Can It Be Saved? The Junkiest Chainsaw Ever. Picked out of The Trash.

a friend stopped by with some donations he grabbed from the trash. one of them being this higher end chain saw that the last owner stated it was the junkiest chainsaw ever. so lets find out why and if we can fix it.


  1. M Bburg

    M Bburg

    2 dagar sedan

    Seen this many times working a small engine repair business. Motor oil instead of bar oil, used motor for mix, and chains on backwards is just the beginning. Sent out to rescue a few pinched saws. One homeowner had managed to pinch two saws in one tree. Could write a book after what I've seen.

  2. mjg263


    2 dagar sedan

    So @19:54 what did you ever do about the missing rubber bushing? Was a bushing actually supposed to be there?

  3. Richard Lennie

    Richard Lennie

    2 dagar sedan

    The way this guy explained things it sounds like he doesn't know much about chainsaws.

  4. David2021


    3 dagar sedan

    I hope the jug head that abused that tool has watched this video.

  5. WLS64


    4 dagar sedan

    yea Mustie. you can clearly see that hole under the pull start is missing a rubber bushing there. Good grab tho. Cheers!

  6. Sherman Kearns

    Sherman Kearns

    4 dagar sedan

    Marine epoxy for that stripped screw. Lightly grease the screw threads and fill the hole with marine epoxy and when it hardens you will be able to back the screw out and if the case is cracked there the marine epoxy will fix the crack.

  7. Sherman Kearns

    Sherman Kearns

    4 dagar sedan

    I have heard that taking the handle apart is a lot of work now I know for sure. Lol

  8. olehemlock


    6 dagar sedan

    All damage is from running a dull chain and cranking on the saw.

  9. Henry james

    Henry james

    7 dagar sedan

    It wasn't the saw it was the operator

  10. Piotr Niewinski

    Piotr Niewinski

    9 dagar sedan

    h aha , all those findings with recoil make my right arm bigger and bigger , like popeye :)

  11. cimogm


    12 dagar sedan

    not bad for a piece of crap chainsaw ........ :0D

  12. justin norton

    justin norton

    13 dagar sedan

    Love my stihl saws but like the huskys too. I own a 455 not an issue with it but also care for them like my vehicles wiped down after use started every month if I don't use it never had an issue out of my 455 or ms290. Equipment is only as good as the care taker this one looks like the previous owner just abused the hell out of it then called it junk.

  13. J Valentine

    J Valentine

    15 dagar sedan

    This is BS subliminal product assassination making people subconsciously think that Husqvarna is junk when it's not .

  14. Jeremy Burris

    Jeremy Burris

    15 dagar sedan

    *sprays off dirt on the oil plug right into the open gas tank* lol

  15. chuckschilling


    15 dagar sedan

    Huskies are excellent saws. Very popular where I live.

  16. sPagHeTii


    15 dagar sedan

    Your right them lights are awesome

  17. drewBerry News

    drewBerry News

    16 dagar sedan

    just purchased a new husky and its fantastic. the motor on this sounds the same. there's a slight wine in the chain probly due to wear but nice find!

  18. slipnslide83


    16 dagar sedan

    Hey what state do you live in? I am in New Hampshire!

  19. Ty C

    Ty C

    16 dagar sedan

    Good video!’

  20. Tommy Campbell

    Tommy Campbell

    17 dagar sedan

    I had one like that and I didnt even want to put my name behind giving it away. I threw it away. Terrible saw.

  21. Brian Rajala

    Brian Rajala

    18 dagar sedan

    I have owned that exact model since 2004 (17 years now). I do not baby it ... nor do I abuse it. It is not used everyday. But, it has worked fine all that time without going in for service once. I will compare the Husqvarna 350 favorably to Stihl, Partner and Jonesred saws which I have also owned.

  22. bp .gates

    bp .gates

    19 dagar sedan

    will someone give him some 3/8 drive allens please?

  23. joed596


    19 dagar sedan

    This was a little easier than fixing the steering linkage on your boat, eh Mustie1? 😉 Good thing you have all that hardware to pick through. I still say you'd make a GREAT tech school instructor! 😎 Thumbs up, Joe👍🇺🇸

  24. Philip Lock

    Philip Lock

    22 dagar sedan

    That is just like my chainsaw Husqvarna 350 I have used it 20 years and still running. It is a good saw!

  25. Joseph Burkhalter

    Joseph Burkhalter

    23 dagar sedan

    Did you flip the Bar. Does not look like from the wear in the paint. JoeB

  26. Eric Laurens

    Eric Laurens

    23 dagar sedan

    Three points That wasnt free. That isnt a bad saw. Lastly you want tools to last then take care of them pmcs and clean every use. You expect them to work when you need it. Well It expects to be maintained so it can! Oh good video but long. That was 4 things but who cares most cant read an owners 👉manual👈why ever would they read this.👈 #1 issue with every purchase of anything! The Tool Doctor

  27. Kasch


    24 dagar sedan

    Someone else see the face at 45:49 ? :-)

  28. Paul Stevens

    Paul Stevens

    25 dagar sedan

    Does it have the oil hole in the end of bar.the older saws had a gear in the end so I don't know about yours.but you did a great job .

  29. ChrisMcRat


    25 dagar sedan

    19:30 the large hole allows certain movement, and inhibit movement beyond the dampeners' and springs' capabilities. Also it catches the handle if the dampeners fail.

  30. Geoffrey Kruse

    Geoffrey Kruse

    26 dagar sedan

    Or when it started acting up, he threw it. That's were my money's at.

  31. messageobliquespe100


    29 dagar sedan

    Great vid/tips. I’ve to look at why chain oil leaks out when stored - you were that close to saying why it might - assume it’s a seal? It’s on the list of things to do!

  32. MIKE Lavalley

    MIKE Lavalley

    Månad sedan

    Good job! An easy enuff problem to decipher and repair;And now She's ready to start eating once again! B Safe!

  33. Gerrit Max

    Gerrit Max

    Månad sedan

    I got a McCullough 335 chainsaw for free as some guy was gonna throw it out in the trash. I took it home and just cleaned it up a bit, put some fuel in it and some oil for the chain and it ran. It wasn't running perfect but it was running, after using it a couple of times it's actually running near perfect. Bought a sharpening set and still trying to get the hang of sharpening the chain properly tho.

  34. Barney Miller

    Barney Miller

    Månad sedan

    Poor design putting threads into plastic.

  35. Andrew K

    Andrew K

    Månad sedan

    low mix screw needs adjusting and the idle adjustment the high may need to turn anti clock wise too

  36. Blaze In the sky

    Blaze In the sky

    Månad sedan

    I got a new one and it won’t stay running

  37. Sox4Life


    Månad sedan

    Where did you get that Allen wrench T-Handle adapter? Very nice when T-handles aren’t available

  38. Scott Vincent

    Scott Vincent

    Månad sedan

    Those small husqvarna saws are the same as poulan saws. Relabeled.

  39. John Brody

    John Brody

    Månad sedan

    Thumbs down for not letting the engine warm up even for a few seconds. Best way to wear out the cylinder and rings is to rev a cold engine.

  40. Les Smithfield

    Les Smithfield

    Månad sedan

    How many cups of old gas do you drink each morning?

  41. Ryan Beyea

    Ryan Beyea

    Månad sedan

    What's up

  42. Ryan Beyea

    Ryan Beyea

    Månad sedan


  43. Ryan Pel

    Ryan Pel

    Månad sedan

    I hade one of those. Always had problems with the bolts holding the muffler on. Otherwise ran well. The 440 on the other hand is losing the threads in the spark plug well after about two years of occasional use.

  44. Matt


    Månad sedan

    I'm guessing the guy got upset and threw the saw which did the handle damage. Which was because he didn't understand chainsaw maintenance and likely had a childish tantrum. If you use a chainsaw it likely will need a maintenance on the chain or bar or general going over. They take crazy abuse, but like a few said. Take care of your tools and they will return the favour.

  45. David Nice

    David Nice

    Månad sedan

    was the clutch bearing behind the drive sprocket lubed, on a Stihl chainsaw we pull and pack it with grease every few days on a wildland fire.

  46. lance henthorn

    lance henthorn

    Månad sedan

    One thing that kills me. People crank a 2 stroke and don't give it any time to warm up. That's one way to score the hell out of the cylinder wall. JS!

    • sylkelster


      Månad sedan

      I let mine sit at idle for at least two minutes before using it and without pinning it.

  47. Ed big truck

    Ed big truck

    Månad sedan

    The ones purchased from Lowe’s are junk. Great brand and great saws Just made cheaper for Lowe’s and notorious for cylinders being scorned and it dies. Lowe’s will not help with Warrantying it.

  48. Richard Thomas

    Richard Thomas

    Månad sedan

    That chain saw got tossed a few times .

  49. Seth Haun

    Seth Haun

    Månad sedan

    Great shape for its age..and being a plastic non pro saw..nice work .. Needed a rubber bushing...sounded very good

  50. Southern Slipping

    Southern Slipping

    Månad sedan

    I’ve got one I’ve had 7 years an been used a lot an still does good

  51. Caleb Firebaugh

    Caleb Firebaugh

    Månad sedan

    he just prefers his home depot poulans guys hes entitled to have an opinion lol

  52. Brian Duval

    Brian Duval

    Månad sedan

    Perfect Ending 🙂

  53. slowstang88


    Månad sedan

    SAE stands for Stupid Ass Engineer

  54. Ed Bartlett

    Ed Bartlett

    Månad sedan

    That’s the early model 350 they are great little saws.The 346xp is the pro model the best 50cc ever made…my opinion of course

  55. Steve Hixson

    Steve Hixson

    Månad sedan

    I wonder if it has the plastic chain lube pump gear. They go bad sometimes

  56. Razvan Butiac

    Razvan Butiac

    Månad sedan

    Its a Husqvarna... cannot be a junk, but even a Rolls-Royce runs bad with a wrong driver behind the wheel :-)... Mustie will give his touch and it will shine and makes wood chips again.

  57. C. Осборн

    C. Осборн

    Månad sedan

    Kicked-over on 2nd pull, started on 3rd...was it still a bit warm from being started? I run Stihl, and I bring 2 saws, as I always have 1 that absolutely will not run, and if I drove 40 miles into a Nat. Park, that is not good. Now at my hobby farm in nowhere Missouri my weeds are up to my shoulders and my Stihl 111 trimmer will NOT start, compounded by the WORST COPD, so 4 pulls, wait in my AC'd truck, start over, it can take minutes to zan hour, I swear that thing has almost killed me a few times... Looks like time to hire a kid, I guess... ( I jump on my weeds right down to dirt, this year torn rotator cuff, 3 torn tendons and a completely torn bicep, w/ stage 4 copd, so not doing my chores was warranted... :( ) Salut!



    Månad sedan

    Chainsaws are o.k. But the blowers are shit.

  59. ircimager


    Månad sedan

    use the tip of a cable tie in the stripped hole and push the bolt into the hole to rethread through that

  60. Dan Farge

    Dan Farge

    Månad sedan

    Is there any chance of you doing some repairs on a few 2cycle lawn boys

  61. Erwin Hoes

    Erwin Hoes

    Månad sedan

    Husqvarna machines are original made in Sweden, but also in various other countries these days. They all are been prooved to pass the C€ test. Wich stands for safety health and natural environment. That is the reason of these anti vibrating springs on the handle of the chainsaw, It,s quite normal that you can move the handle that looks like loose. For the law environment husqvarna made their new generation machines to run on ecological safe fuel. This gas comes in 5L jerrycans called " Aspen 2" for 2 stroke engines and " Aspen 4 " for 4 stroke engines. This Gas is called the clean ALKYLATE benzine (gas) . our dealer warned us NOT to use any other 2 stroke gas becouse of the higer temperature at combustion. This will couse damage to the machine and will fall out the guarranty. The husky chainsaw from my van is like 8 years old and still running like a hummingbird.

  62. jack the roofer

    jack the roofer

    Månad sedan

    i have a huskey 460 and I'll put it up against any saw its size and some bigger.

  63. hamidi


    Månad sedan

    TQ Bro...Saves me the curious me from operating that part of the chainsaw.

  64. Jimmy Lester

    Jimmy Lester

    Månad sedan

    At 8:46-I would have used a socket rather than just fingers to tighten the sparkplug.

  65. Rick Waldren

    Rick Waldren

    Månad sedan

    Huskavarna made a exallant motocrosser.

  66. Steen Berner

    Steen Berner

    Månad sedan

    To start a Husquana easy is to pull out the choke and pull the starter and dont tuch the gas, when it starts and stop again push the choke back in and pull the starter and it will start right up. You dont use the thruttel at start up

  67. Eager lawncare

    Eager lawncare

    Månad sedan

    Probably didn't use a good two cycle mix ...if any

  68. CoolBreeze


    Månad sedan

    Definitely jammed it in a cut and ripped it out then junked it Poor saw

  69. Stan Tilton

    Stan Tilton

    Månad sedan

    Great saw for free. A little love and know how goes a long way. Always a pleasure to watch you sort through problem issues. Thank you for sharing.

  70. BigshotGaming CJ

    BigshotGaming CJ

    Månad sedan

    No husky is the worst chainsaw ever, they are actually one of the best saws you can buy, and 1 of the most expensive, running or not its still good.

    • C. Осборн

      C. Осборн

      Månad sedan

      My very first saw was a cheapo Husky 50, and it would cut better, and start when needed when my Stihls took a dump on me..

  71. Shawn Ward

    Shawn Ward

    Månad sedan

    I’m going to venture out on a limb and say there was nothing wrong with that saw other than the fact that it was stolen and he gave a bs excuse as to why it had to go.

  72. Greg Stinnett

    Greg Stinnett

    Månad sedan

    I purchased the very same saw in 2003 from Lowe's ,, the best saw I've ever owned.. no issues whatsoever never fails to start I've worn out three chainsaw blades + 2 bars from normal wear and tear... excellent chainsaw !!

  73. K mac

    K mac

    Månad sedan

    I would not blow it clean with the fuel cap still off.

  74. Jrod 264 Win mag

    Jrod 264 Win mag

    Månad sedan

    You need a bore scope

  75. John Warburton

    John Warburton

    Månad sedan

    When I heard the junkiest chainsaw ever made i was thinking the homelite brand the red plastic ones . When I seen it was a Husqvarna the guy that owned it obviously screwed it up as he didn't know anything about chainsaw maintenance. Like a previous neighbor I had gave me a brandnew gas weedeater said it was garbage . Moron was running straight gas instead of the required 50:1 gas oil mixture . I fixed the problem with proper gas

  76. Dan KH6DAN

    Dan KH6DAN

    Månad sedan

    My first chainsaw was a Husqvarna 20 inch. The first year it was fine. But I started having problems starting it. I tried everything but it was a bitch to start. I took it to a local shop and it cost me about $50. But it's been fine since. I don't know what the problem was. I will say I think it leaks chain oil a tad too much when stored. I bought a Stihl as a backup. It starts SOOO easy with the spring loaded mechanism. But it was $100 more than the Husqvarna.

  77. Steve Silverton

    Steve Silverton

    Månad sedan

    I like the "Standard vs Metric" hardware bit. The are approx.7.9 billion people on our planet. 7.88 billion use the standardised metric system.

  78. Dan Tyler

    Dan Tyler

    Månad sedan

    Who would EVER think a Husqvarna is no good? The greatest, best brand chainsaw there is...

    • Rob Lundgren

      Rob Lundgren

      Månad sedan

      I have a husqavarna my second be the rancher was terrible I ended up buying another husqy the 562 Do in a 24 inch bar has been great at times s little hard to start but usually a couple pulls it starts its a beast cutting wood the best saw I have ever owned is an echo can’t remember the mod but it was a larger saw to Han most it would run d as ll day in the hot weather I could dig it down come back one pull started the oil I g was great I could cut a lot of wood before sharpening the chain I would go with several friends cutting the same wood they woot sharpen 3 times for every one I did I had it set to run out of oil just before. Ran out of gasoline

  79. eugene kupka

    eugene kupka

    Månad sedan

    a waste of time scored is scored cylinders do not lie !

  80. Coy Hilron

    Coy Hilron

    Månad sedan

    Some people can and will destroy an anvil! Burn up the chain... no chain oil Ill bet / maybe the oiler is stopped up.... gee some people doesn't know what maintenance is or means!

    • John Smith

      John Smith

      Månad sedan

      Check the clunk filter on the end of the oil tank oil pickup...any water on this will stop the oil flowing into the oil pump... Ditto clunk filter on end of gas pickup in gas tank. Use bent wire in thru filler holes to hook these clunk filters out and check....better still replace... Why are they called clunk filters? Because when the saw is tipped in any direction, gravity makes the filter clunk down inside on the lowest part of the tank...where the liquid is...helps when the saw is upside down or sideways....

  81. Roger Decosta

    Roger Decosta

    Månad sedan

    Also thank you I have same saw 👍

  82. Roger Decosta

    Roger Decosta

    Månad sedan

    Hey you forgot to show us how to file and check grease the bar 😄

  83. larry karnath

    larry karnath

    Månad sedan

    Had same problem with brand new 20 inch husky lasted a day took to dealer they said the cylinder scored not enough oil would not stay running they said it would coast more to fix then replace

    • John Smith

      John Smith

      Månad sedan

      So, who mixed up the 2 stroke mix? you were using...or did the dealer not bother with any instructions?

  84. The Darkness

    The Darkness

    Månad sedan

    So is that guy at 50:05 Musties son? Seen him in a few videos but not sure if it's his friend or son. Mustie looks like he could be younger than the other guy if his hair wasn't white lol

  85. ken reese

    ken reese

    Månad sedan

    … putting a peace of plastic zip tie in the worn out hole will allow you to put the screw back in the hole and adding red locktite will keep it from raddling loose .

  86. Jorgen Larsson

    Jorgen Larsson

    Månad sedan

    I'll take an old busted Husqvarna over any new no name brands. Properly maintaned they last forever and plenty of spare parts still available.

  87. Andrew Mackay

    Andrew Mackay

    Månad sedan

    Husqvarna and Stihl both make these mini chain saw styles. biggest issue is I would call them gardening chain saws good for occasional light use but not for use all day chopping logs they are just not built for it. The full size ones with 20 + inch bars in comparison go through wood like a hot knife through butter.

    • Andrew Mackay

      Andrew Mackay

      Månad sedan

      @The Darkness I have used both and the smaller saw although lighter becomes more tiring due to its reduced capability. Saying it is a competent professional tool is dangerous. I would rather hire a proper one or save and spend the extra to get one that is capable of the job.

    • Andrew Mackay

      Andrew Mackay

      Månad sedan

      @The Darkness Yes I would still stick to my comment the larger saws are substantially stronger in construction and the chains are bigger less frequent sharpening and they actually cut twice as fast ignoring the diminutive blade size advantage the large saw has over them. But they do cost twice + more. My estimation is quite correct not suitable for every day constant use and I would rate them more dangerous than the bigger saw.

    • The Darkness

      The Darkness

      Månad sedan

      These saws will easily do work all day. They're not made to work all day every day but you are really underestimating them in your statement lol

  88. Matt Lee

    Matt Lee

    Månad sedan

    Not sure I believe that first set up set up noone gives a Husqvarna or Stihl.....🤔

    • The Darkness

      The Darkness

      Månad sedan

      I see people give them away a lot, in areas where there are people with money they always have good free crap lol. In my area you're not going to get anything like that free because everyone works on their own stuff where I live, but a lot of places are quite the opposite. Rich people will buy new stuff every year, and instead of taking care of it they will give it away and just buy a new one.

  89. Remington Steel

    Remington Steel

    Månad sedan

    Probably warped the bar..

  90. Smitty


    Månad sedan

    I wonder if you could have drilled through and put a nut on the backside for that isolator mount. Did you ever check the exploded view for that one pin?

  91. Tobeysdonutshop


    Månad sedan

    The Husky 350 is 50cc and the biggest engine put on that frame. A great homeowner saw. As with every husky I've owned, (currently 2- 350's, 1- 435, 2- 572's), they are very particular about how you start them. Set the choke, depress compression release and pull until it pop's the first time. Push the choke off and it will normally start and run on the next pull or maybe 2 at the most. Works for me every time on every Husky I own.

  92. Ornothopter


    Månad sedan

    any tool can be junk if you treat it like shit, rental tools get no respect

  93. 426 SUPER BEE

    426 SUPER BEE

    Månad sedan

    There is a lot of junky new chain saws out there! Even some of the best names

  94. Greg Butcher

    Greg Butcher

    Månad sedan

    Just use shavings from a Brillo pad to fix the striped thread. Or a toothpick

  95. Greg Butcher

    Greg Butcher

    Månad sedan

    HINT..I’ve got the 460 model and it kept stalling. I changed the fuel filter and fixed the issue. In fact I ran it for two years without a filter and it ran better than with the filter you just need to make sure no dirt in fuel. I washed out the tank with water…yes water.

    • The Darkness

      The Darkness

      Månad sedan

      You're never going to keep it 100% clean, hence the need for a filter. And yeah it WILL run better without a filter as there's just less resistance but you will never keep everything out of the engine without a filter for any amount of time. and it WILL damage your engine in the long run. It's not always going to just kill it right away.

  96. Greg Butcher

    Greg Butcher

    Månad sedan

    I kept yelling at the video…REMOVE THE HANDLE…lol

  97. Greg Butcher

    Greg Butcher

    Månad sedan

    I’ve got this exact model and absolutely love it.

  98. Ricky Hutchason

    Ricky Hutchason

    Månad sedan

    Sounds good 👍

  99. EatWhatU KiII

    EatWhatU KiII

    Månad sedan

    Hahah, that chainsaw has been THROWN. But I’d know NOTHING about that. 🤫

  100. Roger Albert

    Roger Albert

    Månad sedan

    I have one of these. It’s happily cut firewood for years with no problems. Of course I service it regularly, keep oil in it and keep the chain sharp.