Trashed $150 Dirt Bike. Can it be Saved?

I went on a sunday ride and came across a garage sale. out front was this busted up Suzuki 80 dirt bike that has seen better days to say the least, l bought it for $150. lets see if it can be rebuilt for cheap money.


  1. Tamica Phillippy

    Tamica Phillippy

    20 timmar sedan

    The bright trombone traditionally rock because retailer consequentially approve apud a direful guilty. dashing, alleged engineering

  2. Bullfrog Jay

    Bullfrog Jay

    4 dagar sedan

    I absolutely love watching people bring these bikes back to life ! Incredible channel.

  3. orange70383


    7 dagar sedan

    Talk about a bike that was abused with no maintenance. I'm surprised that with not 1 penny spent on fixing the bike they didn't try to run it on motor oil instead of 2-stroke and locked the motor up just to save a dollar.

  4. Buckmaster


    13 dagar sedan

    Mustie is not your average back yard repair guy. He has too much special equipment

  5. Josh Enoch

    Josh Enoch

    14 dagar sedan


  6. Seth Klemba

    Seth Klemba

    18 dagar sedan

    I used to read the "Can it be saved" part of the title curious as to the odds of success. But after a few years I'd say that if anyone can revive these machines Mustie1 can. You are like the big brother in the garage that everyone wants in their families. And you address these obstacles in a very educational and appropriate way. Thank you for taking the time to explain all this for us.

  7. Glowie


    18 dagar sedan

    damn a nice price. you wouldn't even get a scrap of a bike for $150 here.

  8. Garrett Ray

    Garrett Ray

    20 dagar sedan

    Where did you get the light in 6:47 and what brand and battery type.

  9. longbowfta


    21 dag sedan

    that is gearbox oil no crank oil in a two stroke

  10. Homie Sexual

    Homie Sexual

    23 dagar sedan

    So this bike at the beginning at the video is a death trap 😂

  11. TopRevs


    24 dagar sedan

    I love your videos!

  12. Renski


    26 dagar sedan

    Ahaha I remember riding an old 70cc and casing it as a kid then using JB weld to keep the oil from dripping out. As a kid you learn how to jerry rig stuff when you have no money to replace or fix things properly.

  13. atamagashock


    27 dagar sedan

    I had a pw80 as my first dirt bike back in 1989. Bringing back memories

  14. tracey potts

    tracey potts

    28 dagar sedan

    There's nothing wrong with it why are you makeing it out like it's a wreck or a scrap yard find you pillock what a sausage jockey get off SE-one it's not for people who pretend bullshiter

  15. Jay Harks

    Jay Harks

    Månad sedan

    LOL at 19:09 he has a Taryl fixes all cup! Nice!

  16. Mike


    Månad sedan

    Whomever kept fixing that bike had some imagination. Yet they seemed to know how it all worked.

  17. U.F.O


    Månad sedan

    Excellent thumbs up

  18. 73 Maverick

    73 Maverick

    Månad sedan

    lol, I would've left it there for that price. I might go $50.00 tops.

  19. Jack Song

    Jack Song

    Månad sedan

    These little ds 80's are fun I usually additional more oil in the gas with the oil injection because it some how feels faster if I do

  20. Paul Johansson

    Paul Johansson

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    Oh no it peed on the floor

  21. ShamblerDK


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    That thing will be purring again within the hour :-)

  22. Ray Ellis

    Ray Ellis

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    zip tie..its called a zip tie,fun to watch though

  23. Tyler Hanks

    Tyler Hanks

    Månad sedan

    Milwaukee 4 the win

  24. John Obiro

    John Obiro

    Månad sedan

    Mustie’s wife. Why does my coffee taste like 2 stroke.

  25. GetYerShotsSnowflakes


    Månad sedan

    Fuel line over idle screw right till it touches carb stops it from moving/falling out. Just a inch long or so.

  26. JamppaJ


    Månad sedan

    In Finland people would pay over 500€ just for that engine

  27. bill murray

    bill murray

    Månad sedan

    What a little gem. I saw one for sale recently I passed on because the asking price was 2k

  28. ZoSoUsAm 68

    ZoSoUsAm 68

    Månad sedan

    "68" Cougar is my absolute favorite car, preferably black convertible!!!🤬💪 congrats!!!

  29. A day in the life

    A day in the life

    Månad sedan

    I learnt almost everything about engines via musties vids.

  30. Adamant Adam

    Adamant Adam

    Månad sedan

    45:46 Did anyone else worry that he was about to crack the casting on the back side of that bolt? Knowing my luck that's what would of happened to me if I was working on it.

  31. Smokey Dog wierdo

    Smokey Dog wierdo

    Månad sedan

    Regular people; leave it it’s not worth fixing. Mustie1 ; hold my beer and watch this

  32. moto tommy

    moto tommy

    Månad sedan

    That's a Suzuki ds80 quite rare

  33. Dirtbike Riding

    Dirtbike Riding

    Månad sedan

    The Dr. from back to the future is that you

  34. Dirtbike Riding

    Dirtbike Riding

    Månad sedan

    I bet you my bicycle is faster than that thing

  35. Dirtbike Riding

    Dirtbike Riding

    Månad sedan

    Sheeesh no cap I have a way bigger bike then that

  36. JessicaTG2008


    Månad sedan

    Looks like a good start to the resurrection. One question answered and one procedure completed before you even start on it. Does it have oil and we don't have to drain it.

  37. Will45ACP


    Månad sedan

    Holy crap man...your explanation of studs vs bolts in aluminum just answered a long-time question. And you explained it good enough even I understood...good show and thanks!

  38. MM0SDK


    Månad sedan

    I had this bike as a kid. It looks like a 1984 RM80. I run it without a clutch and had to mesh the gears with the engine revs. No kickstart either as the splines were worn off and it just slipped. The 1980s. Paid about £150 for it back then IIRC. Mine didn't have any oil reservoir though. These bikes can take a serious hammering. This bike is in better condition than mine was in the 80s.

  39. M Bot5

    M Bot5

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    The murky america endoscopically encourage because ceramic serendipitously radiate opposite a rural tortellini. three, flat aftermath

  40. Sam eddy

    Sam eddy

    Månad sedan

    An old ds 80,still got one from 79 that needs lots of work

  41. Ron Heydon

    Ron Heydon

    Månad sedan

    Yahoo, i was right. Three kicks !!

  42. Doc Twiggenberry

    Doc Twiggenberry

    Månad sedan

    I have noticed something that is as good as finger prints. The veins on the back of hands is individual.

  43. HGV Matt

    HGV Matt

    Månad sedan

    Thoroughly enjoyed this video, I’ve spent many years fixing up old bikes & cars etc.., just realised part 2 is made, 01:25 here in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 gotta watch it right now! 😂👍

  44. Chris Smith

    Chris Smith

    Månad sedan

    💡 Get her up on the operating table ! Your name should be Dr Mustie 1 !!!! L o L

  45. Justin1987


    Månad sedan

    I had the same exact bike when I was a kid. It was seized when we got it and its how i learned about engines. Used a mallet and wooden block and penetrating lube and stuff and had to beat the piston loose and eventually got it running pretty good after I learned how to work on the carb. That little thing would fly. Loved the video brings back awesome memories.

  46. Matt JaxDad

    Matt JaxDad

    Månad sedan

    Cleaning the scale build up in the emulsion tube of the carburetor, I am talking to the TV saying, "Mustie" that looks like a .45 cal. Go get the gun cleaning kit!!!😂

  47. LAF filmfest

    LAF filmfest

    Månad sedan

    Sweet project!!

  48. Oliver the cat

    Oliver the cat

    Månad sedan

    this is so cool, I recently fixed up one myself I have a video of a ride on it on my channel

  49. Richard Binell

    Richard Binell

    Månad sedan

    The childhood sense of glee that is pure joy and pure Mr. Fixit Mustie.

  50. AlphaValiant


    Månad sedan

    I would love to have a dirt bike like this I always wanted one

  51. John Fisher

    John Fisher

    Månad sedan

    Two Stroke uses same oil to lubricate crank and Trans. Oil Injection (Fuel Mix) only lubes top of cylinder.

    • Mustie1


      Månad sedan

      not true, 2 stroke uses the crank for the intake, oils the crank then gets pumped to the top end

  52. Aaron Crain

    Aaron Crain

    Månad sedan

    have the same bike, it was my first engine rebuild when I was 11 years old

  53. Wild Malibu

    Wild Malibu

    Månad sedan

    Every time I find an abandond Quad, atv or mini bike I always Give it a good presure wash before I even start to work on it.

  54. hennepin 2020

    hennepin 2020

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    "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life" - John 3:16 The Bible ❤ IN TOUCH MINISTRIES

  55. Jayson Burns

    Jayson Burns

    Månad sedan

    Man that thing sounds good if you ask me...she want to run....

  56. Erastus C

    Erastus C

    Månad sedan

    They would be asking 900 bucks for that where I live.

  57. D F

    D F

    Månad sedan

    I bought one for $45 same one with rust. Then I realize, I don’t know shit about dirt bikes. Resold it for $100 the same day I bought it.

  58. Braiden


    Månad sedan

    Jeesus your garage looks like mine

  59. Scott Casner

    Scott Casner

    Månad sedan

    Good find man. For $150 that is a gem of a find. Its awesome there are guys out there that look for that shit n put work in to get it back in the range of where it should be. Thats the shit i like to do also

  60. 4himsanctified


    Månad sedan

    Killer deal

  61. big smoke

    big smoke

    Månad sedan

    How much u want for it

  62. DudeGuy3458


    Månad sedan

    Petition to all chip in and buy mustie new camera equipment, he deserves it

  63. Dr Chan

    Dr Chan

    2 månader sedan

    I had the very same bike and the early one as well it all ways lost bolts and nut if you didn't check after a few rides. My dad shaved the head a bit and dam it had some punch in the powerband. the oil on the ground was from the fuel mix tank, mix your own fuel less hassles with the oil leaking. the early model RM80 is worth a few dollars now- it's classed as Vintage. bought back a lot of Memories watching this video.

  64. Dave Perry

    Dave Perry

    2 månader sedan

    Fun project

  65. cooper james

    cooper james

    2 månader sedan

    I had that exact bike a ds 80 2 stroke and it was a good fun bike it would do around 40 mph even on a bad day

  66. Team green kawasaki two stroke guru

    Team green kawasaki two stroke guru

    2 månader sedan

    Fabulous 2 stroke video

  67. FPSaddiction


    2 månader sedan

    right meow xD 2:47



    2 månader sedan


  69. uroprop


    2 månader sedan

    pitbike before pitbikes...some kids had fun on this bet

  70. Craig Monteforte

    Craig Monteforte

    2 månader sedan

    Cool find ! When those bikes came out I was riding a 2 Stroke Harley Davidson Enduro that had a stall gas tank and metal fenders on it and at the same place I rode at those light Suzuki RM generations were flying off the same jumps I could barely get any air on some days I just would watch in Awe of the guys riding them BTW my bike was not purchased for a serious Dirt bike but it was kind of more of a trail bike that reve pretty high it was fairly quick on the street too with the 175 2 Stroke

  71. RickyGuterson


    2 månader sedan

    Anything can be saved. Just need 2 bikes to do it on the cheap.

  72. Dave-P


    2 månader sedan

    Doc from back to the future love the videos 📹

  73. smooze419


    2 månader sedan

    You got me wanting to find an old dirt bike and get it running. I just don’t have the vast knowledge base and warehouse full of spare parts, lol.

  74. Small Town RC

    Small Town RC

    2 månader sedan

    Where did u find this?

  75. anthony marasco

    anthony marasco

    2 månader sedan


  76. aaahhhchew


    2 månader sedan

    What a waste of time. My farts get a better return.

  77. Shadow


    2 månader sedan

    This past week I bought a locked up 2001 Yamaha PW80 YZinger and supiringly I got it running within the week and I’m satisfied, needs more work but I’m happy, it was worth the $100

  78. King Kino

    King Kino

    2 månader sedan

    Nice I use to have 2 never got it running tho

  79. Justin Case

    Justin Case

    2 månader sedan

    “It’s not a big motorcycle, just a groovy little motor bike” from the song “Little Honda” .. PS “1st gear, it’s (not) alright” .. just kidding .. I need a project like this one .. BTW, got the title? ...

  80. Dre'


    2 månader sedan

    This makes me want to get my '74 MX175A running again...(and not sitting in my dining room anymore 🙃) Thanks Mustie!!

  81. bravejango12


    2 månader sedan

    The loose screws reminded me of when I took the tires off of my Jeep for the first time and found that the previous owner had glued cheap aluminum caps onto the lug nuts. I was really concerned when I stripped the first lug nut.

  82. scot shabalam

    scot shabalam

    2 månader sedan

    48:52 is there any risk the wheel could grab the metal and jerk the grinding disk into your thumb?

  83. Farmer Bob

    Farmer Bob

    2 månader sedan

    Good thing the previous owner didn’t find out about duct tape.

  84. scot shabalam

    scot shabalam

    2 månader sedan

    I normally hate REACT videos but I want to see the original design engineers of this bike react too all the patch work on it.

  85. Crucial Speaks

    Crucial Speaks

    2 månader sedan

    If you don't leave the oil tank, some kid will burn it up quickly.

  86. paco2ski


    2 månader sedan

    u paid far too much. If there was anyone near capable of fixing 20 years ago they would have.

  87. Derek Davis

    Derek Davis

    2 månader sedan

    Be cool to make a mini scrambler out of it.

  88. Derek Davis

    Derek Davis

    2 månader sedan

    I had a DS 50 just like that, and a Yamaha PW 50.

  89. robertpolicastro1


    2 månader sedan

    Suzuki ds80 doesn’t use studs on the exhaust! It uses bolts

  90. dr07828


    2 månader sedan

    looks like you get a decent little bike. Really looks like if you get it put back together right it will be fine.

  91. Dalton Luby

    Dalton Luby

    2 månader sedan

    No one's going to point out the hidden Terrell fix all mug in the background

  92. JD L

    JD L

    2 månader sedan

    "Apparently it's got an incontinence problem..." LOL

  93. Str8 Woke SSYB

    Str8 Woke SSYB

    2 månader sedan

    Nice find!!

  94. avtcookie


    2 månader sedan

    That sound on the first rev immediately brought back memories of Terminator 2.

  95. darius andrews

    darius andrews

    2 månader sedan

    When I was a kid I would have given my left ball for this exact

  96. talon0863


    2 månader sedan

    you over-paid $150

  97. Tyler Steffen

    Tyler Steffen

    2 månader sedan

    Lol, I don't know what the beeping is but I started imagining it as the heartbeat monitor during a surgery. Also all I can think as he's showing all the workarounds the last owner did is the guy from Vicegrips Garage saying "oh yeah, she's custom"

  98. Dean W.

    Dean W.

    2 månader sedan

    Why do people just let bikes goto shit like that? I had just revived a 1980 KM100 that I bought for $100, it's just a shame to see people destroy these things

  99. bizonis4e11


    2 månader sedan


  100. Nawees Khan

    Nawees Khan

    2 månader sedan

    Your shop need to upgrade