MY 1959 VW Patina Truck is leaving me,

I built this truck 10ish years ago and has been a great truck for me but nothing is forever so its time for crusty to have a new home, but l have a replacement in the works,


  1. Kimdino1


    2 dagar sedan

    Mustie, you can't sell Crusty! Crusty is like a faithful old horse who has looked after you for years and become one of the family And then, because you got a new tractor, you sell your faithful old friend to the dogfood factory. Totally immoral and heartless! Not right, you should be ashamed of yourself. *Spoiler * Ya' got me, ya b*st**d ;) When you revealed that you aren't really getting rid of it. Just lending it out so it can be a star in a show. Now, that is nice. Good ole Crusty.

  2. Carl Drexler

    Carl Drexler

    2 dagar sedan

    I restored bmx bikes and found plenty of x bikes in original condition. Too many people haggle and traded. Some sells or trades I regretted most were to people that had to strip and restore the bikes to basically "flip" later. Bikes and cars, anything is original only once. Seeing the old VW go to a museum and stay the way you built it is really nice!

  3. FunkyMarcel


    3 dagar sedan

    I enjoy your posts BUT,,,,it's RUST ....... sheet metal does NOT patina, it rots.....just a pet peeve of mine

  4. Jack Mcmillan

    Jack Mcmillan

    3 dagar sedan

    Ps. I dont read your comments . Just watch the videos

  5. Escape Velocity

    Escape Velocity

    3 dagar sedan

    Thanks for sharing the story behind this awesome VW.

  6. Jack Mcmillan

    Jack Mcmillan

    3 dagar sedan

    I hope you see this comment Darren. I can relate to what you were saying. I know it was hard to put into words. Great video. You are one of my favorite channels now. I have an uncle that is just like you and I pick his brain every chance I get. I have so much respect for him and all that he has taught me. I hope everyone on this channel realizes what you are doing and respects it. You are genuine and deserve a ton of respect. Thank you!

  7. Digital Maker Marketing

    Digital Maker Marketing

    6 dagar sedan

    Sad, I love that thing.

  8. Jdeft Defrost

    Jdeft Defrost

    7 dagar sedan

    I hope they have diapers under that thing... Love it!!

  9. Curtis Roberts

    Curtis Roberts

    9 dagar sedan

    I had a friend pass away who had helped me learn to ride motorcycles shortly after he taught me. His brother gave me the bike he rode and I put 2500 miles on it and I've had nothing but mechanical issues with it since. It sucks. I just want to ride but I have to ride a different bike. I definitely get you attachment to crusty.

  10. Fred Richardson

    Fred Richardson

    9 dagar sedan

    That is such a cool old truck and an amazing restoration / renovation job. I can only imagine how hard it must be to let go of - but I know how everything has it's time. Love the winch cover - very cool idea. The whole truck is just awesome and has a really amazing look! So sorry you have to let 'er go...

  11. kai The ramp truck man

    kai The ramp truck man

    10 dagar sedan

    Where is it again? I’m heading through and want to visit

  12. MiKeeGee1949


    11 dagar sedan

    I'M feeling weird,for the name that you gave your Volkswagen,is the Nickname that I was given to me at the grand age 14 years old,67years ago,man I've aged well.I like the name you christened the pickup.👍👌

  13. John Stephany

    John Stephany

    12 dagar sedan

    That was a pretty sick joke 👎🏾 Crusty is yours forever!!!

  14. William Leinster

    William Leinster

    13 dagar sedan

    The new truck under the tarp like very similar in shape to the barkas b1000

  15. Tundra Slosek

    Tundra Slosek

    16 dagar sedan

    I was at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum today and saw this lovely rustoration in person. Too bad they wouldn't let me sit in the driver seat.

  16. Al M

    Al M

    19 dagar sedan

    Nice ending. Felt dumb for almost crying.

  17. caleb carinci

    caleb carinci

    19 dagar sedan

    Dang that’s sad I loved that thing

  18. Albert


    20 dagar sedan

    Crusty's all like... "Pardon Me, Do You Have Any Gray Poupon?" Living the high Life! 🤣

  19. Ernest Penfold

    Ernest Penfold

    21 dag sedan

    The one under the cover is a Matador. 😉

  20. William T. Musil

    William T. Musil

    21 dag sedan


  21. Bill Sartelle

    Bill Sartelle

    21 dag sedan

    I haven’t been following you much more than a couple weeks. It’s funny , I love hitt-miss engines, cars from the 30s and earlier, still love all before the electronic controls took over. I spent many many years repairing VWs in my back yard garage. We seem to love the same stuff. If it’s old and can be tinkered with. That seems to be both of us. I am 75 a Vietnam et , agent orange has stopped my playing for the last 20 years. Go forth my friend tinker your heart out.

    • Bill Sartelle

      Bill Sartelle

      21 dag sedan

      OMG I was acquainted years ago with Lars. Old home week. I don’t remember the details but I he was well known In many antique circles.

    • Bill Sartelle

      Bill Sartelle

      21 dag sedan

      The “stuff” can be a favorite temporary, but we move on, yet e never loose the attachment that we had with that “old stuff”

  22. Dan Fay

    Dan Fay

    22 dagar sedan

    I have seen this VW at the Newburyport car show the last couple of years. I was intrigued with it since I first saw it now I’m learning the more about. Kind of sad not being able to see it again at the show

  23. Tech & Gaming

    Tech & Gaming

    22 dagar sedan

    Crusty Congrads on your new home

  24. aXe


    24 dagar sedan

    Seriously it's been 12 years!? This was the first series I ever watched on your channel.

  25. Anthony Watts

    Anthony Watts

    24 dagar sedan

    Im gonna puke. I don’t like change.

  26. Daithi


    25 dagar sedan

    Mustie has been through a lot and he strikes me as a really nice guy. A very humanising video. Onwards and upwards Mustie.

  27. Jim Hrnciar

    Jim Hrnciar

    26 dagar sedan

    I wish I could find something like that great job getting life back to it very very 👍

  28. J.Cheever Loophole

    J.Cheever Loophole

    27 dagar sedan

    You little fibber..... Can't be too harsh on you for click baity title though, thoroughly enjoyed the video.

  29. Bill Long

    Bill Long

    27 dagar sedan

    Thanks for the heart felt story/memories. Peace and God Bless.

  30. borgthederanged


    28 dagar sedan

    Thank you for sharing your story about Crusty. Thank you for letting know how much heart went into the restore. I'm glad to see that Crusty is now on display for everyone. Nice "plot twist" at the end. :-)

  31. Darren McLellan

    Darren McLellan

    28 dagar sedan

    Is that a Taunus Transit under the tarp?

  32. tableturnah


    28 dagar sedan

    That was very heart felt and honestly a bit sad in the beginning but so comforting in the end. That’s so well deserved.

  33. Crudli


    28 dagar sedan

    Don’t leave Crustie at Dracula Castle 😢

  34. Neil Murphy

    Neil Murphy

    29 dagar sedan

    That's a cool story I'm glad it made you happy again is that a automatic

  35. rlindyb


    29 dagar sedan

    @Mustie1 - THANK YOU SO MUCH for being able to tell some of your life's journey as it relates to your projects and crustys' ability to revive your interest as you revived the truck. Relatable, and you have given me some hope for my own restoration and recommitting to rebuiding/fixing some of the "piles of junk" in my shop. I appreciate you, I am sure you have the same positive effect on others.

  36. Finley Huband

    Finley Huband

    Månad sedan

    The patina is perfect on this thing 💪

  37. MetalMan 329

    MetalMan 329

    Månad sedan

    Hi bud! Been watching a long time... I’m also from New England. Plymouth, MA... What state are you from? Do you have an email where I could reach you? THANKS!

  38. Flippydipp Productions

    Flippydipp Productions

    Månad sedan

    No way! I'll have to visit it at the museum. I'm pretty close. Actually I used to have relatives down the street from you.

  39. Dave Sendit

    Dave Sendit

    Månad sedan

    Very cool mustie. Great video

  40. C LANG

    C LANG

    Månad sedan

    Click bait!!

  41. I Don't Know Fishing

    I Don't Know Fishing

    Månad sedan

    Is that a Borgward under wraps?

  42. GameTech Reserve

    GameTech Reserve

    Månad sedan

    Its got to be a real honor to have something you personally revived featured in a museum such as this. Congrats

  43. Ray Spencer

    Ray Spencer

    Månad sedan

    How cool is that?!

  44. Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster

    Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster

    Månad sedan

    👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻 Enjoyed! I think they just wanted the "MUSTIE1" draw for their museum anniversary/display! You had me fooled....I thought you had it sold.

  45. Corbett Knowles

    Corbett Knowles

    Månad sedan

    If it's German and from the fifties I would say Studebaker

  46. 4himsanctified


    Månad sedan

    Sure hope that wood sits on concrete or the floor is super reniforced.

  47. Robin Wells

    Robin Wells

    Månad sedan

    I have never seen a more beautiful and desirable van than Crustie. It puts me in mind of the Simon and Garfunkel song lyric about the boxer that has the bruises from every punch that knocked him down. (Sorry to have mangled the poetry but you get the picture hopefully). She reads like a history book and thrills me so much more than the better than factory examples. I think that it is often the flaws of a vehicle that are more important for the relationships that we form with cars. May it always be loved and valued and indeed used.

  48. Lee Johnston

    Lee Johnston

    Månad sedan

    I'm not not misting up, you're misting up...

  49. V H

    V H

    Månad sedan

    I'm guessing Unimog under the just kampers cover.

  50. PedroVision


    Månad sedan

    Crusty done died and gone to Heaven...adios amigo!! Long live Crusty!!

  51. risraelsen


    Månad sedan

    I’m guessing that the new project under the just kampers cover is a Tempo Matador.

    • Ernest Penfold

      Ernest Penfold

      21 dag sedan

      I agree, the shape under the cover looks just like a Matador.

    • Joel Clark

      Joel Clark

      Månad sedan

      I'm going to guess a Goliath Express

  52. Clifford Kinnear

    Clifford Kinnear

    Månad sedan

    That poor Transporter Crusty was crying when you left her there. Very clever story line, right to the very end! We used VW Transporter 2 door trucks at Ramstein Air Base in the 1980's. I wish I could've brought one back to the States with me! They were 1982-1986 models. The Air-Force Motor Pool had 12 on base back then.

  53. jwald


    Månad sedan

    Dang, you had me I thought it was gone.

  54. Ronin


    Månad sedan

    what an awesome story. really enjoy your channel mate. is the surprise a DKW?

  55. mg


    Månad sedan

    Thanks for sharing

  56. Brad Scott

    Brad Scott

    Månad sedan

    A$$HOLE!!!! Thought you sold it to buy that stupid boat!!!! I shed a damn tear for nothing!!!!! Grrrrr. Thanks for staying true. Cheers.

  57. Brad Scott

    Brad Scott

    Månad sedan

    Wow! I shed a tear over YOUR truck, and the story. Congratulations for finding such a wonderful home where Crusty can live in style and tell your story. Cheers Bud. Phenomenal video.

  58. Brad Regelous

    Brad Regelous

    Månad sedan

    Oh my God it's a Unimog!

  59. Chad Hoffman

    Chad Hoffman

    Månad sedan

    That was not a rant Darren, that was real. Thank you for all your hard work and inspiration.

  60. marcus cicero

    marcus cicero

    Månad sedan

    the museum is such a gorgeous building

  61. Jeremy Adams

    Jeremy Adams

    Månad sedan

    I got a friend want me to loan my 20 horsepower Patton brothers to his oil well use them I'm kind of tied I don't know if I'll want to do it or not because I love seeing her set them up front yard but another way I like to see her be enjoyed by the The public

  62. Jeremy Adams

    Jeremy Adams

    Månad sedan

    What a great honor man this made me cry to see you get rid of crusty butt to to see her to go to such a great honor just shows the quality of your work I would love to meet you in person someday a check me out on Facebook so I can share you some photos of my antique engines I got and maybe I can help you out with your Marine engine my name's Jeremy Adams I do Facebook live videos called The Redneck mechanic setting up my SE-one channel I won't pester you or nothing but I would like to share some photos of my engines and stuff Technics off of you especially in the way you do metalworking and things

  63. Jamie -R

    Jamie -R

    Månad sedan

    They wouldn't want my bus there - there would be oil all over the floor. haha

  64. john hildom

    john hildom

    Månad sedan

    That's pretty cool you did that well deserved

  65. Dave Pelcher

    Dave Pelcher

    Månad sedan

    Nice thing your doing.

  66. Richard Boucher

    Richard Boucher

    Månad sedan

    Wow, Lars Anderson Automotive Museum, I used to go to British car shows there many and might even have to venture back to see Crusty in person though I could probably have seen it in it's home town. Congratulations!!

  67. Alonso


    Månad sedan

    Is the new truck a L319?

  68. peter k

    peter k

    Månad sedan

    1950's Borgward or BMW Mikafa?

  69. Kjell Nor

    Kjell Nor

    Månad sedan

    These trucks vere all over the place, Great job preserving it. Drove the T2 double cabin ar work in the 70 ties. What´s under the tarp ? A Tempo ? A Matador?🇳🇴🇺🇸

  70. bizatch


    Månad sedan

    Sad to see Crusty go, some of my first vids with Mustie1. Quite the collection at that drop off point, a Cooper S Works, Rolls?, F100, etc.

  71. Samuel Becker

    Samuel Becker

    Månad sedan

    It's great to hear the story behind this truck, good to hear people open up

  72. Matthew Conley

    Matthew Conley

    Månad sedan

    Finally got a unimog I see

  73. Matthew Conley

    Matthew Conley

    Månad sedan

    Needs a Porsche engine

  74. Eric jones

    Eric jones

    Månad sedan

    What did he sell it for?

  75. The Easel Rider

    The Easel Rider

    Månad sedan

    That is the one vehicle, above all others - even from when I was a kid, that I have always wanted. They just seem to keep going up in value, so it does seem unlikely.

  76. Arsyl


    Månad sedan

    17:43 DKW (Rare) Schnellaster Tieflader

  77. Alphonso Tate

    Alphonso Tate

    Månad sedan

    WOW! a museum piece it is a rare VW I knew it is a rare one WHAT a beautiful restoration by your hands



    Månad sedan

    Never to see the light of day again...

  79. mike fedele

    mike fedele

    Månad sedan

    I know exactly what you mean. People don't get it. Yes they are metal and rust I think all car guys can relate.



    Månad sedan

    I've always liked these VW pickups. I hope you get another one, just one not needing as much work.

  81. Laidback


    Månad sedan

    Terrible shame it didn't go to a blue collar guy who would have driven it back and forth to work, and enjoyed it.

  82. ATMAtim


    Månad sedan

    I was thinking someone else was going to have a chance to finally restore this thing. Darn, it was just false news..

  83. Chris Holmes

    Chris Holmes

    Månad sedan

    Be nice if there was a tempo matador under that cover they were 50s and vw supplied the running gear up to about 53

  84. colin strachan

    colin strachan

    Månad sedan

    love watching all the stuff you do , you do a great job 👍

  85. Brian Williamson

    Brian Williamson

    Månad sedan

    Just wondered if the "new" German van might be a BARKUS ?. Three cylinder two stroke from Chemnitz in the old East Germany. Good strong old vans. Rode a few kilometers in one of those a few years back.

  86. Travis D

    Travis D

    Månad sedan

    It is really sad to see Krusty go for the time being they are a mascot for the channel. I am really excited to see whats under the cover because its shaped like a BMW Isetta.

  87. Joe Rogers

    Joe Rogers

    Månad sedan

    Butt, what if Crusty finds this new life style to it's liking?



    Månad sedan


  89. James W

    James W

    Månad sedan

    Hopefully they will take her out and haul some mulch and a weedeater in her once in a while.

  90. mark witte

    mark witte

    Månad sedan

    nice home to share.

  91. mark witte

    mark witte

    Månad sedan

    30,000 for the upper half of a 36 window bus body in wisconsin

  92. mark witte

    mark witte

    Månad sedan

    i have regrets selling a 64 mustang convertible 289 automatic for 75.00. And a 1970 barracuda convertble with a slant six for 1000.00 and the buyer told me to pay the 100.00 transfer fee. so many awesome cars in high school in the seventies. even had a friend who had a 1962 bubblletop chev from north dakota .

  93. John Treadway

    John Treadway

    Månad sedan

    Porsche Tempo comes to mind, but with the cover on it is hard to tell. Can’t wait to find out and see the project start!

  94. Bill McCooeye

    Bill McCooeye

    Månad sedan

    You fixed it and it fixed you. Best kind

  95. anita


    Månad sedan

    Thank you for your videos-particularly this one which I read two days ago as I am a V.W. aficionado I had a 1979 V.W. westphalia camper which was in good shape-until yesterday at least -when it caught fire and was c onsumed. My speculation is that rodents gnarred some wires but, this is just speculation-I will never know for sure. It is outside , where of course it wass sitiing (fortunately- obviously. The metalwork is mostly good , I woud be happy to donate it to you -or or someone else (entirely free of charge ) at YOUR specific recommendation. if they come with a trailer and take it away. Perhaps another wonderful V.W. bus can be better resurrected , enjoyed and preserved for the future! The tires were burned to the rims. I am in Saratoga County, New York. If I don't get any fairly immediate takers. I will call a salvage yard .Thanks!

  96. Allison Cawthon

    Allison Cawthon

    Månad sedan

    The new home. Looks like Bruce Wayne purchased Crusty for his youthful ward Dick Grayson.

  97. Neil Morten

    Neil Morten

    Månad sedan

    After watching this video, I just had tp binge watch all 21 of the previous videos on Crustie's resurrection. Watching mustie1's videos is just like watch your favorite TV show reruns, they never lose their appeal.

  98. RO BT

    RO BT

    Månad sedan

    At last - an opportunity to get the Econoline into service . . . Oh, maybe not. Another German steals the show.

  99. Roy Works

    Roy Works

    Månad sedan

    That would be awesome if that’s a Unimog under that cover

  100. Dennis Brown

    Dennis Brown

    Månad sedan

    If only the econoline pick-up was finished, you could have loaned them 2 trucks!