Alan norman

    Alan norman

    Månad sedan

    Well done Sherlock very entertaining 🇳🇿

  30. jerry einstandig

    jerry einstandig

    Månad sedan

    whatever caused it isn't worth 53 minutes of my time

  31. Ed Gufler

    Ed Gufler

    Månad sedan

    A common boat anchor

  32. Gees Landscaping

    Gees Landscaping

    Månad sedan

    Are you in Michigan

  33. William Miller

    William Miller

    Månad sedan

    When it was low on oil, the oil was in the moving parts, and there was no oil for the pump to pick up. After it locked up, the oil drained back down, so it looks like it had oil in the case. I've run Kohlers for decades, and never had one problem. BUT, I always check my oil before using, and NEVER run it if oil level is low. Even my 1995 Kohler Magnum 18hp opposed twin still is solid as a rock. All the damage is from "Lack of Oil". I'm 77, and have never had one engine go bad. I've raced bikes, boats, cars with no engine problems.

  34. q zorn

    q zorn

    Månad sedan

    1st, did you check the tire pressure? i think i need a new mechanic... thanks a lot...:)

  35. John Doe

    John Doe

    Månad sedan

    Kohler sounds German to me, but I guess, it's the same crap like Briggs & Stratton or Tecumseh. Fortunately times of combustors now coming to their end. Just bought an electric ride-on mower from Cub Cadet and it behaves fine.

  36. Todd Howes

    Todd Howes

    Månad sedan

    Late to the party, but I'd say that having a pressurized lube didn't help in this case, the low/unmaintained oil pumped the crankcase dry which is why the bottom of the motor had issues while the top looked fine. I'd guess the lower counterbalance took out the upper, and then hit the usual, a Mustie1 investigative case! :)

  37. boaterbil


    Månad sedan

    That large thing cannot spin therefore not a counterbalance

  38. edward roberts

    edward roberts

    Månad sedan

    you remind me of me some 45 years ago Mustie!

  39. Robert Parzych

    Robert Parzych

    Månad sedan

    What a failure just waiting to happen and did happen.

  40. Robert Parzych

    Robert Parzych

    Månad sedan

    What kind of engine is that? I haven`t run across one of those yet.

  41. Dan Aitch

    Dan Aitch

    Månad sedan

    We have a twin of this Toro. Fingers crossed we don't experience this failure. I had to "re-engineer" the deck and pullies in an attempt to get it to quit eat belts. Nice detailed teardown.

  42. Fred Seaborne

    Fred Seaborne

    Månad sedan

    6:50 Darren **definitely** gots da magic touch! :D

  43. A C

    A C

    Månad sedan

    what an outstanding video! Thank you!

  44. Dennis S

    Dennis S

    Månad sedan

    Just like Michigan. Governor destroys everything

  45. Dinodas Bunce

    Dinodas Bunce

    Månad sedan

    Thank you for this video, it will be a great help in a Kohler that displayed symptoms like this motor did.

  46. Andre Campbell

    Andre Campbell

    Månad sedan

    95% of engine failures are due to a lack of lubrication, or as I like to say "a self inflicted wound".

  47. David Regan

    David Regan

    Månad sedan

    I wish we had a NEW Governor here in WA State! LOL

  48. John Euler

    John Euler

    Månad sedan

    I enjoyed your autopsy on the toro riding mower engine.

  49. Alfred Ritcher

    Alfred Ritcher

    Månad sedan

    Looks like they hired the quality control team that Chevrolet used on the vega

  50. RR RR

    RR RR

    Månad sedan

    Kohler COURAGE, not a Command.

  51. Eric Matson

    Eric Matson

    Månad sedan

    Dont think it is worth a rebuild Just get a new motor

  52. Rob Sisson

    Rob Sisson

    Månad sedan

    Those Koehler motors are absolute garbage

  53. Arnold Layne

    Arnold Layne

    Månad sedan

    Without reading any comments I'm going to guess that an extra fat mouse blocked the exhaust. EDIT: I'm disappointed to find out that it wasn't an extra fat mouse.

  54. control177


    Månad sedan

    i see the issue its a kohler engine, ALWAYS get a briggs

  55. Randall Fawc

    Randall Fawc

    Månad sedan

    Curious..... Which drive system do you think is better? The more common belt drive, or shaft drive transmissions as like Cub Cadet uses?

  56. 426 SUPER BEE

    426 SUPER BEE

    Månad sedan

    I would be finding another engine. Cause parts are so hard to fine

  57. Ron Wade

    Ron Wade

    Månad sedan

    Iron filings on the magneto,

  58. marcello roos

    marcello roos

    Månad sedan

    Fix it or junker?

  59. Ricky Hutchason

    Ricky Hutchason

    Månad sedan

    I want to see you put it back together

  60. Ricky Hutchason

    Ricky Hutchason

    Månad sedan

    I'll take the deck off of it mine rusted can't find one for a troybuilt pony

    • Ricky Hutchason

      Ricky Hutchason

      Månad sedan

      400 dollars new

  61. fixtrite phil

    fixtrite phil

    Månad sedan

    not a Command it's a Courage =JUNK, worst Kohler ever made

  62. Maxx Michael

    Maxx Michael

    Månad sedan

    Lack of oil....I'd check that first......

  63. Mike Stoddart

    Mike Stoddart

    Månad sedan

    I have that same lawn tractor! She still runs great and I hope it does for several more years!

  64. conscience commenter

    conscience commenter

    Månad sedan

    Wheres the video for the repair ?

  65. Fred Metzel

    Fred Metzel

    Månad sedan

    Well I was looking for boat hull restore info and I find this vid that has nothing to do with boats. Well I have lawn stuff for parts or repair. So i find myself riveted to this video and here is why. I hate videos that sensationalize, monologue to much or can't hold the camera still or drown out the sound with some crazy too loud background music. Also hate that lots of vids have no point or just don't know anything but brag about themselves.. So this guy does an informative video that completely makes true sense of things right before your eyes and ears. So well informed, so thorough, so comfortable and easy to watch. Answers so many questions and makes you feel like your at your friends shop helping him figure out what happened. So now I am informed, learned plenty and gave mustie1 a thumbs up and subscribed. Mustie 1 should be teaching tech schools. He doesn't brag so I thought I would do that for him as in reality it should be. Give credit where it's due and dont brag. Put it in your resume'. Thank you Mustie 1.

    • Mustie1


      Månad sedan

      thank you sir

  66. Redgolf2


    Månad sedan

    I think the technical term I’d the motor shït itself! 😏

  67. strattuner


    Månad sedan

    mustie1 has got it made just like us,we have a enormous supply of engines to buy at dirt prices,i only buy real nice machines that do not sit outside at all,i find them with broken bearings in the deck and belts chewed up the pullies,those kind of mowers,this engine is junk,when i saw the dirty oil i was done with it,he was too,oil is everything,after repairing automobiles for 47 years,parts don't wear in super clean oil,if they gave it away, few would change it,laziness gets me more free mowers and parts than any other thing,you out to see my 2600 dollar SNAPPER i got for the price of a pizza,keep looking they're out there,drop the oil out of your machines before you use them and change it when you store it,costs a few bucks just to keep a nice yard,carry on,oh yeah i've had numerous oil companies and sales reps wanting me to endorse their products,nope,only oil supplement i use religiously is DURA LUBE,its the real deal,you want your machines to laugh at the heat and last,put only 4 ozs to the crankcase volume,engines last,my other mower was 17 years old,alot of stuff broke on it,BUT NOT THE ENGINE

  68. CiscoWes


    Månad sedan

    I didn’t know you could magnet fish in an engine 😂

  69. Richard DuBois

    Richard DuBois

    Månad sedan

    Definitely over engineered like most of the German crap. After all, it's a friggin one cylinder engine. Probably weighs too much as well. Typically lawn tractors don't get their oil changes at proper intervals, therefore no good reason to use nylon parts within such and engine. Nylon gets eaten quickly by the abrasion of dirt.

  70. Orville Wilkerson

    Orville Wilkerson

    Månad sedan

    Oil filter bypass

  71. Balbir Singh Gill

    Balbir Singh Gill

    Månad sedan

    Very honest and very smart. Not over smart shitt like most clueless so call mechanics. Thanks bro

  72. p.c i

    p.c i

    Månad sedan

    Was the pin from your plastic gears .and you dropped the pin for your counter balance in the oil bucket

  73. Rodney King

    Rodney King

    Månad sedan

    Bolts under flywheel known for coming loose and causing problems.

  74. 65CSX


    Månad sedan

    Good video, start to finish. I've learned avoid YT videos with AMAZING, GENIUS, and YOU WON"T BELIEVE titles. I'm glad I made an exception on this one.

  75. Paladin Lng

    Paladin Lng

    Månad sedan

    I don’t know if they make them anymore, if they do then maybe a short block is the fix. I know you didn’t think so but that oil was pretty black. And looking at the dipstick, it looked to me like the oil was low.

  76. Smooth Z06

    Smooth Z06

    Månad sedan

    Early courage 18 and 19s had a few very common failures. 1. Upper sump bolts back out and the locator pins beat the block out around the cylinder causing oil leaks and eventually block failure. 2. Balancer failure, most often it beats the back of the block out, fist sized hole. 3. Governor gear failure resulting in overspeed damage.

  77. john doe

    john doe

    Månad sedan

    have to agree with you that bolt flexing at the thread line will break if you flex it enough times, should have been a larger bolt for the force on it

  78. stewmoo free speech T-shirt

    stewmoo free speech T-shirt

    Månad sedan

    You need a camera man for close up footage like Grass Rats

  79. MyName IsNoneOfYourBusiness

    MyName IsNoneOfYourBusiness

    Månad sedan

    That's not a Command engine, it is a Courage engine. When you took it apart, I'd be willing to bet that at least one of the cover bolts under the flywheel was loose. They were introduced in 2008, and were plaqued with problems, especially bolt torque retension. Once loose, crankcase vacuum would drop, causing excess oil consumption through the breather. Also, if the engine was stored for extended time with fuel, the carb may have stuck wide open to blow the engine up.

  80. xorbodude


    Månad sedan

    I do wish he wouldnt think aloud.

  81. Karl Pearson

    Karl Pearson

    Månad sedan

    At one point I thought you were going to say, "With all the pieces of the governor I'm finding I expect I'll find parts of the lieutenant governor next."

  82. Zepplin Wayne

    Zepplin Wayne

    2 månader sedan

    have a 19hp kohler command here that was locked up solid, in mine the bottom of the crank had worn through it's bushing into the alloy and jammed. was like it had too much tension on the belt to cause the damage lol

  83. Chip Adams

    Chip Adams

    2 månader sedan

    Those engines are JUNK.

  84. Joseph Medeiros

    Joseph Medeiros

    2 månader sedan

    hey Mustie1, I have two lawn tractors you can have, one is a john deere and the other is a older simplicity. I live in RI

  85. Mark Payne

    Mark Payne

    2 månader sedan

    The long bolt is not a bolt at all it is a pen and that little sheared off Bolt actually killed that pen in place but was sheared off causing the boat to drop to the bottom of the pan and the piece you thought is a bearing is not it's a gilde plate but when the pin drop down the two pieces of the counterbalance come apart causing gravity pull down on the lower one making the gilde plate shredding it and making it off center causing the governor to fall out of its flotation and being crushed by the counterbalance I imagine he made quite a bit of noise for the 10 seconds it was hammering

  86. shaun huckabee

    shaun huckabee

    2 månader sedan

    Kohler engine, OHHHH OHHHHH!

  87. Joseph Biddle

    Joseph Biddle

    2 månader sedan

    Typical Kohler Discourage. 😑

  88. Fred Goodwin

    Fred Goodwin

    2 månader sedan

    Briggs & Station calls the weight system "Syncro Balance". On a Briggs the crank journals for the balance weights are replaceable as well are the bearings in the weights. I have a Briggs 406777 V twin that the governor failed from metal fatigue.

  89. Bill Z

    Bill Z

    2 månader sedan

    Without seeing the video, ... yet... I bet the crankshaft broke. Typical on the Kohler Courage engines I've see. I've had a couple that looked like someone used a die grinder inside the engine. More shattered pieces than one could imagine. That engine series is way too problematic to repair. I just replaced an engine on a Cub Cadet that had 140 hours on it. That isn't much time! It wasn't the governor either that let go on this one. Nothing salvageable left on the one I had. The one I had did have many holes in the block also. I got the tractor for free. I replaced the engine with a Briggs. The lawn tractor looked brand new when looking at it. They have counter balance problems. They just blow apart. I had bent bolts all over inside it. That's what this one had. After the new engine, I parked it on my front lawn and sold it.

  90. zorvlatch


    2 månader sedan

    poor engineering

  91. zorvlatch


    2 månader sedan

    I can smell that oil.

  92. chevydmax1000


    2 månader sedan

    Great video. Can you tell me where I can get a lift platform like the one you put the tractor on? What brand and model is yours? Thanks.

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    Константин Клюков

    2 månader sedan

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  94. Andrew M

    Andrew M

    2 månader sedan

    Those Kohler courage single cylinder engines are by far the worst riding mower engines ever produced. With an over engineered design like that in the crankcase, you’d think BMW made it.

  95. PS R

    PS R

    2 månader sedan

    Hey! Quick question for ya! I have a Toro Wheel horse lawn mower here. The Deck on it is a 48" deck. The spindles are shot. The part where the c-clip clamps onto is eaten up bad. I need new or used ones. Where is the best place to buy them? Let me know.

  96. KettleShot


    2 månader sedan

    That mower looks just like mine Wait... IT's the same model I might finaly be able to fix it!

    • KettleShot


      2 månader sedan


  97. Steve po

    Steve po

    2 månader sedan

    Never much cared for Kohler engines. What's wrong with a simple, gear driven balance shaft?! Also, your fuel filter is installed backwards......

    • Red Toberts

      Red Toberts

      2 månader sedan

      Or a little vibration???

  98. Doc Twiggenberry

    Doc Twiggenberry

    2 månader sedan

    Looks like you are picking up Toro mowers by the bushel. Tells me something that a Toro doesn't last 25 years...

  99. Hunter Shannon

    Hunter Shannon

    2 månader sedan

    1:37am we’re I live and I love just laying here watching you fix things it’s awsome

  100. dtiydr


    2 månader sedan

    Free floating counterweights in only one direction?? How the hell do they work, that can't be good not balancing anything of the side motion of the crank?