51 year old Busted Volkswagen engine tear down.

we picked up this engine for free that sat out with a cover for 40 years, lets just say the weather has not improved it, last video we got it to run on one cylinder but not well, this time we tear it down to see what has failed and if we can fix it.




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    I wanted that old car the engine was leaning on lol I have a 1940 Cadillac LaSalle series 52 torpedo waiting to be restored

  2. Richard Phelan

    Richard Phelan

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    This is a good one ,where did you get the tool for the air Hammer ,Buzz N brake

  3. hr 777

    hr 777

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    I'm yelling at the screen here...OH MY GOD DO YOU EVEN OWN A SHOP VAC !!!!!!!! lol (hilarious)....OCD triggered. That was fun seeing what went south, with the engine.

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    Mustie sounds just like Steve Leto, from Letos law.......and you never see them together in the same room.........

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    Would the VW engines be the easiest car engines to learn to work on?

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    You know your using some power to 🔨 something when your hat flies off..lol great video mustie1.. I've been binge watching your videos over and over lol

  7. Thomas Miller

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    Loose head studs/bolts is caused by the studs/bolts stretching and or pulling from case due to overheating. it also causes the valve lash to close up.

  8. Ian Atkinson

    Ian Atkinson

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    Hi Mustie love the vids. I have a question, can you tell me if a 64 bug (which I've just purchased) has a gas heater? It came with two. It's a full restore and they were in a box of parts. I think they only came on the be varient. Many thanks ian

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    Holy Toledo bro that thing is rougher than Don King's hair

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    Thanks for the video

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    Finally bit the bullet and got myself a 1970 1303. Previously a renovation object with new floors, but lots of stuff removed... engine turns over so there is hope! Last approved to drive in 2006... some body rust, but it looks like a worthwhile project right now. Having watched your videos for the last three years, Mustie, I will blame you for everything ;-). I may even sell my 1976 Volvo 244 and 1963 Land Rover Series IIa 109 now.... 😱

  13. Almost Nearly Sociable

    Almost Nearly Sociable

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    Naw, he's not going to put it back together after he tears it down, just use it for parts.

  14. cell pat

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    I'd love to find me someone who would teach me how to work on these. Nothing simpler that VW engines. Nothing simpler and more fun than VW Beetles and Buses.

  15. Mitchell WildFlame

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    Anyone else would make it run enough to destroy blow it up, but this channel: we fixin it up and Savin these vintage engines so one day they can be antique engines

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    You have awesome mechanic skills. Best mechanics are actually experts in figuring out how to best utilize tools to perform difficult tasks. From a retired mechanic with over 45 years in the trade.

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    That Engine will make a great boat Anchor now

  18. Barry Hope SGT Hope

    Barry Hope SGT Hope

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    I know you have a ton of VW engines You'll get it usable. I have watched for a little, what happened to that red Ford Econoline pick up truck.

  19. Gregg - WB8YYS

    Gregg - WB8YYS

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    I like that pneumatic impact wrench he has. Sure could use one of them.

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    i love how the engine actually started after 40 years sitting there, i know it died later but u k it did pretty well for a engine that was stopped for years with old oil and only 1 cylinder running

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    I call that air chisel Friendly Fire...great for busting lots of stuff loose...

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    So many people have good intentions of saving old stuff with plans to fix it later. A friend of mine must have over 30 motorcycles completely over grown

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    Hey Mustie just watched your video 3rd time the FLORIDA trip loved it! any chance youll be working on the white kit car any time soon? really enjoy your car and vw videos thanks thank you thank you!

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    William Santiago

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    At minute 5:05, what's the name of that tool you were using to unscrew those screws? Was it an adapter that was put on a impact hammer drill? Great video, it takes me back to when I was a child helping my dad work on his vw engines. He use to buy them and rebuild them and sale them. Working on VW engines got me into mechanics at a early age. Thank you for this video bud and take care.

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    Tell me where did you qualify for your blue striped apron of engine butcher no respect for a supieor workman ship far better than anything you yanks have ever produced

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    Been so busy I missed this episode! Great video Mustie.

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    I would like to know what was you intention? destroy it or recover it?

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    I wonder why skoda never was aload to come to the USA because there where rear engine cars like the beetles

  29. Tom Boyte

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    I love you man but why don't you blow all the dirt and rat crap off OUTSIDE your shop before you bring it in???

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    Thanks for the autopsy, cool to see the VW mark stamped on the valves. Great VW engine holding bracket you got there. Keep those videos coming. Greetings from New Zealand.

  31. Gordon Harden

    Gordon Harden

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    Does anyone have a good working Bosch distributor with vacuum advance for sale? It’s for my 1973 Thing. I hope it’s OK to ask in this forum.

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    We share the same brand of vacuum cleaner!

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    Late 60's (mine was a 68) had issues with the aluminum in the block being soft - mine kept having studs pull loose and then the famous blow by

  34. Keith Whisman

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    It just needs a new water pump and it’ll be running again like new. Haha. Remember the old TMNT movie where they diagnosed a bad water pump on the VW van?

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    Boa noite, me admiro você se dizer "mecânico" e cometer erros tão idiotas ao desmontar um motor Voskswagem tão antigo e clássico e com tamanha ma vontade, triste em ver um cidadão assim.

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    je te rassure , j'ai le meme age et je ne suis pas en meilleur état .

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    I don't know what the problem is. Old BE engines run just fine on one piston. Fact is they often do.😁

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    The tired lunchroom univariately scatter because drama provisionally tow afore a lavish lamb. slim, astonishing entrance

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    I would not let You take my dog kennell apart .

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    Why cant u clean it up 1st n then start rebuilding it......

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    Tell us about your Shake and Break tool at 3:00. I never saw it before. Great video as usual !!

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    Miss the days of fixing those engines. Such a joy. 10 minutes to pull out, a day or two to fix and then 20 minutes back in and away you go.

  43. Greg Wayne

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    Mustie has got to be one of the greatest rusted, corroded, stripped and snapped nut and bolt extractor EVER! The touch of his wrench or screw driver is the Guru of persuasion LOL. AWESOME! I mean The guy uses an air chisel, not to cut the nut off but to save the nut and unthread it so it doesn't get rounded off at the corners! ! Sans WD-40 or anything! That's crazy man! He's the Eddie Van Halen of Rusty nut and bolt removal "It's all in his hands" LOL.

  44. Kelvin Stigall

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    check out steve watkins channel blaming you for having to work on wifes carburater LOL

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    Mustie 1,du machst das gut ! Lass die anderen reden und Daumen nach unten drücken,ist doch nur Neid !

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    At about 23 to 24mins, could you powerclean all that

  47. Mo River

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    I've rebuilt quite of few of these. Looks like a 67-69 single port. The carb looks like a 30-PCIT model. Heads with that much abuse, they usually crack between the spark plug and a valve seat, though that can be fixed. I'd just a rebuilt long block and rebuild the top end with new parts. Great memories, though back then my power tools were a speed handle and ratchet. The mix of magnesium, aluminum and cast iron on a VW air cooled engine makes for resourceful thinking when removing nuts and bolts. Great video.

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    :@ :@ :@

  49. Rob C

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    The one and only car engine I ever rebuilt was the 1300 cc 1966 volkswagon beatle engine in my very first car purchased used in 1970.

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    The tenuous slip connoly warn because silica genomically stuff amid a taboo hip. present, gray greasy great shrine

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    Mustie, good video as always. I see you have COVID Hair like me. COVID Hair is grown by playing it safe staying away from the barber. I've never seen a VW engine that nasty, or that busted. The air gun in this case concerns me about what you might breath in. When I have a nasty project I use my shop vac with a bag inside it, along with a thin screw driver or something to scrape away the debris right into the hose of my shop vac. The air gun can be used as a final step with the shop vac hose running right next to the air gun. It looks like you have a Rigid shop vac. I've had a Rigid for years and they're usually powerful. Consider buying bags for yours as they still deliver excellent power and the bags save money by extending the life of the filter.

  52. Joseph Dugan

    Joseph Dugan

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    For future reference, the next time you encounter getting an engine similar to the one in video, especially if it is seized, you might want to entertain the thought of getting a small sized garbage dumpster type vat, filling it up with PB Blaster, and letting the engine soak for about 2 to 3 days just for the purpose to loosen the screws, nuts, and bolts.

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    Dermatitis anyone

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    Love your channel and have watched for years. This year, I am giving up on my old rear engine Snapper that I got from a curb in the early 90s. Think Forest Gump mowing the football field. It's an annual pilgrimage to make another year with this. But it needs money now so I'm getting a new mower. Turn the key and mow! If anyone in Oklahoma wants to do a restoration or will it run, come get it or it goes back to the curb. Engine is strong but carb fills the engine with gas. Plus other problems. But it mows and I drove it to where it is.

  57. Steven Plaskett

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    If it never runs again the investigation value is still there and makes it enjoyable to do detective work on failed motors 😄

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    Easy to rebuild these engines.. drawback of course being that 30k is like 300,000 miles on a water cooled engine

  59. Steven Plaskett

    Steven Plaskett

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    German engines had metric fasteners in the 60s??

  60. Steven Plaskett

    Steven Plaskett

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    Love the uploads great camera work in every video

  61. Dick Tomasko

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    Back in the 70's I used to build those engines....I even did high horsepower units. Fun Fun Fun..I still have special tools..

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    Thanks for showing us this Mustie, That was an interesting old engine.

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    Q: "What broke?" A: "Yes."

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    finaly a resolution to a the squeaky wheel. the assault charge was unexpected im glad your ok

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    Engine Forensics fun. Nice video

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    This one of the reasons i never liked v dubs.what a pain.

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    L o L 🤗🤗🤗 K A P U T

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    I’m liking that shake and brake tool 😎

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    Was that a air cooled engine?

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    Jason says he wants his motor back. Lol. For his new Westy

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    The hamsters inside must have died, someone forgot to feed them!

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    Beyond redemption for sure....lol...🤔🇬🇧

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    Death on arrival!

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    the 3rd cylinder is the one who will break because of heat. it is a known fault of this engine and most of the time a valve will break. an interesting fact is that the ignition timing for the engine is 1432. if you reverse it you have 1234 if you start with 1 ;-).

  75. Bruce Gambill

    Bruce Gambill

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    Pulling studs, 1968 & 1969 motors were notorious for it. Something to do with not enough magnesium mixed in with their castings. That was about the same time a lot of (Daddys little girl) convertibles suddenly were ordered with VW's new semi automatic transaxle nightmare.

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    good video, thanks

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    You know kid, I've been watching you for a long time, and I never could figure out who you remind me of- Today I was looking at something and it hit me........ You remind me of David Soul (the actor) who played Hutch, on Starsky & Hutch- Hahaha, you're not his twin, but your sure could be brothers or cousins or something???? Am I alone in this observation?

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    Mustie did you notice that the pistons do not match? There are dished and flat top pistons both, not the same compresion!

  79. Charles McKinley

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    Without even watching the video: a mounting bracket broke on the oil cooler and all the oil was pumped out. Don’t ask me how I know this. 😢

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    9:30 old lady fart

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    Brings back good memories. Thank you.

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    What is the name of that air tool you used to loosen the screw's?

    • Flat4Buggy 2

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      Shake N Break

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    I cringed while you were using the air chisel to split those exhaust nuts. I still have scars from doing the same thing to some wasted lug nuts back in the 80s. I had an old pickup truck getting new tires (simple right?) and the lugs were all f'ed up. It took me about 45 minutes just to get the wheels off, and one of them exploded. That filled my face with shrapnel; needed about 10 stitches in five places. If I wasn't wearing safety goggles I would have been blinded.

  84. Grant Koeller

    Grant Koeller

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    You could take all those parts and sand blast them, re machine them, and repaint them, then soup up this engine,and make it a racing engine, and put it in a dune buggy with headers and jacked up mag wheels and custom steering wheel. burning rubber!

  85. Grant Koeller

    Grant Koeller

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    I have never seen a VW engine tore down. This was educational and fascinating. When I was in 8th grade in shop class, we tore apart a Briggs and Stratton lawnmower engine to learn how it worked.

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    I thoroughly enjoy your Volkswagen motor revivals and explorations. Keep em coming.

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    Where does that air impact screw diver with the long lever come from? I would like that tool.

    • Flat4Buggy 2

      Flat4Buggy 2

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      Amazon has them (Among other places) Just search for "Shank N Break"

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    The VW engines from back then sure were designed well. They may not be the most powerful engines, but they sure are tough. Not many engines would have ran after going through what that one did.

  89. I.P. Freely

    I.P. Freely

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    Brings back memories. When I was a teenager, I worked in a VW speciality shop. We used to have competitions to see how fast we could drop a vdub engine out of beetles.

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    How to turn a piece of junk - Into a pile of junk, in under 30 minutes (video time)! Or........ Will it run again? A friend of mine says, she thought it was hilarious when cylinder flew off and hit the camera/tripod. . . . I remarked, "Oh crap! Right in the eye!". . . . Mustie the Vee Wee guru will get this thing to make noises again?!

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