Junk Suzuki 80 From A Yard Sale, part 2 of 2

I picked up this old suzuki ds 80 in real bad shape from a yard sale a few weeks ago. on the 1st video we got the engine to run and exhaust repaired, lets see how the rest of the broken and missing parts can be fixed without spending any money.


  1. Justin Raab

    Justin Raab

    17 timmar sedan

    Very cool, love your place and life style. I hope to be just like you some day, just without filming everything. I’m not so good on camera lol.

  2. Michael Weems

    Michael Weems

    9 dagar sedan

    I think we all want to see Brian's bike run. That is one hell of a contraption. If my comment gets enough likes, maybe they will do a video on it. Please Mustie!!

  3. James Carey

    James Carey

    12 dagar sedan

    You will definitely make some money on that👍

  4. Rinesh Ganpat

    Rinesh Ganpat

    12 dagar sedan

    That white hair with the cap makes you look badass almost like the creeper from jeeper creepers, less on the creepy part though

  5. Larry Carney

    Larry Carney

    12 dagar sedan

    When did you get it

  6. Fukou da

    Fukou da

    14 dagar sedan

    The array of skills and knowledge necessary to do this kind of stuff can't really be underestimated. Very cool stuff, thank you for these videos.

  7. Josh Enoch

    Josh Enoch

    14 dagar sedan


  8. Greggg57


    16 dagar sedan

    I can't believe that you welded that shift lever on. Also, on the rear sprocket you left that one bolt frozen in. What about when the sprocket wears out and needs to be changed? You had that sprocket on your bench and it would have been an easy replacement; even if it did break off. Left hand drill bit, then an easy-out, to get the bolt out and then stick in a new, lubed up one. The next owner would have a much easier time. And it would probably be a kid.....

  9. Vette Maniac

    Vette Maniac

    16 dagar sedan

    That little 80cc rips!!! ... But the Shriners called and they want it back.

  10. Eric Evans

    Eric Evans

    18 dagar sedan

    How about these nuts

  11. YahBoyOmega XD

    YahBoyOmega XD

    18 dagar sedan

    u wanna sell it

  12. Kyle L.

    Kyle L.

    20 dagar sedan

    Pun ... How about these nutz? 🤣

  13. Joe f100

    Joe f100

    20 dagar sedan

    The rabbit at the end it's nice to see that a person's personality can see the best things in life . The bike videos are cool too lol

  14. longbowfta


    21 dag sedan

    After it had been leaking gear oil for God only knows how long did you top it off or is the box running dry?

  15. Cooper Bilotta

    Cooper Bilotta

    23 dagar sedan

    What a nice lathe

  16. Pete


    27 dagar sedan

    40 years old bike…. -> I am getting old 🤭

  17. Jason Jaeger

    Jason Jaeger

    28 dagar sedan

    Had a blast on a friends little brothers ds80 as a kid. Was a 250A rider at the time so I'd have that thing trying to clear triples. I rebuilt his suspension and forks for em and everything else we broke lol Kept the local shop open just buying spokes for it

  18. J Reyes

    J Reyes

    28 dagar sedan

    49:04 the bike was like "Damn I thought I was retired!"

  19. Moth11


    29 dagar sedan

    Hey mustie1 did you do the voice for Peter Griffin from family guy by any chance? Love the vids man I dunno who worked on that bike before you but they completely stuffed it up. It’s looking great now

  20. Frank Nic

    Frank Nic

    29 dagar sedan

    Being a kid again. Aaaaah yes those the days. Nice work, as always hair mustie

  21. J Snyper

    J Snyper

    Månad sedan

    Well done

  22. Harls


    Månad sedan

    Ah the smell and sound of a stroke in the morning the power band kicking in take us all back to good times when the big issues in life were not an issue. Thanks for sharing

  23. James Thomas

    James Thomas

    Månad sedan

    On this episode of mustie....."mustie gets lost in the woods!" 🤣😂

  24. U.F.O


    Månad sedan

    Awesome it's always fun to save stuff

  25. uncle alzbbq

    uncle alzbbq

    Månad sedan

    frame is yamaha -- mono shock now i miss my 1982 water-cooled yz 80 sniff sniff that was my first new bike

  26. Chief


    Månad sedan

    These little bikes are rapid

  27. fls360


    Månad sedan

    Ahhhhhhh the RM series........

  28. dylan


    Månad sedan

    I love This bike 🏍️🏍️

  29. Cole Bremer

    Cole Bremer

    Månad sedan

    The burnout on the stand for the first fire was excellent. This Suzuki has been one of your best produced/most entertaining videos.

  30. Luc Cardinal

    Luc Cardinal

    Månad sedan

    Love your bike videos.

  31. Krypto King

    Krypto King

    Månad sedan

    I’m hooked

  32. Robert Dudek

    Robert Dudek

    Månad sedan

    They musty fly byes lmfao

  33. Calvin Honeycutt

    Calvin Honeycutt

    Månad sedan

    Probably the first time that bike had fuel spilled on it. Shame on you. 😂

  34. Dario Alexander

    Dario Alexander

    Månad sedan

    This was so satisfying to watch.... Now let me get back to trying to get my toaster to work...

  35. Bob Lamb

    Bob Lamb

    Månad sedan

    Could not ask for anything better than what you are doing. I love tinkering but here in Mesa Az a bike like that in the same or worse dry rotted condition is $500 or more. Even Chinese quads less the plastic sell for hundreds. We have to drive 20 plus miles to be able to ride off road in a state designated permitted area but it's so dense with people on UTV's now it has gotten very unsafe. I recently unloaded a bunch of Chinese quads etc. One had an idle throttling problem I could not figure out. When throttled it would take time to idle back down but the idle would stay high and the engine would climb RPM's on it's own even with the slide all the way down instead of just dropping when the throttle was released. Even with the cable disconnected it did the same. Thought it might be a lean condition due to the fuel valve being restricted but when run with just a hose hooked to a can it did the same thing. The quad is long gone. It would be nice to at least have some idea what might have caused it. I now know the part you tried to drive out of the carb the wrong way does come out and can be all corroded that might have been some of my problem. People here buy off road stuff but rarely use it leaving them sitting outside in the 110 degree sun with rotten gas in them. Gas here literally rots and turns yellow in days but remains very caustic. I really enjoy your video's. Thanks. Bob - 114 today but only 6% humidity.

  36. MDKVideo


    Månad sedan

    Nice job m8!

  37. TrueGuaranteedIrish


    Månad sedan

    POV Mustie was pretty cool !

  38. Outlawflyer78


    Månad sedan

    Man, My first dirt bike I ever owned was a 91 YZ80 and this bike makes me think about the fun I use to have on that bike.

  39. Rick Waldren

    Rick Waldren

    Månad sedan

    Could like a rm80

  40. Rick Waldren

    Rick Waldren

    Månad sedan

    Little Suzuki runs quick for stock I.lke it

  41. LegendLength


    Månad sedan

    The ending reminds me of the first time i rode a DS80. That was coming from an old 4 stroke farm bike, man it felt smooth. And over jumps also very smooth suspension.

  42. ukbusman


    Månad sedan

    A well earned bit of fun Mustie, great job!

  43. razorsharpbt


    Månad sedan

    Grinning ear-to-ear watching this! Good memories!

  44. Chris Smith

    Chris Smith

    Månad sedan

    Your right he is looking like the Doc ! 👍👍👍

  45. litltoosee


    Månad sedan

    You are an engineer with outstanding skills!

  46. jorge fernandez

    jorge fernandez

    Månad sedan

    Nice job fixing that bike!

  47. Mark McDermott

    Mark McDermott

    Månad sedan

    How much you want for it? I want something like that for my god daughter

  48. Ivan Ivanov

    Ivan Ivanov

    Månad sedan

    More bike builds pls!

  49. Lee GR

    Lee GR

    Månad sedan

    Awesome job, good fun bikes 👍

  50. Charles Loyd

    Charles Loyd

    Månad sedan

    Not bad for $150 and some labor. It's still gotta lotta pep.

  51. allan thomas

    allan thomas

    Månad sedan

    That sound brings back memories. I had a yz 80 when I was a kid.

  52. allan thomas

    allan thomas

    Månad sedan

    Yes better a little long on the pinch tube. Even a mm or two short will chew out the bearings. Better of a mm too long.

  53. John Obiro

    John Obiro

    Månad sedan

    I always learn something when I watch Mustie. He’s pure Class.

  54. ade 1772

    ade 1772

    Månad sedan

    looks like you had fun for 150 dollers and awsome work and have fun

  55. david thomas

    david thomas

    Månad sedan

    To get that rear wheel lined up you can run a straight edge from the front to rear sockets, if they are mounted properly the straight edge should touch across the face of both sprockets , that should tell you how long the spacers need to be on each side. ''Lot of fun in a little package'', oh yes , just proves you dont always need 1000cc . One of the most fun bikes i had was a Honda Xl250 complete with i think 19inch front wheel

  56. Simon Manser

    Simon Manser

    Månad sedan

    That bike with the aftermarket motor looks like NY 80 yamaha gt80

  57. Hunter Olsen

    Hunter Olsen

    Månad sedan

    I'll pay 100$

  58. Hunter Olsen

    Hunter Olsen

    Månad sedan

    Can I buy it

  59. Niterams Creations

    Niterams Creations

    Månad sedan

    I enjoy watching Musties videos

  60. dirtyknuclesde


    Månad sedan

    A nice way to fix that broken plastic is to use a small piece of aluminum window screen, melted into the plastic with your old school soldering iron. Love your vids!!!

  61. Linux Jedi aka Big Evil

    Linux Jedi aka Big Evil

    Månad sedan

    when you went off the road into the trail i was like oh shit there he goes 😂😂😂

  62. Smitty


    Månad sedan

    Is that enough oil feed? Seems a little bit of a weak stream to me

  63. sidarist


    Månad sedan

    What is that constant beeping

  64. The Young Barista

    The Young Barista

    Månad sedan

    He looks like he’s having the time of his life there!

  65. K Parks

    K Parks

    Månad sedan

    Some plastic repairs: Oatey's BLACK ABS glue and fiberglas cloth. Then paint to match.

  66. madmax1ization


    Månad sedan

    the rear brake drum was missing a needle roller bearing not a sleeve, sorry im an emgineer

    • Mustie1


      Månad sedan

      axle does not turn nore does the drum,

  67. Dave B

    Dave B

    Månad sedan

    When you want to melt fender plastic together use a Brown Cookie sanding disc and it will get so hot it melts the plastic over the crack.

  68. Nicholas Price

    Nicholas Price

    Månad sedan

    I had that exact same dirt bike for my first ever when I was 8 years old I haven’t seen another one since and honestly if you want to sell it or anything I’d like buy it off you just to have it man

  69. Cody Clem

    Cody Clem

    Månad sedan

    Still runs as good as day 1. Love them older ones brings back memories. Have always loved 2 strokes also.

  70. steve grosso

    steve grosso

    Månad sedan

    50:1 mixed with 50:1 is still 50:1. pour 1 container of 50:1 into two containers, then pour them back into the first container. tada, still 50:1.

  71. The Murphree's

    The Murphree's

    Månad sedan

    outa curiosity did you attend college ? Not that attending college makes you smarter just wondering if you possibly have or worked toward an engineering degree. My mind doesn’t work like yours, in the way you are able to vision the end product by just looking at parts. I have to really plan ahead with each step to make sure that doing something now, doesn’t bite me later in the build.

  72. marcello roos

    marcello roos

    Månad sedan

    You need a patch of mash to weld the plastic together. And maybe score a muffler

  73. Liam McDermott

    Liam McDermott

    Månad sedan

    Semper fi to your buddy oorah

  74. Hacked Robot

    Hacked Robot

    Månad sedan

    Suspension still all good? When I was a kid, all I wanted was a Suzuki RM80.

  75. Clearanceman2


    Månad sedan

    Do you know the model? It's not an RM because of the oiler and the headlight but it sounds like RM 80 engine

  76. Clearanceman2


    Månad sedan

    If you were closer, I'd pay you to do the head gasket on my 2002 ninja Zx6. I don't want to do it but local shop wants $1000. so I got the service manual guess I'll be doing it.

  77. James Burnette

    James Burnette

    Månad sedan

    You ever going to finish the little red pick-up????

  78. Mark Jarvis

    Mark Jarvis

    Månad sedan

    Mustie, you have to finish the Ford Econoline

  79. Michael


    Månad sedan


  80. Marce Rivest

    Marce Rivest

    Månad sedan

    Watching you work on the dirt bike takes me back to me and my brother working on our 72 Honda sl 70. Man ,did we have a lot of fun. That bike sure took a beating.

  81. trillrif axegrindor

    trillrif axegrindor

    Månad sedan

    brings back memories of being maybe 12 working on a farm all summer,next door neighbors daughter had a yamaha 80. she taught me how to ride,then showed me how to drive a dirt bike afterwards.im smiling now,thanks mustie

  82. Bill23799


    Månad sedan

    That engine looks like the " Mattel Vrrroom " motor I had on my 5 speed bike when i was a boy.

  83. Southern Slipping

    Southern Slipping

    Månad sedan

    Great little build enjoyed it

  84. Southern Slipping

    Southern Slipping

    Månad sedan

    Best thing to do is unhook that auto oiler

  85. kenshinflyer


    Månad sedan

    Awesome ring-dinger!

  86. Jay Giroux

    Jay Giroux

    Månad sedan

    Mustie! You’re looking an awful lot like doc brown these days! 😂

  87. Playing With Fire

    Playing With Fire

    Månad sedan

    Never dis the japanese minis, I just secured a 74 Honda Z50 .

  88. RolandTHX


    Månad sedan

    42:35 You gotta flip it turnways.

  89. Mark B

    Mark B

    Månad sedan

    Mustie - I have come across a substancial collection of small engine carb parts (gaskets/diaphrams) that you always seem to be looking for in your "stash". I cleaned out a shop from an estate sale, and the gentleman was also a small engine mechanic. They will never get used (by me) and they are all still pliable and most are still in their original packages. I would love to send them to you as a thankyou for the great videos and all that I have learned from watching them. Thanks Mark

  90. Soggy Bottom

    Soggy Bottom

    Månad sedan

    You can't have.....too much fun.....👍👍👍😂😂😂

  91. Roger Penndorf

    Roger Penndorf

    Månad sedan

    Nice Save . Sounds Healthy

  92. Michael Reynolds

    Michael Reynolds

    Månad sedan

    On the next episode of Northwoods law....

  93. dzneal


    Månad sedan

    Someone drops a basket 🧺 case in a box 📦 on your door step just send to Mustie he will figure it out WALLA

  94. Double L

    Double L

    Månad sedan

    The best way I found to repair a stripped shifter shaft is to drill a hole between the shaft and shifter lengthwise and tap it for a bolt, this would make the bolt like a key way. I always put jb weld on it before tightening the bolt and waited 24 hours before riding. Never had one to fail. Drilling a hole 90 degrees to the shaft usually is always a fail. Always liked this little bikes.

  95. HGV Matt

    HGV Matt

    Månad sedan

    Brilliant!, what a life! 👍

  96. Jesper Valentin

    Jesper Valentin

    Månad sedan

    We had exactly that model Suzuki 80 back in 89 i think it was - it was a lot quieter with the silencer on, but loads of fun 😊

  97. Jonathan Hedman

    Jonathan Hedman

    Månad sedan

    I think it would be easier to use this, wiring diagram for a suzuki 80 dirt bike - Bing images

  98. winston chung

    winston chung

    Månad sedan

    We had the 50cc road version of those bikes here. Made and sold in the 70's and 80's. We would bore them out to 50mm, put on a 24mm carb, an expansion chamber pipe and would use them on drag races. Some would lighten the flywheel and put on some Yamaha electronic ignition, others constuct some Stihl chainsaw ignition system on it (they came originally with breaker points). There are still some riding around. Real fun and quick bikes.

  99. Chris Smith

    Chris Smith

    Månad sedan

    Looks like lots of fun ! 👍👍👍

  100. Donald Norris

    Donald Norris

    Månad sedan

    I am done with SE-one. Nothing was mentioned about ONE of the great American holidays, Memorial Day. But yet they can make a big splash about Pride Month. This is wrong and against the way I was raised. I can find entertainment elsewhere. Good bye!!

    • Kilian 85

      Kilian 85

      Månad sedan

      ok bye