1990 Bass Boat. Can We Fix It?

I was contacted by a subscriber Ken who had this 1990 bass tracker boat, it had not been used for a long time and he did not want to see it go to waist. so he sold it to us on the cheap to make some videos on it. lets see what has failed and what its going to take getting it water ready.


  1. vmx445


    Dag sedan

    mix you gas that oiler will fail

  2. Clayton Mundy

    Clayton Mundy

    Dag sedan

    Cool old boat

  3. Dave Halcomb

    Dave Halcomb

    3 dagar sedan

    Just sold exactly the same boat, had a Johnson 150

  4. Tamica Phillippy

    Tamica Phillippy

    3 dagar sedan

    The painful rub unfortunately offend because sword thankfully note via a crowded anime. parallel, wooden kitten

  5. Bman Kelly

    Bman Kelly

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    Put your new plugs in an blow all of the rat nest a shit and put new gas ond oil in her with ur water and stay off your wires and she sounds good and I think you have a nice motor on her keep us posted and wash you hands good and wear GLOVE'S NUCKELHEAD!!!

  6. Bman Kelly

    Bman Kelly

    3 dagar sedan

    Get some gloves on the next time are you'll have rat's reserves and someone will have to pee on your hands to Cure them!!! lol

  7. Thomas Accuntius

    Thomas Accuntius

    4 dagar sedan

    Why didn't you turn the faucet on to drain the water tank?

  8. Andrew Cira

    Andrew Cira

    6 dagar sedan

    Great video! If you want to learn about boat maintenance, this is the video for you. It is long but provides much detail. I purchased a 1988 Bayliner Bass Trophy boat last year, it was well kept, runs fine, nothing fancy. Just want to learn how to maintain it. Thanks for sharing!!!

  9. Terry Smith

    Terry Smith

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  10. Bradly Maire

    Bradly Maire

    6 dagar sedan

    I’ve always put oil in my tank even if it’s oil injected because that’s the first thing that goes bad

  11. Christian Gillis

    Christian Gillis

    7 dagar sedan

    Cranking with no muffs..... Asking for trouble

  12. Guilty Pleasures

    Guilty Pleasures

    7 dagar sedan

    Of course you can fix it! Just Bust Out Another Thousand!

  13. A Johnson

    A Johnson

    8 dagar sedan

    Very interesting … cool seeing you problem solve the resurrection of that boat!

  14. tunadavis2787


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    God bless him

  15. Rowdy Broomstick

    Rowdy Broomstick

    9 dagar sedan

    The front and console anchor light have to be in matching position's or one will cancel the other one out

  16. Nestor Lugo

    Nestor Lugo

    10 dagar sedan

    Those things are repulsive

  17. Julius Green

    Julius Green

    10 dagar sedan

    He’s asking to many questions take the boat

  18. G W

    G W

    11 dagar sedan

    And just saw you using bleach on bilge area but bleach really eats wiring up so a lot of times with a boat this old its best to relace ALL wiring. Its a extra expense and some extra time but would really been wishing you did when getting stuck on the lake

  19. G W

    G W

    11 dagar sedan

    Best stuff I ever used is the evenrude injector clean and it has the cleaning port on the motor and that stuff really worked great for cleaning and storage pickling . Havent had a boat in a few years and not sure if they even make it anymore. And with 4 strokes coming out not sure if people even use it

  20. jacob whitt

    jacob whitt

    12 dagar sedan

    I just sold my 1989 1800fs ,(converted to a full deck) in southern az, wish I could have kept it but I bought it 2 month ago from the original owner, he had a picture of him and his son in a car seat sitting on the deck. His sons now a grown man with a family of his own. had a 115 on it and one of the best taken care of 32 year old boats I’d ever seen.

  21. Dwight Carlson

    Dwight Carlson

    12 dagar sedan

    another great success. One thought is that you could have made one or two temporary pins to insert to prevent the motor from dropping but your method worked fine so ......

  22. Len Pytlewski

    Len Pytlewski

    13 dagar sedan

    Dry starting isn't good, better price a new impeller kit..lol.

  23. Patrick PK

    Patrick PK

    13 dagar sedan

    waste not waist

  24. Jacktheprepper


    16 dagar sedan

    looks good for being 31 years old.

  25. Eugene Johnson

    Eugene Johnson

    16 dagar sedan

    How much did you pay for it

  26. Eugene Johnson

    Eugene Johnson

    16 dagar sedan

    Is it for sale

  27. Iron man K955

    Iron man K955

    16 dagar sedan

    Mine was better tho. Forward seats and dual console

  28. Iron man K955

    Iron man K955

    16 dagar sedan

    I had the same boat. Mercury 150 black max.

  29. VW MountainMan

    VW MountainMan

    17 dagar sedan

    Kept thinking about this boat. If I remember right - this boat was like Top of the Line !!!! It was THE BOAT to have. My step dad ended up with a race boat of very similar design w/ the same Merc 150 - anyway nice work.

  30. VW MountainMan

    VW MountainMan

    18 dagar sedan

    Been awhile since I've watched ur videos. Life has a way of taking over at times. I've not posted a video myself for awhile. Excellent work by the way. Mr. M. Fix-it !!!! I've been thinking of getting a boat in the next year so I thought I would check out afew videos. Low & behold - Mustie 1 is don't a fixer upper !!!

  31. FourDollaRacing


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  32. ObahhTV


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    Nice video , loved it

  33. jalbert222


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    Take it to the dump.

  34. BadlyDubbed


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  35. Josh Enoch

    Josh Enoch

    19 dagar sedan

    Mustie please never trust that oiling system as you could see someone was already premixing their fuel 1 part oil to 50 parts gas is the mix I’m pretty sure it’s been years but I had that exact motor! Also 100% gas no junk they want us putting in our vehicles these days it will run on it but will not like you very much and might punish you by leaving you stranded on the water lol

  36. Kevin


    19 dagar sedan

    Lesson #1: Run the mice out BEFORE you bring it home. LOL

  37. Stone Object

    Stone Object

    20 dagar sedan

    dude you said it was a gun brush wheres the rods that connect together to put that brush down the barrel of the shotgun ? put that together and into the chuck of the drill........and presto clean barrel or worse case scenario find a set of mini hone stones. ive seen em that small good luck enjoy the show and learn thanx

    • Stone Object

      Stone Object

      20 dagar sedan

      woulda love to see if those machines on the side of the road what happened to them did you snag them or pass ?

  38. Roger Hockemier

    Roger Hockemier

    20 dagar sedan

    Well there went the water pump don't start with out water hooked up or in a body of water you will smoke your water pump

  39. 82gamerprincess


    20 dagar sedan

    Sitting around for 11 years is boat talk for… Well then…time to take everything apart! 😁 Also I have never seen gas that hideous before 🤢. It’s like it somehow figured how to grow algae which I didn’t know could happen in gas but it would explain its odd green hue and chunky nature.

  40. Gregg Schulz

    Gregg Schulz

    20 dagar sedan

    Forget to close the windows on the truck? Hope no water got inside it.

  41. Darth Goggins

    Darth Goggins

    21 dag sedan

    Yep you gotta grease that rod real good.

  42. Jared Burns

    Jared Burns

    21 dag sedan

    I loved your video on how you attacked going through the project cause I too got a boat that was unused for 10 yrs cause I wasn't quite sure where to begin but you took the guessing out for me. You should make more videos like this. Thanks it was one of the best videos I ve seen.

  43. Brandon Hebert

    Brandon Hebert

    21 dag sedan

    Why are you running it at 21:15 without water?

  44. William T. Musil

    William T. Musil

    21 dag sedan


  45. pieman12345678987654


    22 dagar sedan

    I have a model of that exact boat. Not joking. Same color scheme and everything. Wish I could show you a picture.

  46. Mike Kochanski

    Mike Kochanski

    22 dagar sedan

    Remove the oil injection and premix it. The motor will last forever if u do. Oil injection on those are probe to failure and then BOOM

  47. Gary's Garage

    Gary's Garage

    23 dagar sedan

    Thats was the most stuck I've ever seen.

  48. murphysdad2


    23 dagar sedan

    Looks like the previous owner believed in a safety net.....premix oil and don't trust older auto injection oiling system.

  49. David Dailey

    David Dailey

    23 dagar sedan

    Throw hydraulic steering on that bad boy.

  50. Ferdinandsits


    24 dagar sedan

    Nice boat!

  51. 100Jeanluc


    24 dagar sedan

    all things mechanical dont understand human brute force and ignorance. lol.

  52. Dwayne Silzer

    Dwayne Silzer

    24 dagar sedan

    Well now that you cranked it over with no water going to the engine you just screwed up the water pump so now you can put a water pump into it everybody knows you don't crank it over without it being in the water or water supply

  53. shawn mattson

    shawn mattson

    24 dagar sedan

    That's a pretty cool video. How much did you pay for the boat?

  54. Nickel Hound

    Nickel Hound

    25 dagar sedan

    Green gas... that's a new one on me.

  55. mike tamburino

    mike tamburino

    25 dagar sedan

    IF you have a outboard with mice under the cover . Never crank it or start it with out removing air BOX check for nest . To avoid sucking nest in the reeds .

  56. David Leslie

    David Leslie

    26 dagar sedan

    I have a 1987 Astroglass Fish and Ski w/a 115hp Suzuki, It hasn't been started in 20 years. It has is being reapplossered right now and next week I'm going to fire it up.

  57. ii Pyrex CO.

    ii Pyrex CO.

    27 dagar sedan

    I live on Winni

  58. Texoma LakeRat

    Texoma LakeRat

    27 dagar sedan

    grease is not the best lubricant for a steering cable......trust me I know. the grease hardens up, holds dirt and causes the cable to bind up eventually. That boat has been well taken care of for its age. Nice project

  59. Peter Blanch

    Peter Blanch

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  60. HaroMotive


    28 dagar sedan

    I loved every minute of this ! Still have another 30 min to go 😁

  61. David Bayse

    David Bayse

    28 dagar sedan

    Heck yeah really enjoyed this video. Super fun project and so remember those older mercury.

  62. Foxtrap


    28 dagar sedan

    If you run that motor without cooling water going through the system, you will destroy the water ,pump in the lower unit. It is the pump in the lower unit that supplies coolant ,to the engine proper.

  63. Bdady74


    28 dagar sedan

    Pretty cool

  64. goget'em188


    28 dagar sedan

    HI BOYS WOW AUSTRALIA HERE I THOUGHT THAT WAS SANTA FOR A SEC LOL nice bones re-wire it youll always have bs if ya dont change all the wires mice chew everything

  65. Kevin Simpson

    Kevin Simpson

    29 dagar sedan

    Great video - looking forward to the next instalment. 👍🏻👌🏻

  66. pauld5530


    29 dagar sedan

    LOL. Pull start. I had the same motor for years on a boat and was always amused at the pull start cord in the bag inside the cover. Yea, like I’m gonna pull start a 150 V6 😵LOL

  67. Michael Munday

    Michael Munday

    Månad sedan

    Why you scream like little girl 🙃

  68. Daniel Bockstahler

    Daniel Bockstahler

    Månad sedan

    That was a great video I learned a lot keep them coming.

  69. David Mollard

    David Mollard

    Månad sedan

    The boat was registered a long way from new Hampshire

  70. captainjerk


    Månad sedan

    There's a type of brush called a pencil brush. They come in drill sizes, and rotary tool sizes as well.

  71. Devonte Foreman

    Devonte Foreman

    Månad sedan

    I would have put that cylinder in a vise and blasted it with the pressure washer.

  72. Gypsy Landman

    Gypsy Landman

    Månad sedan

    NICE COUGAR MAN!!! Sadly... My pop is selling his 70 XR7

  73. finpainter1


    Månad sedan

    Mud dobers probably have the water out lets plugged up. nice project.

  74. Butch Nowak

    Butch Nowak

    Månad sedan

    Short answer, yes. Next

  75. Mak Dee

    Mak Dee

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  76. Imold


    Månad sedan

    That’s almost identical to my 330v Ranger.

  77. GavinSixNine


    Månad sedan

    Wtf i have the same boat sitting in my driveway waiting to be fixed up

  78. Thomas VanHorsen

    Thomas VanHorsen

    Månad sedan

    What kind of oil did you used to put on the starter ? Would WD40 work too?

  79. Rick Snowden

    Rick Snowden

    Månad sedan

    Great video, been there and done that, if you have to replace parts OEM only, cdi, sierra junk.

  80. Rick Snowden

    Rick Snowden

    Månad sedan

    Sawzall and hydraulic steering

  81. Rick Snowden

    Rick Snowden

    Månad sedan

    Must have a service manual, quicksilver oil works off of crankcase pressure to fill tank.

  82. Rick Snowden

    Rick Snowden

    Månad sedan

    Did the same to a 180 B Procraft, Lotta hours sanding and buffing, outfitted wit A 2.5 200 effect merc, fully rebuilt.

  83. Tin Man

    Tin Man

    Månad sedan

    Great video I enjoyed it thanks

  84. Tin Man

    Tin Man

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    Did Santa Claus move to New England

  85. Josh Starr VanHoose

    Josh Starr VanHoose

    Månad sedan

    Sweet find?? For sale?

  86. Matt JaxDad

    Matt JaxDad

    Månad sedan

    I just knew it, at 31:56 he mentions boats n hoes!!!🤣

  87. redski1960 clayton

    redski1960 clayton

    Månad sedan

    Nice find, NH resident here too, hope to see you on the Winnie some day?

  88. worminizer1


    Månad sedan

    I had the same exact boat in blue about 20 years ago. Loved it. Mine had a Johnson 120 on it.

  89. jorge fernandez

    jorge fernandez

    Månad sedan

    You did a great job on that steering cable! It may be a long shot, but why don't you drill that hole with the grease fitting all the way through to where the steering cable goes so you can live both moving parts at the same time.

  90. Donald Franklin

    Donald Franklin

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  91. Plissken's Run

    Plissken's Run

    Månad sedan

    Someone sounds Hungry lol

  92. Robin Wells

    Robin Wells

    Månad sedan

    Here in the uk I only have 15HP on my fishing boat! Just a tenth of yours. I can still plane four up though. Glad you have the trolling motor because it will be tricky going slow enough with 150hp on tap. 😉. Me! Envious! Never!

  93. ExtremeWeather247


    Månad sedan

    Mustie1 is an outstanding gentleman. I’ve bought, repaired, and then would restore bikes, dirt bikes, old racing Fourwheelers, and cars. Would get in trouble for how many items I had for sell in my empty lot by the city saying I needed a permit in my own lot. I would always include the original owners to show them and let them know that I would let them ride in it or see it once it was restored. The joy on those peoples faces were always my favorite. Loved it. With the prices of bikes, and junk cars going sky high I have to be very picky on them. In my area you see old junk and if you don’t jump on it right then and there someone else will. I would love to live in Musties area. I’ve been watching him since the beginning of his shows and glad to see he’s still doing it.

  94. Bit Squirrel

    Bit Squirrel

    Månad sedan

    you can always fix it lol just depends on how much money youre willing to throw at it...

  95. 8bert9


    Månad sedan

    The previous owner really to great care of that bass boat!

  96. Dwide Shrude

    Dwide Shrude

    Månad sedan

    That's a stellar boat. nice find man! That 150 mercury kicks ass.

  97. Terry Collier

    Terry Collier

    Månad sedan

    Better pack the wheel bearings on the boat trailer .

  98. Kendall Crosson

    Kendall Crosson

    Månad sedan

    Go buy some zep from Lowe’s. they make a certain kind just for cleaning boats and it works miracles. That’s what I’ve used to clean multiple boats and it’s taken a 6 hour job and made it a 2 hour job

  99. mike dotson

    mike dotson

    Månad sedan

    They make remote start buttons so u don't have to go to tge helm. Just something to look in to for the future !

  100. Gopro Alex

    Gopro Alex

    Månad sedan

    Big fan been watching for awhile but want to help you out. I’m an outboard mechanic and couldn’t help cringe at 24:24 your sprayed high pressure water directly in the airbox. wouldn’t be surprised if some went into the carbs. Also when trying to start in the garage, should definitely had it cranking with water hooked up or in a bucket. Doesn’t take long at all to burn up an impeller. Thanks for making cool videos tho!