Barn Pick Toolbox From A Factory

subscriber John reached to me. he is cleaning out a property that is in his family. while checking out an old truck and a outboard, this toolbox was up for grabs, lets drag it home and see what is in it. special thanks to john and john,


  1. Mustie1


    Månad sedan

    Hi guys, a bit of said news, this is the last clip of lilly as she passed away sat, after 16 years with us, She suffered from seizures pretty bad to the point she could not drink or eat, meds helped for a while. its been tuff as we do not have kids. loved our baby girl,

    • Mick Jabber

      Mick Jabber

      Månad sedan

      I'm sorry for your loss. I loved seeing her in your videos. Such a gentle, friendly dog.

    • tchads57


      Månad sedan

      So sorry to hear about Lilly. All pets, especially dogs, show unconditional love and acceptance of you as you are. Makes me wish some people were more like dogs.

    • lorijohn101


      Månad sedan

      Sorry to hear that.

    • John Ghatti

      John Ghatti

      Månad sedan

      Sorry to hear that. I know I enjoy having my pal around when I work on something.

    • weehelen1


      Månad sedan

      Aw, we all love Lilly. Sorry to hear your news. Sending love from Scotland x

  2. Wayne Goebel

    Wayne Goebel

    3 dagar sedan

    In the "Over-flow" of odd-balls, the blue tool there is for working on slate roofs. It's used to remove nails by sliding it under the edge of the slate tile, hooking it around a nail shaft then hitting it with a hammer on the angled part while you hold the short round part to shear the nail off. Sorry to hear about Lily.. my condolences.

  3. George Thomas

    George Thomas

    4 dagar sedan

    Maybe you can do some weekend stuff out of the old shop and make videos for us to watch. like once a week have a day in the shop working on stuff from around the house. would be cool to see ya working from there again sometimes

  4. MetalWorks Machine Shop

    MetalWorks Machine Shop

    5 dagar sedan

    14:20 soft jaw for your vise

  5. العراق الترفيهية

    العراق الترفيهية

    12 dagar sedan

    good good

  6. Brian F

    Brian F

    13 dagar sedan

    That is a nice Kubota!

  7. Wiley CoyoteSr

    Wiley CoyoteSr

    13 dagar sedan

    The mice condo's are behind the drawers.

  8. Aaron Johnson

    Aaron Johnson

    16 dagar sedan

    The guy tells mustie it might not work. Lol

  9. dkdj5


    17 dagar sedan

    Sorry for you loss.

  10. Don Duck

    Don Duck

    18 dagar sedan

    i have a master key for that best lock i have a lot of those same tools ...that blue ideal gripper is for gripping fish tape not for pulling romex thrue pipe...which is a code violation

  11. Don Duck

    Don Duck

    18 dagar sedan

    came from lucent tech it looks like

  12. Ronin


    20 dagar sedan

    i was literally holding my breath when you took the weight of it with the tractor and those locking bars were bending out 😬

  13. Jeff Riesselman

    Jeff Riesselman

    20 dagar sedan

    Pull out the drawers out. There is probably more tools that fell out.

  14. watahyahknow


    21 dag sedan

    nice find on the toolbox , having my eye on a new one and its about 800 to 900 dollar

  15. daniel largey

    daniel largey

    22 dagar sedan

    Sunex 6 point impact set , the pearl in that oyster. Have a set since the mid-eighties..

  16. Graham UK

    Graham UK

    25 dagar sedan

    Sorry for your family's loss Darren. May time help heal your pain and allow the wonderful memories to come shining through. RIP Lilly ❤️

  17. Ed O'Neill

    Ed O'Neill

    26 dagar sedan

    cool to get the free box. Too bad every single thing in it was junk except the OG Unibit.

  18. CAR MAC 1

    CAR MAC 1

    28 dagar sedan

    Maglight 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  19. roderick macgregor

    roderick macgregor

    29 dagar sedan

    Awe mate soo sorry to hear of lillys passing she was a lovely old girl. Just saw ur comment was going to say about the “wooflu” but its muted now thoughts are with you and urs Per Ardua

  20. TWLML420


    Månad sedan

    Durex vice? I believe I've seen condoms branded Durex in my highschool days in the late 90's LOL.

  21. TWLML420


    Månad sedan

    That was a sweet de-burring tool tho...

  22. SingleCab Steve

    SingleCab Steve

    Månad sedan

    @ :44 Radio is out of a '68-'70+ Beetle/Bus

  23. Joes rust buckets

    Joes rust buckets

    Månad sedan

    so sorry to hear about lilly, its realy tuff when they get really old, our cloudy was 17 a little deaf a little blind and heart problems as well, will miss him forever, lovely to see the shed. blessings from Ireland

  24. BilgemasterBill


    Månad sedan

    That was an interesting insight into your better organization than mine. Thanks!

  25. Chris Groner

    Chris Groner

    Månad sedan

    Sorry for your loss, she will always be with you!

  26. incub8


    Månad sedan

    Every time I see the thumbnail of this video, I keep thinking it's a mid-'80s Ferrari 308 GTS. I guess I need to get new glasses.

  27. Ed big truck

    Ed big truck

    Månad sedan

    Sun ex are decent sockets for Chinese made.

  28. Rick Rose

    Rick Rose

    Månad sedan

    Sorry to hear about Lilly. Sixteen years is a good run for a furry friend, but that doesn't make it any easier.

  29. Sidney's dad

    Sidney's dad

    Månad sedan

    Going through a newly acquired tool box is better than Christmas, I really enjoyed this,tks

  30. Indiana Brandon

    Indiana Brandon

    Månad sedan

    I love hearing ppl say “oh it’s not harbor freight” I’ve seen HF competing & or beating better known tool company’s for awhile now just saying… & of course this is just my opinion as a maintenance millwrite in a large iron foundry.. I have plenty of HF tools as well as Wright, Porto, SK, & so on.. HF is a better tool than what some ppl give them credit for.. but good score on the TB snag!

  31. Timo Terror

    Timo Terror

    Månad sedan

    The blue "ideal" thing is a tool for pulling cables with a glasfiber spiral - it´s hard (hurts) to pull it just by hand

  32. Light Mechanic

    Light Mechanic

    Månad sedan

    Mustie, 50 bucks is 50 bucks! There was a time the snow blower would have been gold for you. Maybe fix that shit up for people in a bind? We might be seeing lots of that in the next couple yrs.

  33. David Tonks

    David Tonks

    Månad sedan

    All dogs are heartbreakers - their only fault, really....

  34. M Gomez

    M Gomez

    Månad sedan

    How old is your dog? Seems like a good doggy.

  35. Bob Sheldon Sr

    Bob Sheldon Sr

    Månad sedan

    So sorry to hear of your doggie passing away !!

  36. Bob Sheldon Sr

    Bob Sheldon Sr

    Månad sedan

    What brand name and how big is your ultrasonic Cleaner if you don't mind me asking ? I want to get one for my shop.

  37. Andrew Peterson

    Andrew Peterson

    Månad sedan

    I’ve got that same outboard. Great engines

  38. Todd Omicioli

    Todd Omicioli

    Månad sedan

    unibit is irwin... the original step bit

  39. Enrique Lopez

    Enrique Lopez

    Månad sedan

    Sorry for your loss, 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻I think you should get that stash, you have Jared with the Volkswagen projects, you work on mostly fixing tractors ,ATV's ,among many other freebies you find,

  40. Remote Broadcast

    Remote Broadcast

    Månad sedan

    New to your channel, sorry to read about your dog, they're never easy to lose, especially a great one. You had me sweating seeing you run that de-burring knife up and down your finger, those things will lay you open, quick like! Ask me how I know! 😉

  41. joseph l Walls sr

    joseph l Walls sr

    Månad sedan

    I remember your amphibious vehicle! Electric motor, perfect.

  42. joseph l Walls sr

    joseph l Walls sr

    Månad sedan

    Sorry for loss.Lilly was a faithful 🐕 dog.

  43. joseph l Walls sr

    joseph l Walls sr

    Månad sedan

    The great picks!Not bad!Thank you for sharing!

    • joseph l Walls sr

      joseph l Walls sr

      Månad sedan

      Sorry for your loss! Lilly was a faithful , dog!

  44. Jborgeso


    Månad sedan

    Sorry for your loss bud.

  45. ThAtDudeInBlAcK


    Månad sedan

    Is thatba Yamaha tw-200?

    • ThAtDudeInBlAcK


      Månad sedan

      @Mustie1 I've heard that they are pretty great. I love the fat tire on the back of those lol

    • Mustie1


      Månad sedan

      it is, there great bikes

  46. William T. Musil

    William T. Musil

    Månad sedan


  47. Paul Lightfoot

    Paul Lightfoot

    Månad sedan

    So sorry about Lilly, Have watched her a long time on your videos. I have 2 dogs 15 and 16 and they are our babies.

  48. Gavin1130


    Månad sedan

    With his long white hair, I can’t help but think of doc from back to the future. It be fair to say he’s something of a mad scientist, in his own right! That or a magician/wizard, bringing stuff back to life. LoL

  49. Carl Darlington

    Carl Darlington

    Månad sedan

    Unibit is from Irwin. I use those in stainless steel all the time. Good bits.

  50. david beauchene

    david beauchene

    Månad sedan

    Reminds me of my tool box nothing organized but it holds the tools

  51. Steve


    Månad sedan

    Sorry to hear about Lilly.

  52. John Wright

    John Wright

    Månad sedan

    So sorry about Lilly. Go get another from a shelter. You will feel better. All my best friends have been rescue's.

  53. Steve Colwill

    Steve Colwill

    Månad sedan

    Nice one Mustie, but bet you still can’t find the 10mm socket/wrench! 🤣

  54. TheBookaroo


    Månad sedan

    Nice "Dirt" bike ;-)

  55. me toon

    me toon

    Månad sedan

    Here is the name of Mustie 1 's first video; Lilly is in the water playing ! ;)) 10 years ago! " Weekend camping at oquossuc maine"

  56. Steve Miller

    Steve Miller

    Månad sedan

    For some reason SE-one wouldn't let me add a reply to your sad news about Lilly so I'm adding this comment. It's terrible losing a pet, for those of us that don't have children they are our kids. The worst thing is having to put your pet down, I hated being the one to decide today is the day you die, I know when it's time it's time, but still very hard. Condolences to you and your wife Mustie1

  57. Sleepy Ancient

    Sleepy Ancient

    Månad sedan

    Some advice for making small toolboxes do more work: Get some foam mat/tiles/etc. that fits the drawer and use a scalpel to cut out the shape of each tool in the position and orientation it takes up the least space. Larger tools may need some extra foam glued on as risers. This is great for wrenches, ratchets, certain pliers, and the shorter ratchet extensions. Socket holders (like the ones in the stash shown in this video) are great for storing sockets vertically in a slightly drawer. Some plywood, hooks, and coat hanger/wire can be used to create a screwdriver holder/long socket extension holder that hangs off the side of a toolbox. Keep in mind, not everything will need a specific slot, so test out what you will and won't need. For example: the drawer dedicated to sockets, if you're already using a space efficient socket holder (like the aforementioned ones) you won't need any kind of mat, as that will likely reduce available space. It takes a few hours to layout and cut out the foam, and you will load and unload your toolbox a few times, but it's totally worth it if you don't have the money or space. I think I managed to double or triple the amount of tools I fit into mine without losing quick accessibility to anything.

  58. mvfd1224


    Månad sedan

    I'm looking forward to the yard sales this year with all the failed hobbies during the wuflu

  59. Teddy Pilny

    Teddy Pilny

    Månad sedan

    Just backup and hit the brakes really fast!

  60. Deric Kettel

    Deric Kettel

    Månad sedan

    I spy with my little eye a TW 200 Nice!

  61. Dallas Donnelly

    Dallas Donnelly

    Månad sedan

    Thanks for the tip on masking plus microwave, Gold !

  62. Dyana Mullican

    Dyana Mullican

    Månad sedan

    Wish we could have been there for tools.

  63. Dyana Mullican

    Dyana Mullican

    Månad sedan

    so sorry about Lilly. She no longer has to suffer any more. She has crossed that rainbow bridge . She will always be in your heart.

  64. John Frahm

    John Frahm

    Månad sedan

    Ideal are soft jaws for your vise.

  65. ktanner11


    Månad sedan

    Sunex makes some very good impact sockets I've had some for years they were my dads he worked in a shop 5 days a week. He bought them off the tool truck

  66. TW Scrap

    TW Scrap

    Månad sedan

    Wu flu? Seriously?

  67. N. Tromb

    N. Tromb

    Månad sedan

    Some videos as always but don’t feed your dog chocolate of any type

  68. Stoney3K


    Månad sedan

    Looks like the flux core would be a perfect fit for that swing-door section on the right of the old stainless cart. Open the door, take out the torch, and weld. Machine can stay where it is.

  69. Toothy84


    Månad sedan

    This reminds me I really need to sort out my tool box just got tools everywhere and sorry for your lost never easy to lose a fur baby

  70. Stoney3K


    Månad sedan

    But the most important question is of course... will it run? Does it need a carb clean with the ultrasonic or just some new plugs?

  71. th call

    th call

    Månad sedan

    Sorry for your loss. I saw what I think is a Sears shop Vac. I had mine over 25 years. I’ve only had to replace the brushes, switch & a couple of filters. Important tool to have in the shop.

  72. Tom Dalton

    Tom Dalton

    Månad sedan

    Laid that box over... Stupidest thing I've seen.

  73. tony barkdull

    tony barkdull

    Månad sedan

    Check behind those bottom drawers!

  74. tony barkdull

    tony barkdull

    Månad sedan

    Front left tire on you tractor looks a little low on air.

  75. haywoodyoudome


    Månad sedan

    Good to see doggo make an appearance.

  76. TheMattbrownbill


    Månad sedan

    In the UK, Durex make condoms, I see why AvE says keep your dick in a vice....

  77. Josh Schneider

    Josh Schneider

    Månad sedan

    That funky pair of scissors is for shearing tiny parts of a sheep's wool off after cutting away the full mat of material from their torso

  78. Josh Schneider

    Josh Schneider

    Månad sedan

    7:44 Alfa romeo¿

  79. Josh Schneider

    Josh Schneider

    Månad sedan

    I would definitely take those wood storage totes with the label inserts f ya go back there

  80. gmcnewlook


    Månad sedan

    “Time to some sketchy shit….. do dah do dah….”

  81. Donald Duncan

    Donald Duncan

    Månad sedan

    Score on the welders hood .

  82. Richard Bohling Sr

    Richard Bohling Sr

    Månad sedan

    Nice finds in the motors and tool box.

  83. Paul Hailey

    Paul Hailey

    Månad sedan

    You can easily load a Toolbox full of tools by yourself when you remove all the drawers and then reinstall them for the ride LOCKED

  84. terryclotf


    Månad sedan

    sell those wooden drawers for pretty penny

  85. Chalks October

    Chalks October

    Månad sedan

    I like those zebra print liners.

  86. Robert Kasel

    Robert Kasel

    Månad sedan

    I like your trike!!!

  87. Frank Ruiz Jr

    Frank Ruiz Jr

    Månad sedan

    The shop where Crusty was reborn

  88. Donald Puetz

    Donald Puetz

    Månad sedan

    Just went through the same thing three weeks ago. Our Poodle suffered from seizures starting around his second B-day. With us for 13 plus years. Sorry for Lily's loss. People who don't have pets don't understand the grief that comes with their loss.

  89. Gene Nich

    Gene Nich

    Månad sedan

    When SE-one continues to recommend when I have said do not recommend I will continue to downvote every video that appears on my screen.

  90. SuperAgentman007


    Månad sedan

    That toolbox kind of looks a little too new to be sitting in a factory for years no rust water or Moisture damage even the wheels look a little too new specially for a snap on

  91. Mark Harris

    Mark Harris

    Månad sedan

    Now I know why you Americans drive on the wrong side of the road! You thought you were driving on the left all along! Great find, I’m sure many watching are pretty envious. There was a rather eclectic mix of tools in it, much like mine but I’m just a hobbyist dabbler. It looked like you had someone’s working life there with the clock and welding helmet.

  92. Shawn Beckmann1

    Shawn Beckmann1

    Månad sedan

    From a distance looking at that thumbnail picture Mustie it looks like you're trying to open the hood on a Ferrari or something LOL

  93. originalzo


    Månad sedan

    Why is this facinating?

  94. John Jaco

    John Jaco

    Månad sedan

    Put it on Craigslist you might have to only pay somebody $50 to drag it off😂😂😂😂😂😂😂looks like Chinese junk

  95. David Bumpus

    David Bumpus

    Månad sedan

    If only I had half the space you do...

  96. Mike Muzzell

    Mike Muzzell

    Månad sedan

    Those liners had you fooled about the mouse house.

  97. Zundfolge1432


    Månad sedan

    that moment when behind the street sweeper you see a car they are selling or giving away just like musties......ohhh nevermind lol..........its his car!!!!!!!!1111lol

  98. Edward Sabo

    Edward Sabo

    Månad sedan

    The Doc Brown look from Back To The Future suits you.

  99. Zundfolge1432


    Månad sedan

    oh wow......loved that lab as well. I was raised on black labs......very tame family dogs. Sad to hear this news

  100. Zundfolge1432


    Månad sedan

    I did not know you stil had the red karmannghia. Isnt that the one that you fixed rust and the engine?