How To Restore a Junk Lawn Mower For Free.

its the time of year when all the mowers have been sitting dormant for 6 months, and when they do not run they get tossed to the curb. lets see if we can save this one without spending any money. toro personal pace 22 inch cut. trash picked from the side of the road,


  1. Bambule


    Dag sedan

    Lol how does anyone throw these out? This would never happen at the place I live. I guess thats because of how wealthy average people are in your region

  2. arnoldo sandoval

    arnoldo sandoval

    2 dagar sedan

    I like your Style

  3. Private Eye

    Private Eye

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    That dead air filter will keep it from starting and running! If it is that bad you know plug oil and everything else is just as bad. Basic service is needed most of all.

  4. Fragarbai


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    It’s remarkable the number of guys that have zero mechanical aptitude. Like the air filter on that looks like its never been cleaned and probably never replaced. Last summer I got a pressure washer for free at the curb. It didn’t have any sign on it but the homeowner came out when he saw me looking at it. He said ya it’s free it doesn’t run. You can maybe sell some parts from it or something. I pulled the starter cord to make sure it turned over and it did. I took it home and started looking at it. The air filter was so dirty air probably couldn’t pass through it. The plug was really fowled bad. The oil looked like it had never been changed. The garden hose he used was cut off, he said the connection is broken. He said he couldn’t unscrew it so he cut the hose off haha it’s the type of connection that has bearings in it and you have to push it out to release the hose. After spraying some wd-40 I got it freed up and disconnected. Fortunately the pump housing wasn’t cracked and didn’t have any damage anywhere from water freezing. I found out it was 5 years old. I changed the engine and pump oil, got a new air filter, new spark plug and it runs great and has great water pressure. If he had maintained it it he could still be using it. The funny thing is is he was talking like he was a handy guy that knew all about things mechanical but really knew nothing. Another funny thing is he lives about a mile from me and this past spring he was driving past and i was using it to wash my truck :) He waved and drove past with a dumbfounded look on his face. A few years ago a friend picked up a roto tiller at a curb for free and brought it over to me. Turned out it was ten years old but I could tell it was rarely used. It just needed a new ignition coil and it runs great. My friend has been using it every year to till his, his daughters and his neighbors garden. I remember back in the early to mid ‘70s going to the dump with my dad and back then not much was recycled. We’d regularly come home with appliances, they often needed minor repairs and we had a lot of parts from stripping out parts from appliances. We’d fix them up and sell them. Learned a lot about fixing things and made a lot of cash as a kid.

  5. Don Morgan

    Don Morgan

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    That was really cool. Good job. 👍👍👍❤️

  6. w2dmw


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    Mustie, I've found the dry - type graphite or molybdenum sprays work best for many mower applications. They don't get gunked up, since they are dry. Try it, you'll be glad you did...!!!

  7. E Wood

    E Wood

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    Do you buy chance have an engine cover for either of these Torro's that you are willing to part with?

  8. Kirk Muffie

    Kirk Muffie

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    This video reminds me why I bought an electric mower.

  9. Backseat Driver

    Backseat Driver

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    I had to do a gas tank drain/clean and carb clean on a pressure washer I have that was having issues running well. After I cleaned everything and it ran perfectly, I proceeded to pressure wash my house. My neighbor watched this whole thing happen and came over and we started chatting about the machine and the convo came around where he asked if I'd rather be pressure washing my house or be at the beach relaxing? I honestly took a second to think and said, i'd rather fix the machine, then pressure wash the house. His response was, "Now you're just being controversial." I laughed because I wasn't. I have a feeling the people that watch these videos probably feel the same way I did.

  10. Mike Jiskra

    Mike Jiskra

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    Your a great teacher and everything is so interesting to watch.

  11. Raphael Juniel

    Raphael Juniel

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    Where do you live with all those mowers laying around? 🤩lol

  12. L. G. A.

    L. G. A.

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    So the lawn mower that he is working on becomes a female. Cool...Why not a male? I guess that he loves to turn the lawn mower upside down and that makes him excited and presuming that is a female.

  13. Dan Schenck

    Dan Schenck

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    where pick up and what brand is the rachet extension?

  14. Son of Liberty

    Son of Liberty

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    I would have taken it just for the bag, it looks like it would have fit mine.

  15. Doug Seaman

    Doug Seaman

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    Briggs and Stratton put out a bulletin that indicated that rust won't cause the coil to not make spark so according to them, you're right. Sorry I couldn't find the bulletin for reference.

  16. John Paul

    John Paul

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    Yup if it's free and doesn't run guarantee it will.....😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👍 Step one take that stupid elec start and micro switch off!

  17. John


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    Ah man. I’ve got a variant of this mower in my shed. My tractor went down last week, used this as my backup. My Dad bought it when i was 12 for me to start mowing the lawn. Here I am 20 years later l pushing the damn thing around my yard. They’re great machines. That one must have been thoroughly neglected.

  18. M C

    M C

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    Rust is non-magnetic, but on them things it wont 'kill' the field only weaken it, but enough rust CAN entirety disable a magnet

  19. Jaimen Brunson

    Jaimen Brunson

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    I found one in the trash It still had gas in it and everything but when I went to go pull the Pull the cord Pulled in a llittle bit too easy so the first thing that I did was I took the head off it was oil all in the head bolts and the cylinder was full of oil.

  20. Terry Smith

    Terry Smith

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  21. Bruce Edwards

    Bruce Edwards

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    one time i found a really really nice pocketbook on the side of the road. it was filled with doody. human doody.

  22. luxury carkey720

    luxury carkey720

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    My neighbor gave me the same mower that would not start after closer inspection i took the carbuertor bowl off it had stale gas in it...i filled it with fresh gas an it going strong today that way 4 yrs ago

  23. 5wisher 5weet

    5wisher 5weet

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    The lift on the blade is to keep the cut grass airborne so it can be mulched

  24. Flab 2 Fit

    Flab 2 Fit

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    lol "I do detect that we have a problem" *after 15 pulls* lol

  25. como dice

    como dice

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    sweetbeef do you recommend starting mower weekly or just leaving it if you dont use it during a drought for months at a time thanks hot sweet dog

  26. Mark Imperial

    Mark Imperial

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  27. Gonzalo Chagas

    Gonzalo Chagas

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    I love SE-one!!

  28. John Lopez

    John Lopez

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    Like the video, makes me think twice on how to keep my mower up to date, thanks, good find,👍🏼👍🏼

  29. Lanette Rippeto

    Lanette Rippeto

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    Better than the. Landfill.

  30. Pooh


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    American folks are so richest.

  31. greg baker

    greg baker

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    You should use a new plug or atster to check ingtion

  32. John Clarke

    John Clarke

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    The Honda has the same bull shit drive on it.

  33. Zero Cool

    Zero Cool

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    3:20 That sign should say Men with out Hats

  34. B Light

    B Light

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    Low Buck Hero!!

  35. James E C

    James E C

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    First time watcher. Not something I would ever do but fascinating to watch you do your thing. 👍

  36. Robert A Moore

    Robert A Moore

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    At the 24-minute mark you spray the starter motor clutch with some kind of a cleaner. What is the cleaner you are using?

  37. Nelson Fountain jr

    Nelson Fountain jr

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    i have gotten a lot's of them When i Work on the Garbage Truck people throw them away "ToRo Mover" that is.. and all it needed was a New Filter or Clean the old one up With Gas if its a Sponge 🧽 one.. and buy a New Shark plug and it Started Right up also and i Wash and Shine it up like Brand New!!

  38. richard winter

    richard winter

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    Reminds me f grade nine, we had to take a running Briggs and Stratton engine apart , do a lot of measuring and to pass the course the engine had to start on the first pull.

  39. D J Terry

    D J Terry

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    Those electric stars never work for very long! I have the same mower. Maybe used it 5 times max!

  40. Karri Birdsley

    Karri Birdsley

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    I have a lawn mower that doesn't work ... I came here because I know nothing about engines and mechanical issues. I'm hoping I can pick up something lol

  41. PK Tech1969

    PK Tech1969

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    Mustie, love the Orange Men Playing sign!!! hahaha

  42. Perry Saffer

    Perry Saffer

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    I only use Personal Pace Toro's. I swear by them! Keep the drive wheels off the "other" one. They're really expensive to buy replacements!!

  43. Ted miles

    Ted miles

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    I pick up the free mowers. Most of them are carb issues. I take them home and clean the carb or replace such and give them to people that need them.

  44. William Hocken

    William Hocken

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    graphite powder for the lube for the spring

  45. Cris Knapp

    Cris Knapp

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    dead man lol. toros are famous for carb problems

  46. Justin Case

    Justin Case

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    The “Last of the Tecumsehs” …

  47. luilui03able


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    good to see the machine running, you are good to fix dead mowers,nice

  48. luilui03able


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    probably he mean runed when he pushed it

  49. luilui03able


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    some food for the bunny,right inside the beg,jk

  50. Terry Buckalew

    Terry Buckalew

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    you are a genius

  51. David Bohner

    David Bohner

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    How old are those squirt bottles?

  52. Permanent Waves

    Permanent Waves

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    That's a Tecumseh engine. Good engines. I had that EXACT mower. I got mine for free also from a lawn mowing customer, used the crap out of it then sold it still running. That Tecumseh had a high compression- if you just grabbed the rope and pulled the starter and caught it on a compression stroke you could nearly hurt yourself. Had to rotate slow and get past that point then you could pull it normally. Thats the main reason the lady gave it to me, she couldn't start it.

  53. Jane Tyer

    Jane Tyer

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    On the racheting drive mechanism, try using a dry film lubricant, such as is often used on firearms. You can find it in the sporting good department of your local discount department store (eg Walmart), or online. As mentioned in your video, oil remains wet and attracts dirt. A dry film lubricant which is mixed in an evaporating solvent is applied wet and then the solvent quickly dries, and the resulting dry film lubricant does not attract as much dirt and dust as oil would.

  54. Ron Heydon

    Ron Heydon

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    Nice job. Another good video.

  55. raven lunatic

    raven lunatic

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    heads up bro..mower repair, journeyman certificate recieved..thank you!..peace!..

  56. Roy Cox

    Roy Cox

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  57. Derek P

    Derek P

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    yup had to replace both the cables on mine this year, just got worn after a few years of service. Hope the ol' girl keeps running awhile longer!

  58. nick diaz

    nick diaz

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    was this major surgery or minor

  59. Travis Brown

    Travis Brown

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    It runs... downhill 🤣

  60. Chris Storer

    Chris Storer

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    Some people are like “ I can’t afford free…”.

  61. Slow yo

    Slow yo

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    my mowers fine, i watched the entire video - great content!

  62. Jason Moody

    Jason Moody

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  63. Jeffery Kirby

    Jeffery Kirby

    2 månader sedan

    What tricks to get flywheel and blade adapter off

  64. Jeffery Kirby

    Jeffery Kirby

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  65. Jeffery Kirby

    Jeffery Kirby

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    Got one from Lowe's for 50.00 the spark plug wire was unplugged

  66. Matt Richardson

    Matt Richardson

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    Gday mate… do you get Victa mowers over there in the states ?

  67. peacefrog0521


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    Wish I’d seen this video a few years ago when my Dad gave me his old Toro that wouldn’t run. It had bad gas from sitting for over a decade; I got a new Tecumseh carb and put it on. I tried spinning the shaft like you did, except I didn’t take out the plug. The flywheel was cracked (not sure if from one of the hard pulls or from attempting to spin it). FYI The flywheel for the electric start was impossible to find used in eBay and very expensive new from a parts place. It would have been $65 for a new one. I got a pull-start flywheel (without the teeth). Also replaced the ignition module; I used an old business card to set the gap. Finally got it running but it was late October. Next spring, I pulled it dozens of times until my shoulder and back hurt, and said screw it. Got a corded electric Greenworks and have had no issues. I gave away the Toro but I forgot to include the bag; I’m hoping to find someone that can use it.

  68. christopher LaBarge

    christopher LaBarge

    2 månader sedan

    did you make your table to put the mowers on or is it store bought?

  69. oakpkdude


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    When my uncle retired he used to pick up broken discarded lawn mowers and fix them himself and sell them at flea markets. It added quite a bit to his retirement income.

  70. Charlie Jones

    Charlie Jones

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    Brother thats a 2007 or later.

  71. Tabatha Staples

    Tabatha Staples

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    Shepherd's Chapel Network !!!!!!! Pastor Murray is an Anointed Servant of GOD who teaches the Word of GOD with Authority!!!!!!!

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    • Dogetuberyt


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  74. jimkuz27


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    Back in the early 80's, I did small enging repairs as a side line and there were a few rich neighborhoods near me so every week on trash day i would take a ride out there, and i would see push mowers, riding mowers and even some chainsaws thrown out to trash, most only needed miner repairs such as points and condenser, or a spark plug, i picked Snappers, John Deere, Wheel Horse, homelite and Stiel saws, after i gave them TLC i then sold them. Easy money, now it seems most items today are throw away!

  75. Owen McDonald

    Owen McDonald

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    This man

  76. Michael Tanksley

    Michael Tanksley

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    Oil drain plug...

  77. soundspark


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    I saw free snowblowers left out, should have snagged one and fixed it up. But then maybe it was given away since today's snow is so wet and heavy it clogs snowblowers.

  78. Saiwsi Ntilti

    Saiwsi Ntilti

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    The helpful book typically match because aftermath uniquely deliver pro a obeisant retailer. smoggy, special mark

  79. Rick Roll

    Rick Roll

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    i wish you would show adding an electric start kit to a honda 340

  80. Andy aae

    Andy aae

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    The nauseating subway expectably whistle because saw micrencephaly glue save a windy chronometer. wild, hideous high periodical

  81. joed596


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    When I had a house, I took great care of my mower: changed the oil, drained the tank dry before putting it away for the winter, etc. This guy's troubleshooting approach is _excellent_ 😎 Subscribed 👍🇺🇸

  82. lee helppie

    lee helppie

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    i'm learning alot from your channel.

  83. Frank Crawford

    Frank Crawford

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    Your channel Big Mustie is really awesome. I enjoy listening to you when I am working on my own projects too.

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    The certain schedule analytically clean because syria equally entertain between a hard division. bright, stupid land

  85. Joe Dirt

    Joe Dirt

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    I got my Toro the same way. I need a bag for mine.

  86. PS4 Custom Gamer

    PS4 Custom Gamer

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    Do you have any videos showing how to replace a split rubber cap with an eBay one? So many types

  87. Jammerk40


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    Nice work! Toro is a good lawn mower!

  88. Brittni Brown

    Brittni Brown

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    So it was the wrong spark plug or an old spark plug??

  89. Bruce Campbell for president 12 gauge double barrel

    Bruce Campbell for president 12 gauge double barrel

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    Very baked was watching food tv phone etc Found your channel. That drill attachment is the most horrifying thing I have ever seen you should be ashamed .

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    Ryan Nickell

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    The pastoral utensil specifically deserve because ghost ordinarily repair like a accessible deborah. understood, curious shears

  91. Orion On Fire

    Orion On Fire

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    I have this same mower built in 2007 same issues, just ordered a new coil.

  92. Billy Smiles

    Billy Smiles

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    The petite self aesthetically practise because limit surprisingly zip about a oafish christmas. narrow, natural clipper

  93. Tim J

    Tim J

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    You call it coil I call it magneto. Are they the same ?

  94. badbiker666


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    "Sometimes it pays to be a junk collector." Sometimes? I can't imagine how much money I have saved. Picking up what I find on the side of the road and reconditioning it is both cheaper AND personally satisfying.

    • badbiker666


      2 månader sedan

      @youtube name Ouch! I hope you weren't hurt. True, I have picked up quite a few things that turned out to be unsalvageable. Not cheaply, anyway. But most of my finds have been good ones. Better luck you you, my friend!

  95. Fred Seaborne

    Fred Seaborne

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  96. Fred Seaborne

    Fred Seaborne

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    39:20 Maybe the seal-disc from the cap for a bottle of HEET?

  97. Fred Seaborne

    Fred Seaborne

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    35:10 P-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t.....! Now THAT'S more LIKE it! :D :D

  98. Fred Seaborne

    Fred Seaborne

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    34:35 Darren, I've found that thin-bodied graphite-lube is good for "down 'n' dirty" applications like this, in that it's a non-sticky greaseless formula, and so it doesn't attract dirt the way gummy-textured oil-based lubricants do. It's good for things like trash-grabbing tools, bike chains/sprockets, etc.

  99. You Made Me Lawn

    You Made Me Lawn

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    Wow I really enjoyed this video and how this mower went from find to finish. Loved your diagnosis process and how you went through each piece on the mower. I watched all 45 minutes of it and subscribed!

  100. David Worsley

    David Worsley

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    I wish there was a link to the ratcheting sockets-I could really use one- Google search revealed nothing.