MY Story of a Damaged VW Camper and a Winter Blizzard Journey Home.

I put this 1988 Volkswagen Westfalia camper together 9 years ago. it was a present to my parents that lost a truck and trailer in a wreck. well as time has gone on they needed a newer easy to maintain car so we traded out for my 2008 toyota sequoia. the fun starts when l try to make it back home 1400 miles into a noreaster hitting the east coast of usa,


  1. Mustie1


    5 månader sedan

    video of when l 1st got this bus 10 years ago,

    • Mark


      2 månader sedan

      @alan6832 You sure are a keyboard warrior.

    • alan6832


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      @Durango95 what prevents corrosion? and lubes the water pump and thermostat? and prevents dry rotted hoses?

    • Durango95


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      Do more trips like this make a series called mustie1 roams!

    • Durango95


      3 månader sedan

      @alan6832 hold on since I've used water in my vehicles up here in Ohio in the summer months just add a little antifreeze once in awhile it'll be fine in fact the mass majority of antifreeze that you buy comes mixed with water! Furthermore there's only two companies that make antifreeze even though there's probably half a dozen so-called brands!

    • Durango95


      3 månader sedan

      Pretty good retired dad living in Florida talks about how he doesn't have time but you somehow do!

  2. Drinagh Photography

    Drinagh Photography

    Dag sedan

    Just curious as to how you ended up going west thru PA instead of straight up 95. Seems 80 west by me in Jersey to go thru PA and NY would be a longer ride. Was it the weathrr??

  3. Audinos


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    Volkswagen was the first manufacturer to use LEDs as dash indicators, but in the 80's, blue LEDs did not yet exist. Since regulations in Germany required the high beam indicator to be blue, Volkswagen used a blue plastic peg shaped like an LED and put an incandescent bulb underneath it.

  4. Jon S

    Jon S

    2 dagar sedan

    Seeing that Vanagon brought back some memories. My dad had a '81, but it was not the westfalia camper, just straight passenger. 4spd manual, no A/C, no power steering, or anything power. I took my driver's test in it, needless to say the guy giving the test was pretty impressed when I parallel parked, you passed. 😂 Ours didn't have a radiator, it had an auxiliary heater that ran off gasoline for the rear passenger's and hot air from engine for front. Thanks for sharing. 👍

  5. Pointpilot


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    Mr. "Fix it Carguy" on a 1500 mile car trip. But...... he forgets to bring a FLASH LIGHT. I am sure he got a laugh from that. Pointpilot

  6. Heather Jennifer

    Heather Jennifer

    3 dagar sedan

    also, do not ignore these fuses in these cars. it's just a scrap of metal with some plastic under it, corrosion runs rampant in these. also, junction connectors. those things always will give you fits. I still think it's just a bad coil, your ignition switch is also a little wonky but I think it's a bad coil, could be many other things. Germans were notorious for over engineering.

  7. Heather Jennifer

    Heather Jennifer

    3 dagar sedan

    look musty, is around the same ohms on that coil, from the old one to the new one. all you have to do, take out whatever circuit board or diode is in that one, and install it in your new one. the lids both pop off of those very easily as you might already have discovered. the voltage and the ohms of the coil are going to be nearly identical, and this is totally common for these German relays to have a bunch of different crap in them. but I guarantee, if you try what I said, it will work. make sure you mimic the polarity of the original to the new one. although there is no polarity on the coil, a diode is just a check valve, so once installed polarity will matter.

  8. Joel Clark

    Joel Clark

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    this is the best video you've ever done (that i have seen haha)

  9. jeremy turnbull

    jeremy turnbull

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    That’s funny, dad has to explain the dent to his son

  10. Andrew Cooper

    Andrew Cooper

    9 dagar sedan

    People are dumb. You could tell that you had more than one problem. You were very smart renting the truck and trailer

  11. Basketball Jones

    Basketball Jones

    11 dagar sedan

    "spitting some tranny fluid" means something totally different in 2021 than it did for us old folks back in 1982.

  12. Douglas Rankin

    Douglas Rankin

    11 dagar sedan

    Really liked this video, for the homey feeling. Your parents seem like great parents. Whats a road trip without a few hiccups. Your are such a great teacher. When most other people would be cursing and grumbling, you just explain calmly and get the job done. Hindsight is great, should have just topped off coolent and not missed with letting fluid out. Your the only other person besides myself that uses the expression of "shits and giggles". VW sure took a holiday when the designed this cooling system. Gremlins', thats the problem for the intermittent problem.

  13. William Leinster

    William Leinster

    13 dagar sedan

    I really miss wrenching and doing things with my father. He left this earth pretty early in life at 45. The last 5 or so years of his life I worked on his cars but he sat on a chair and guided me. I owe him alot. I just hope I can do the same with my boy. Much love

  14. Deep River

    Deep River

    16 dagar sedan

    Doing the that for your parents and working on the van with your Dad was cool! My dad passed when I was 19 value the time with him

  15. Jimmy Mitchell

    Jimmy Mitchell

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    Musti, I do feel for you,,,,,,, but your viewer count went through the roof!!! May be a new way film!!!

  16. Patrick Jones

    Patrick Jones

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    That Uhaul was a a GMC

  17. Patrick Jones

    Patrick Jones

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    that looks like Harris County

  18. Paul Miller

    Paul Miller

    21 dag sedan

    So cool to see Mustie Sr. ! He has a good son who knows his stuff and practices common sense in his repairs and his life. These videos are excellent therapy for me as I am going through a divorce. I lost my dad at 89 in 2017. Dads are the best. Saxman

  19. Bill Sartelle

    Bill Sartelle

    21 dag sedan

    The wasser boxers loved the feel of a New head rest LOL

  20. Michael Daniel

    Michael Daniel

    22 dagar sedan

    It is nice that you still have your parents.

  21. Steve O

    Steve O

    23 dagar sedan

    My parents blew 2 air cooled engine versions of this model year van trying to make it over the grapevine in CA, in the summer. Terrible combo. Air cooled in big van+ 95 degrees and 6 of us plus luggage to boot. Sucked

  22. Stone Object

    Stone Object

    25 dagar sedan

    the blades of the relay sand the with emry cloth as well as the plug in blade receivers so they both make good contact. iv had to fix relays like you just showed when all it was is rust on the relay blades or inside in the receptical contacts. i figure by the time the mesage gets to you that thing will already be sold but a small screw driver with emry sloth shoved in the receptical and then pulled out will clean up the contact. good luck mustie really enjoy your videos

  23. John Obiro

    John Obiro

    26 dagar sedan

    Wow. Mustie, your parents are so proud of you. They are lovely people. You can tell they don’t see enough of you. You’re a great guy. Don’t change.👍

  24. Mark


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    glad you made it home Mustie

  25. Compact Fluorescent

    Compact Fluorescent

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    You said “zero point zero”!

  26. bob b

    bob b

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    Great thing you are doing, respect to you

  27. Heiko van der Laar

    Heiko van der Laar

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    If the difference between the new and the old relay is a diode can't you just add one to the new one with some fancy spaghetti wiring?

  28. Heiko van der Laar

    Heiko van der Laar

    27 dagar sedan

    "Well guys, I think we're gonna go wrap this one up here" 29 minutes left on the video

  29. Robin Wells

    Robin Wells

    29 dagar sedan

    Bosch relays of the time were famous for dry solder joints and fatigued solder joints where the spades connected to the little circuit board. I used to keep a short length of wire with two male spades on the ends to replace suspect relays in my toolbox and glovebox! Definitely an epic adventure.

  30. Michael Christianson

    Michael Christianson

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    I watched this whole video. I was captivated.

  31. Jim Rocheleau

    Jim Rocheleau

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    Sorry to see those horrible stickers on the back window of your van.

  32. Michael Thomas

    Michael Thomas

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    You sir are calm in a crisis.

  33. Denver1976Man


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    long drive.. glad u got back safely

  34. Daniel S

    Daniel S

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    Right at the end, you said what I was thinking about the relay components, that the diode needs to be replaced. It would be easy to do if it's accessible. An appropriately sized replacement diode, a soldering iron, and solder is all you need.

  35. A Day

    A Day

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    Why not get the value off the diode and duplicate that in another relay?

  36. A Day

    A Day

    Månad sedan

    At least if you need a come along to get the VW on the trailer, Dillon has a major Harbor Freight warehouse and store. Plus any other tools you'll need.

  37. Keith Syers

    Keith Syers

    Månad sedan

    Could you make up a new relay somehow with some of the parts on a circuit board and bolt it to the relay box

  38. danny verleye

    danny verleye

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    vous êtes quelqu'un de bien ... quand vous prenez votre Maman dans vos bras ... Prenez grand soin d'eux ...

  39. SnowLeopard Pearl

    SnowLeopard Pearl

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    still wants to see the next part of this =) i want to know what happened

  40. Are you Serious

    Are you Serious

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    Your parents are absolutely lovely buddie you're very lucky dude.

  41. jon dwyer

    jon dwyer

    Månad sedan

    Why is there a flashing red light in the small bezel center of dashboard ? eh Musti

  42. vhemanes H

    vhemanes H

    Månad sedan

    your or grate and your mom and dad i love thim i am glade i look at your show whin i can i am 74 native american thanks so much hope you can reed this i dont reed or wirte to good thanks

  43. Alan Robison

    Alan Robison

    Månad sedan

    It was such a pleasure meeting your parents. Such sweet souls. They remind me of my parents.

  44. Bone Bill

    Bone Bill

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    Got a cool pop there!!!!

  45. Philip Williams

    Philip Williams

    2 månader sedan

    your socket side connections on where you plug them in can get bent down, over time and not make good contact.

  46. Forrest Hoffman

    Forrest Hoffman

    2 månader sedan

    Great video! Had a lot of fun watching. you your mom and your dad are awsome people!

  47. Reid


    2 månader sedan

    @Mustie1 could the relay be repaired? There is a youtuber who does micro soldering named NorthRidgeFix - he replaces micro diodes all day long.

  48. Exasperant


    2 månader sedan

    I once bought a "Perfect" sportscar. So perfect it cooked itself 40 miles from where I bought it. Blew a hose, although I still think the head gasket leaking into the coolant system is what took the hose out. Luckily I was only 70 miles from home, although with no breakdown cover which made life interesting. Always wonder if the seller knew it was a lemon...

  49. Sam Carter

    Sam Carter

    2 månader sedan

    You think VW head gasket problems are bad, just wait until you get a Subaru 2.5 in there. Mine has been seeping coolant into the cylinder and pegging the temp gauge for the last 12k miles. I tried replacing the gaskets but the last mechanic over tightened the previous head gaskets so much they imprinted the outlines of the old gaskets into the deck surface of the block. Not worth spending another 1000 bucks in machine work to still have a tired 200k mile engine to me, so I just let it do its thing and drive it. On the other side of things, I work at a private shop restoring classic mustangs, and I'm also having a hell of a time sourcing parts for them as well right now. It's only gonna get harder to find parts for these older cars from here on out!

  50. robert simpson

    robert simpson

    2 månader sedan

    I’m glad I passed up the Vanagon Camper for my fj cruiser...

  51. Ryan Beyea

    Ryan Beyea

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    What's up

  52. Ryan Beyea

    Ryan Beyea

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  53. charles curry

    charles curry

    2 månader sedan

    I had a 77 bus,76 bug,and80 bus- after view your hell i can see why i do not-I have body parts problems and can not.Still i have fond memories -thanks for the memories.

  54. Kimdino1


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    Heyyy! It's a Mustie road trip video.

  55. Ian Costigan

    Ian Costigan

    2 månader sedan

    My asshole boss made me tow a trailer doing snow removal. The trailer had a dingo with a plow for sidewalks and a pallet of salt. Was no picnic.

  56. bettingru


    2 månader sedan

    84 is almost old enough to know better; not to be a stunt man. Happy that your Dad is ok and doing well.

  57. borgthederanged


    2 månader sedan

    Wow. This video was so much fun to watch! Your parents are awesome people! The van's troubles made me strangely nostalgic; when I was a kid, my parents' vanagon stranded us at the side of the road--on a trip--for the exact same relay problem (different model; the 2 relays were part of one unit; I was a 'fixer' as a kid, so went ahead an figured out that they were just corroded after my dad got a new set). The van also ended up with similar head gasket/cooling problems that my dad and the local mechanic couldn't figure out, so I had a couple of "Aha" moments when you went over how the system was supposed to work! My dad--a self-taught backyard mechanic--always had VW vans that were running on the edge of destruction, so your trip reminded me of several family trips that we'd had (stopped at the side of the road while my dad got the bus running again).

  58. Anthony Basile

    Anthony Basile

    2 månader sedan

    Yo bro I love that you stay positive threw out the whole trip. I would have gone nuts

  59. chatrkat


    2 månader sedan

    Cool video, I knew nothing about those vans. Your parents both look great, FL living has done them well. The adventures of the drive back are a different story, holy cow unbelievable. Made an excellent movie to watch, I couldn’t stop until the end. I’m not expecting the sequel though. 😁

  60. Cheesecake8069


    2 månader sedan

    This video got me choked up man. Good job for being a good person

  61. Lee Walsh

    Lee Walsh

    2 månader sedan

    Your Mom and Dad are just like my Mom and Dad, they love there children, and as old as we get we will always be there kids.

  62. Gary Soykin

    Gary Soykin

    2 månader sedan

    Who is Doug is that somebody you met at the hotel?

  63. Gary Soykin

    Gary Soykin

    2 månader sedan

    Do you have a refreshing disposition you seem like a really nice guy thanks for making a great show

  64. Linda Lakota

    Linda Lakota

    2 månader sedan

    That camper is amazing will not find one like this in Massachusetts it more reminds me of a toyota van from 80s

  65. Ol Griz

    Ol Griz

    2 månader sedan

    When a mom tells you she is proud of you it swells your heart

  66. yamaha ttr600

    yamaha ttr600

    2 månader sedan

    You're mum and dad are looking so good my dad is 86 still going strong we are blessed to still have mum and dad

  67. eh Guy

    eh Guy

    2 månader sedan

    Well, I recall renting just such a truck for my move in the dead of Winter in Canada. There was lots of snow and the tires on All of the rentals no matter what the season are Summer tread/Winter useless tires. The move went well enough. Learned a few valuable lessons in that move.

  68. Fon Hollohan

    Fon Hollohan

    2 månader sedan

    559 dollars for a relay are they on crack or what? they must be, wow. Never heard of such retardedness in my life. and it is time to get rid of the squeelies. lol

  69. Dennis Parent

    Dennis Parent

    2 månader sedan

    What a nightmare. Glad you made it back with the VW

  70. Fon Hollohan

    Fon Hollohan

    2 månader sedan

    Nice to finally met you mom and dad hear he's story which cracked me up! glad to see that he didn't damage himself really badly. He's a funny guy. Your blessed to still have your father and mother around both mine have passed and I miss them dearly. It's awesome to hear your mom praise you and respect you and nice to see how far you have come as an individual. Now, I know why I like your videos your a decent bloke thats why and as a result you don't have a big head.

  71. George Thayer

    George Thayer

    2 månader sedan

    Muskie 1 could you put a flat air-cooled engine in that machine and get rid of that water cooled system that work

  72. Terrence Buller

    Terrence Buller

    2 månader sedan

    Mr. Mustie, if everything goes perfect, you wouldn't have made this video. Great job, wish you the very best. Take care 👍

  73. D O

    D O

    3 månader sedan

    I would bet that if you were in Timbuktu, one of your fans would help out.

  74. Maupin Maupin

    Maupin Maupin

    3 månader sedan

    sounds like your VW went Christine on you.

  75. Aaron


    3 månader sedan

    Whenever I watch Mustie work I feel like I'm the kid helping dad hold the torch light.

  76. Tête Dur

    Tête Dur

    3 månader sedan

    Been on those highways off I-95 in South Carolina and can go a long, long, long way before you get to anywhere. At night, it's only worse. As far as the rental, my wife and I had to do the same thing. She inherited an Olds Cutlass, or something like that after her mom died. After the funeral, we took the car, and made it as far as Dallas, TX (from Montegomery, AL). I knew it was an ECM, but couldn't do much about it at the time, so we rented that same size uhaul and trailer and headed to California. Once the dealer replaced the computer, it ran fine for years. Got a discount on the rental though, because I'd turned wrenches for U-Haul Repair Center in Warrington, PA. So that was cool.

  77. Deepblu dude

    Deepblu dude

    3 månader sedan

    Nice! your folks place looks like the area I live in course they all kinda look the same. I drive regularly from Melbourne Fl to Melbourne Ar exactly1426 miles in either a 96 F350 4x4 box, or my 89 F250 IDI soon to haul my 71 W200 up there gonna wait till fall... Im getting the hell outa Fl too many people but I gotta say there are some good guys there I m gonna miss my core group of neighbors I always help out... If your folks are in Brevard county and need anything holler im heading back Wed 28th Apr...

  78. David Skelton

    David Skelton

    3 månader sedan

    trying through Jacksonville?

  79. floyd loonie

    floyd loonie

    3 månader sedan

    WOW! Mustie, Your Pop is lucky to not have been hurt worse stuck between 2 cars and over 80 years old!

  80. Frank Nic

    Frank Nic

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    What a road trip and what a family. Thanks mustie along with mom And dad.

  81. Foxie Dog

    Foxie Dog

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    You needed someone to hold your 📱 and 🔦. Glad you made it safely and your father is a great man.

  82. Judd Lewis

    Judd Lewis

    3 månader sedan

    Mustie the hoon doing burnouts 😂

  83. Robert Steven Schwartz

    Robert Steven Schwartz

    3 månader sedan

    To me, a Floridian, it looks like your Dad lived down here. It would sure be great to have you move down here too.

  84. William T. Musil

    William T. Musil

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  85. EGPeppered


    3 månader sedan

    If the difference between the cheap relay and the unobtainium relay is the diode bridging the pins, would it not make sense to solder a diode to the back of the plug and not worry about sourcing scarce relays?

  86. Strangely Ironic

    Strangely Ironic

    3 månader sedan

    Reminds me of running into wintery weather in my truck. It's a converted 01 P1000 International Step van. Box shortened to make a Semi-truck style cab space-wise, frame shortened as well with a flatbed + toolboxes leaving enough length to haul my gooseneck box and flat trailers. Stock 7.3l Turbo Diesel with a 10-speed transmission swap to help to haul heavier loads. It's a Frankenstein monster of a truck, but I got it for basically free and it gets the job done well enough to courier things around as a side job in-between "real work".

  87. Strangely Ironic

    Strangely Ironic

    3 månader sedan

    I love the FJ' does everyone else with how their price has quadrupled even before all this happened driving prices up. I got lucky and bought my first one when they were right at their lowest, then bought another as a roller with nearly double the miles on the body later on for the same price :|. I tossed a 1UZ I had rebuilt for a minitruck into it, loved it, and sold my first not long after. Honestly, it's a shame the V8 wasn't offered factory. I have it set up with a moderate to conservative tune for riding around and get the same or better fuel economy with more power than I got with the 1GR. Thankfully the 1GR wasn't fubar'd, I rebuilt that with a turbo and tossed it into an ST204 Celica with an RWD conversion. Stupid amount of fun to be had with that toy, I did it properly though to appear factory and still ride well as a touring car for trips instead of a cage with no interior.

  88. Alan John

    Alan John

    3 månader sedan

    These VW can be a pain to drain the airlocks out good man.

  89. mrromantimothy


    3 månader sedan

    Don't let them ream you for that relay, all you need to do is find out the value of that resistor or whatever it is and solder one of them into the wire circuit before it goes into the relay, that way you'll be able to use one of the thousands of thousands of those relays that are on cars everywhere in junk yards. , If you want to make a car super reliable electrically ,pull out every fuse and clean the corrosion with fine sandpaper, make sure that the female connector is tight and clean too, go as deep as you can into the cars harness cleaning things, like brain terminals and other connections, it's mandatory for cars that are 15 years or older It could drop to10 years if they salt the roads in your area ,,do that and your car will run better with a brain that works. I do Auto electric and I have clientele that will listen to what I recommend and they're always happy as hell when I'm done with that

  90. majid chemri

    majid chemri

    3 månader sedan

    Darren ! the way you said "I love you MOM " Boy that raised the temperature of my heart so much so i made a cup of Tea with it. LoL. you the Boy, Masha allah.

  91. BrandonTS95


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    Ohhhh thats your dad lmao. I missed it. I was thinking "Wow that man is so nice to let you work on it in his driveway"

  92. trekchu


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    My family had two of those during my lifetime. The first one was only trashed because the engine died and getting an entire other car was cheaper (!) and the other because Emissions standards were changed and getting spare parts was getting to be a bit dear. I loved them as a kid. EDIT: Okay, that does not sound like the standard 50HP engine both of ours had. :) Ours were both Diesel though.

  93. james harrison

    james harrison

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    Only $19.95 🤣🤣🤣

  94. AJ


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    Hey i wished i would have saw this back then i was in the area with a empty equipment trailer after dropping a 80,000 lb. dozer in Florida and i could have got you back north in my Big Truck that uses VW diesel power known as MAN lol

  95. Aurelius R

    Aurelius R

    4 månader sedan

    About the relay -- that diode, depending on where the other end of it connects to, might just be a freewheeling diode to protect whatever triggers the relay. If that's the case you can easily just add one externally. Or risk just running without it. That coil should energize and actuate the relay without that diode connected to anything, though when the relay breaks there will be a voltage spike which can damage electronics. Diodes are a few pennies each from Digikey, just get some 1N4002s and solder it in.

  96. Aurelius R

    Aurelius R

    4 månader sedan

    Surprised you weren't wearing a mask around your parents or around Brian. Playing with fire these days.

  97. Edward Burgdorfer

    Edward Burgdorfer

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    I no I did that before I now how that feel glad you mad it home

  98. Nathaniel Reid

    Nathaniel Reid

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    Thanks for the adventure cause I not having any accept with you😎😎😎

  99. Rahul Sharma

    Rahul Sharma

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    Why do Americans don't live with their parents? Old age must sucks when you have no one to help you with your day-to-day life.

  100. kyle peterson

    kyle peterson

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    1:18:34 nope, 12mm is still there, didn't lose it after all :-)