Can It Be Saved? trash picked 4 stroke trimmer from the dump.

this was donated to us after being thrown away, lets tear it apart and see what failed on this 4 stroke trimmer, how it works and if we can save it.


  1. Pelle Parafin

    Pelle Parafin

    5 dagar sedan


  2. Michael Berry

    Michael Berry

    6 dagar sedan

    I'm sure you know by now but there is a centrifugal clutch in there, need it for the cultivator and probably other attachments.

  3. certified30


    14 dagar sedan

    what part of the country you live in, where people throw away / give for free lawnmowers, chainsaws, generators, snow blowers, tractors, excavators, airplanes and boats? i would like to move there..

  4. Eric Matson

    Eric Matson

    19 dagar sedan

    The reason they are broke down is because they are Troy Buit POS!

  5. akio2589


    24 dagar sedan

    Stihl likes to make 4 stroke trimmers that still need mixed gas. My buddy has one that does. Kinda defeats like... Half the purpose, IMO.

  6. Michael Northrup

    Michael Northrup

    24 dagar sedan

    Danada Spanish for damaged.

  7. zerc1


    26 dagar sedan

    I can't glue two popsicle sticks together, but I sure enjoy watching Mustie1 resurrect discarded combustion engines!

  8. Barney Miller

    Barney Miller

    Månad sedan

    I say spark every time!

  9. hamidi


    Månad sedan

    In my country, it is impossible to find such machine in a dump site. USA great place to be in this case. But, i don't fancy the cost of living there though. I'll be homeless with the kind of money i have. You guys over there, stay strong and well.

  10. Smitty


    Månad sedan

    No comments about the value of straight vs curved shafts? Come on comment section

  11. Alex Hood

    Alex Hood

    Månad sedan

    that tiny 4 stroke engine sounds fucking awesome!

  12. Tyler Lane

    Tyler Lane

    Månad sedan

    And believe it or not I used to have a buddy who lived in Florida that actually took a little weed eater engine and hooked it up to his bicycle

  13. Tyler Lane

    Tyler Lane

    Månad sedan

    My eye you poked my eye

  14. Steve Black

    Steve Black

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    Think you need to get your eyes checked mate lol

  15. James Aucutt

    James Aucutt

    Månad sedan

    Yes sthilmakes those it’s called a for mix they have them on their blowers and bush trimmers and weedeaters

  16. Toyota Tundra04

    Toyota Tundra04

    Månad sedan

    I have an Echo trimmer and it runs for about 45 mins and it shuts off. Chaged carb, spark plug, fuel line and fuel line filter. Any advice on the posible cause is appreciated. Thanks.

  17. Ryan Beyea

    Ryan Beyea

    2 månader sedan

    What's up

  18. Ryan Beyea

    Ryan Beyea

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  19. Nanette Barling

    Nanette Barling

    2 månader sedan

    I saw sparks every pull!

  20. Tony Johnson

    Tony Johnson

    2 månader sedan

    thanks i have the same weed wacker and i found my problem. my man mustie 1

  21. TIM Williams

    TIM Williams

    2 månader sedan

    Hey mustie 1 when are you gonna start on the ford Truck?

  22. John Moore

    John Moore

    2 månader sedan

    90ml or just over 1/3 cup is the oil capacity

  23. Marte Houdesheldt

    Marte Houdesheldt

    2 månader sedan

    supercharge and nitrous next??

  24. Marte Houdesheldt

    Marte Houdesheldt

    2 månader sedan

    coming to a bicycle near you?

  25. Bob Pegram

    Bob Pegram

    2 månader sedan

    Find out how the cable is driven in the center of the crankshaft. Fake that and extend it with a shaft beyond the pullstart. Then add a torque converter after the pullstart. I mean one of those CVT 2 pulley belt things. Put one such engine/gearbox assembly on either rear tire of a go-cart. Get 4 engines and you can have a four wheel drive go-cart!

  26. R Verro

    R Verro

    2 månader sedan

    What if you cut the end of the shaft, pass the pull start. This way, you end-up with a covered driveshaft, machined at the length you want.

  27. Jim Eagle

    Jim Eagle

    2 månader sedan

    Grind A Small Bolt or Shaft Square and Fit It into Where The Cable Goes.. You Can Tack It with A Little Weld or Some Really Strong Epoxy.. Then Mount A Little Sprocket or Belt Drive.. And Use It in A Scaled Model of "Some Vehicle".. And Get Some Servo's to Make A Cool RC Car Out of It.. I Bought A "LOT" of Weed Wackers..50 of Them, Various Models For $80 A Couple Years Ago... I Made Friction Bikes.. Models..A Little 15V Generator With A Motor And Automobile Blower Motor (But, Almost ALL DC Motors Will Produce Current When The Shaft Is Spun.. As You Prolly Already Know..Just For Those That May Not).. A Lot of Different Projects.. My Nephews Love Them... Great Little Learning Tools As Well.. By Taking Them Apart & Putting Them Back Together Gives A Great Opportunity For Young People To Learn How Engines Work On A Basic Level... I Also Used A Couple To Trim Grass ..Lol.

  28. Oscar Wilson

    Oscar Wilson

    2 månader sedan

    Love your channel, I’m recouping from neck surgery for the next 8 weeks, I’m going to try and watch all your videos. I like your common sense approach to solving the problems of what ever happens to be wrong with whatever you’re working on. You don’t see that anymore, keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us.

  29. av8rgrip


    2 månader sedan

    I just repaired one of these trimmers that I had sitting around for 10 years after pulling it from the trash. Turns out the bolts holding the rocker bracket to the crank housing had backed out. I’m thinking they forgot the thread locker during manufacturing. Weird thing is that the compression gauge shows 60 psi, but it runs great.

  30. Bill Kendall

    Bill Kendall

    2 månader sedan

    That engine would make a perfect power supply for a personal A/C unit for people who have to work outside in the heat all day...backpack fans...or a small alternator to power the build it , I'll buy it!

  31. blastman8888


    2 månader sedan

    I seen a few guys make RC airplane engines out of those 4 cycle trimmers use it in a small boat.

  32. headbanger54656


    2 månader sedan

    that would still make a great rc motor

  33. Donald W Cash

    Donald W Cash

    2 månader sedan

    Well that was cool.

  34. Jay


    2 månader sedan

    clutched peddle start.

  35. David Austin

    David Austin

    2 månader sedan

    Awesome, weed eater I have myself

  36. John Clarke

    John Clarke

    2 månader sedan

    I would pull that shaft out, clean it,lubrcate it with a new coat of grease and put it back in.

  37. John Clarke

    John Clarke

    2 månader sedan

    Kind of reminds me of the Fox 35 and McCoy 29 air plane engines I had as a boy. They were even smaller.

  38. John Clarke

    John Clarke

    2 månader sedan

    They tell me it takes three pulls on a lot of ignition systems to build up enough voltage to fire a plug.

  39. Fon Hollohan

    Fon Hollohan

    2 månader sedan

    It's like a little toy engine and when I saw how small the crank was, it kind of crank me up! lol do it get it? lol I'm telling you a mustie joke. hahaha sorry bud I just couldn't resist. lol so puttin jokes aside it really is a cool little engine. It's hilarious how you were able to disassemble the valves with your fingers, man they really are so so tiny. It reminds me of the little RC engines, their super tiny as well, right! takes like 3/4 of a oz of oil..hahaha.

  40. Carlos Malave

    Carlos Malave

    2 månader sedan

    The lettering means damage. That tells you some one try to fix it before. I use laser, micro meters and even microscopic tools and all I get is a sore arm. This guy throws everything in a bucket and shake it and done! It’s starts first try.

  41. Patrick Baitman

    Patrick Baitman

    2 månader sedan

    Put the engine on a skateboard like in the BRAT Patrol movie! Then try to ride it.

  42. Rhon


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  43. shaw4020


    2 månader sedan

    Could you use the motor like a shaft drive with a propeller on the end for a small boat off some kind

  44. Hellcat Bass

    Hellcat Bass

    2 månader sedan

    So glad I came across this, I have been actually making it one of my little hobbies to actually find and resurrect lawn mowers that are just thrown out. There was one that gave me quite some trouble with adjusting the throttle Etc, but that's all I needed, a little bit of adjustment, a new spark plug and cleaning the flywheel and boom! I had literally a $600 lawn mower in my hands for some TLC



    2 månader sedan

    ooh make a V2, or an I2, or a V4 or an I4

  46. Tom Tribby

    Tom Tribby

    2 månader sedan

    Whenever you install Recoils pull the rope a little on assembly

  47. skeptical Bill

    skeptical Bill

    2 månader sedan

    Just love your narrated videos I just can't tell you everything I've learned from you...can't wait for new videos & anxiously await their posting...

  48. Peggy Bixby

    Peggy Bixby

    2 månader sedan

    Are you sure it doesn't have a clutch? Mine has a noram purple spring clutch on it

  49. Keith Syers

    Keith Syers

    3 månader sedan

    I was wondering would a square shaft long enough to stick out be used as a power take off drive shaft?

  50. Ivan Cruz Luque

    Ivan Cruz Luque

    3 månader sedan

    Motores de 35cc para abajo no sirven comprarlos es botar la plata

  51. john wyman

    john wyman

    3 månader sedan

    I'd love to see that tiny thing with a battery charging generator on it. Could probably get about 50 amps or so at 12 volts.

  52. Alasdair


    3 månader sedan

    They make a great long shaft outboard motor (project) I did one just using a 3" shallow pitch prop and it works great, much quieter and more fuel efficient than the two strokes.

  53. George Drake

    George Drake

    3 månader sedan

    So what is better a 4 stroke or 2 stroke

  54. Ivan Guzman

    Ivan Guzman

    3 månader sedan

    Dañado= damage

  55. Terrence Buller

    Terrence Buller

    3 månader sedan

    Awesome little engine, thanks for sharing 👍 have a great day

  56. Eric Ragle

    Eric Ragle

    3 månader sedan

    Somebody gave me one of those little 4 strokes on a Craftsman trimmer I think it was. That little piston would make a good Christmas tree ornament.

  57. Jeremy Lucas

    Jeremy Lucas

    3 månader sedan

    Use the engine for a gas powered shop fan. Cool the shop down or exhaust fumes from a burning Porsche.

  58. wood cutter

    wood cutter

    3 månader sedan

    there are youtube videos where they have converted weed trimmers into small boat motors putting a prop on where the string trimmer head is.

  59. Mike Corrado

    Mike Corrado

    3 månader sedan

    Excellent video! Very educational and entertaining also! I was betting that engine would not run after you dismantled it and then put it back together again! Glad I was wrong! Thank you so much!👏

  60. Buckchase


    3 månader sedan

    33:3 welcome to Lilliput

  61. William T. Musil

    William T. Musil

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  62. David Henley

    David Henley

    3 månader sedan

    Break spring pins!!!

  63. Tristan Taylor

    Tristan Taylor

    3 månader sedan

    My parents used to have that same or similar model of troybilt 4 stroke trimmer.

  64. Outlawflyer78


    3 månader sedan

    I think they sell adapter kit so these can be used for either go karts or r/c boats

  65. chris18228


    3 månader sedan

    That’s cool I would pull the engine off and put it on a stand for my desk

  66. Andrew Bowers

    Andrew Bowers

    3 månader sedan

    Thing I learned about weed whackers and other similar two stroke stuff (and the small four strokes) , if the pull start is on the same side as the output shaft (like this one) it’s a “half crank” versus the ones where the pull start is on the opposite side - those have a full crankshaft that is supported on both ends like the larger engines, they are more expensive but they last much longer. There’s one of these micro four strokes that’s got an overhead cam with a tiny timing belt that runs it.

  67. Daniel Clifton

    Daniel Clifton

    3 månader sedan

    Roller skates! 1 engine for 1 shoe!

  68. Dale Burrell

    Dale Burrell

    3 månader sedan

    32:04...small things are always CUTE-(!)

  69. Dale Burrell

    Dale Burrell

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  70. Chuck


    3 månader sedan

    If I'm not mistaken, the old one from the stash has a straight shaft, which is supposed to be stronger than the curved shaft of the one from the dump. The straight shaft one would probably be a better candidate for modding into something nifty.

  71. John Tapp

    John Tapp

    3 månader sedan

    A few years ago: Snowblower, trimmer, whatever won’t start when I need it. Call service shop, haul machine over there and wait three weeks with the other Schmucks in the same position (while no yard work gets done and wife is “unhappy”), not to mention $150 out of pocket. Now: Snowblower, trimmer, whatever won’t won’t start and Dad gets that grin on his face - 30 minutes (or less) later, machine is running, work gets done, wife is happy. I owe it all to Mustie!! My father was a gifted mechanic, but he was killed when I was 8. Always had the aptitude, just didn’t have the knowledge. Mustie has given the knowledge and confidence to tear anything apart and know I have a really good shot at getting it running. There are no words of adequate thanks!!!

  72. Queen I Am

    Queen I Am

    3 månader sedan

    Autopsy 🤣🤣

  73. Focus 82 Groth M.

    Focus 82 Groth M.

    3 månader sedan

    Great video as always Mustie1 😊😊 I liked the construction of that nice little engine 😊👍

  74. gilbert kamageesik

    gilbert kamageesik

    3 månader sedan

    Its amazing what people throw away nowadays ,Plugged vacuum cleaners , lawnmowers with dirty air cleaners ,,all kinds of stuff .We live in a Throw away world, Todays generations treat everything they buy like Bic lighters . Disposable. I thought I seen spark on the second machine?? Good video by the way .,

  75. Jorge Posadas

    Jorge Posadas

    3 månader sedan

    Dañado=damaged it's in spanish, great video.

  76. anton oudenhoven

    anton oudenhoven

    3 månader sedan

    Nice video again. Just a little tip from me,always test the spark on the wire and not on the sparkplug

  77. Peter Zeboroff

    Peter Zeboroff

    3 månader sedan

    In Canada the price of the 4 stroke troy- bilt weed eaters is is around $350.00 Canadian-$400.00 Canadian.

  78. Michael c 1456

    Michael c 1456

    3 månader sedan

    If you did it right you could possibly make it a small generator for low power devices like lights or maybe even a TV.

  79. BigDeWitt88


    3 månader sedan

    Sounds like a qweef from a skid row hooker lol!!!!

  80. The Eclectic Craftsman

    The Eclectic Craftsman

    3 månader sedan

    You could lap those valves with a rubber tablet stylus.

  81. ve3mzo Thomson

    ve3mzo Thomson

    3 månader sedan

    i had one of these but the crankshaft counter weight had a .125"hole bored in it and the shaft also down to the main bearing for oiling and it blow oil out of the crankcase vent as soon as you would start cutting tried everything to control the mess unsuccessfully . i wonder which one was the newer model progress or regress . Mustie1 you the man . have a nice one

  82. 2LateIWon/Organized Chaos

    2LateIWon/Organized Chaos

    3 månader sedan

    Im thinking a dual engine gocart now that they are both running. One on each wheel. Id just use the cable part that goes into the crank. There has to be a clutch some where too

  83. Wolfman Rebel

    Wolfman Rebel

    3 månader sedan

    I have that same Troy built,IV had it for like 15 years maybe, I hate the starter crap how it pulls free until the last second like a g2c trigger pull but over all it's been a good machine

  84. MrBeeradb1


    3 månader sedan

    They surely don't want you to use that engine for anything else don't they.

  85. Miguel Sán Tru

    Miguel Sán Tru

    3 månader sedan

    Dañado; damaged in english. Son hispanic speaker was the owner or the mechanic.

  86. reymond deguit

    reymond deguit

    3 månader sedan

    i was wondering if there is a timing marks needed to align before rebuild.

  87. Peter Thejll

    Peter Thejll

    3 månader sedan

    Could you leave off the pull starter, and perhaps extended the axle?

  88. Gilbert Cruz

    Gilbert Cruz

    3 månader sedan

    Dañado: Spanish for Damaged.

  89. Old Man Fred

    Old Man Fred

    3 månader sedan

    You should have had another cup of an ounce of Coke, switched it out and taken a sip to see if the oil was still good! Laughing.

  90. Phillip Davis

    Phillip Davis

    3 månader sedan

    Interesting video. You do know running a 4 cycle without an exhaust pipe and/or muffler, can work a valve. Keep this in mind

  91. Josh Abrey

    Josh Abrey

    3 månader sedan

    Youve gotta try porting and polishing one of your 2 stroke trimmers and put it all back together with a thinner base gasket, turns them into an animal

  92. Mike Scudder

    Mike Scudder

    3 månader sedan

    That 2 cylinder 2 stroke would be pretty wild on a custom bike ;-)

  93. Howard Davis

    Howard Davis

    3 månader sedan

    my ryobi 4 stroke was a little over 200 several years ago .But they were unusual back then

  94. Landon Crocker

    Landon Crocker

    3 månader sedan

    There is some spark

  95. Anthony Cavazos

    Anthony Cavazos

    3 månader sedan

    Great video! I have learned so much from you! Must think small carrier bearing if the engine drive shaft can’t take a side load.

  96. evanchapmanfanman


    3 månader sedan

    The four stroke that uses premix is the Stihl 4mix engine, it’s done that way so there’s no separate oil reservoir to worry about and so that the same 50:1 premix can be used all across the line whether it’s 4 or 2 cycle.

  97. derek wansborough

    derek wansborough

    3 månader sedan

    How about motorised roller skates? Two engines, one on each foot?

  98. Brian South

    Brian South

    3 månader sedan

    Guide and heat spreader

  99. Chase Fouse

    Chase Fouse

    3 månader sedan

    What bottle is that to put a little amount of fuel in the sparkplug hole?

  100. Mr.Mister


    3 månader sedan

    They're a cute little dinky engine. Nice to see it being taken apart to see what makes it tick.