Barn Find 1970 Mercury Cougar XR7 Follows Me Home

wanting to relive my childhood I chased down one of my 1st cars, it went off the road in 1977 wrecking the right front. then put in a barn with cows until 2003 when it was purchased for parts. Mike who I bought it from found it to be in better shape then expected so started to restore it. at some point it got put on the back burner in life then put up for sale. thats when I enter into the picture. having a 1969 cougar back in my high school days, thrashing my small town. this car caught my eye and bought it, I kinda picked away on this car from time to time without much filming as l just wanted to get lost in the process, but will show what l did film in the next couple of vids, special thanks to mike for the car and his work on saving it,


  1. Chris Smith

    Chris Smith

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    This guy has a lot of knowledge on this car Mustie 👍 hope you show him it after your finished ! 🤗🤗🤗

  2. Burford Frederick

    Burford Frederick

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  3. Jesterr


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    They ate everything. The little bastards. lol

  4. R Verro

    R Verro

    2 månader sedan

    1970 had a lot of beautiful muscle cars.

  5. Bruce MacGlynn

    Bruce MacGlynn

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    Gonna comment further down the line.

  6. Fon Hollohan

    Fon Hollohan

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    If the price is right I'd bring that car home too. nice find Mustie nice find....seems like he's got everything that you need. no bull crap, no wonder your taken that one home. I'd jump on it too. appears like everything just about ready to assemble the baby must be drooling at the bit. The more I see the more I'm falling in love with this find. Your the sounds of it. bro. of course it all depends on the price though right. The hood looks fantastic! Some nicks and orange peel, a bit of sanding and couple touch ups and buffing her up some and she should be ready to go. should be able to take care of most all the nicks and dings without painting since he repainted the car their should be lots of paint to be able to sand out those nicks and scratches and all like I said, you scored.



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    This is to easy for you!

  8. Robert Sweet

    Robert Sweet

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  9. Ronald Oswald

    Ronald Oswald

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    I prefer the '65 Mustangs but that is a really sweet find.

  10. iknklst


    4 månader sedan

    Mercurys are another Fallen Flag car make, getting rarer every day. Amazing that the car wasn't repaired by the original owner but was left to sit all those years, the damage done to it wasn't anything really serious.

  11. Katz Fam

    Katz Fam

    5 månader sedan

    The white car sure shows up all the dirt dust and crud on my laptop screen

  12. Ryan McKay

    Ryan McKay

    5 månader sedan

    I love this guy, he reminds me of my dad except he's a ford guy. My dad is the exact same except replace the Ford's with Chevys. Attitude and love for the cars and the way he speaks and has his parts stashed. So similar to my pops. Loved this video! He loved that car, I can tell he was comfortable selling it to you. Almost like he was passing it down.

  13. Drew Tooker

    Drew Tooker

    5 månader sedan

    Oh my god. Can I buy it?

  14. Age of Reason

    Age of Reason

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    You didn't find this in a barne, more trend word click bait.

  15. Arrow Andrew

    Arrow Andrew

    5 månader sedan

    One word for this seller. "Passionate"

  16. Gerald Klump

    Gerald Klump

    5 månader sedan

    Water in the gas?🥴

  17. Renaldo Hendricks

    Renaldo Hendricks

    5 månader sedan

    What does the "Vacuum" mean? I am assuming as it is a car part, they not referring to a normal vacuum.

  18. The Duke

    The Duke

    5 månader sedan

    Oddly enough, I had a 1969 Cougar XR7 with a 428 Cobra Jet and a 4 speed Trans! I blew up the 428 and put in a HO 390. But life changes and so did the chapter of my 69 Cougar and myself! Enjoy grasping the glory days and memories! :-)

  19. Joe Jackson

    Joe Jackson

    5 månader sedan

    People use the term "barn find" much too loosely.

  20. Arnold Layne

    Arnold Layne

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    What a nice guy.

  21. Aaron Horn

    Aaron Horn

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    Hey Mustie1 I always love the B Roll you shoot for the end of your videos!!

  22. The Cynic

    The Cynic

    6 månader sedan

    What engine is in this

  23. stazeII


    6 månader sedan

    Seller’s house just got 10 tons lighter... super nice guy, but holy cow so much stuff!

  24. Jeff Poteau

    Jeff Poteau

    6 månader sedan

    Is it a Windsor or Cleveland Engine? Cleveland is better. This guy is great!!!!

  25. Smirenka


    6 månader sedan

    7:55 I knew he was a good chap! He uses Kroil!

  26. Roger Camp

    Roger Camp

    6 månader sedan

    Love the early Cougars and looks like you found a sweet one😎

  27. Øyvind Hanstad

    Øyvind Hanstad

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    Great video and car😀 Great deal with a great guy😀

  28. bigmike1ak


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    I was going to say the following, but I did not realize the spark plugs weren’t connected: FYI, at 26:28, as you turn over the engine, there appears to be electrical arcing from the engine as you turn it over. It’s on the left side of the engine as you look at it. You might want to figure what that’s about.

  29. Steven Baker

    Steven Baker

    6 månader sedan

    He has two or 3 of everthing ant

  30. GermanPlayer


    6 månader sedan

    you need to take him for a ride when it's finished!

  31. Richard Bohling Sr

    Richard Bohling Sr

    6 månader sedan

    You landed a nice one for sure. There has been a lot of work done on it already.

  32. Michael D

    Michael D

    6 månader sedan

    Lol . Package deal ??? All ya hear is crickets !!!! 😃😃. Beautiful car. I like how he labeled things and bet there's not many things you'll need to get for it if any.

  33. The Real Drunkard Hu

    The Real Drunkard Hu

    6 månader sedan

    What a beaut!! SO, when's the raffle?!

  34. M Leger

    M Leger

    6 månader sedan

    Nice snag, she'll be great when she's together...

  35. Mario Saccoccio

    Mario Saccoccio

    6 månader sedan

    If in your travels you see a blue 1970 'Cuda with a blue gut & a white convertible top, let me know!

  36. r sprockets

    r sprockets

    6 månader sedan

    This seller is one class act...give him a ride on the GSP when you finish the car up MUSTIE

  37. ljpenterprises1


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    Back in the early 80's I had a 69 XR7 coupe. Loved that car. Got totaled when someone rear-ended me at a stop sign. Ended up with the rear bumper about where the back seat was.

  38. Robbie Hanes

    Robbie Hanes

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    Mustie was that a frog or a burp

  39. 4himsanctified


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    A guys just gotta do a colab with Vice Grip Garage

  40. Davo’s Shed

    Davo’s Shed

    6 månader sedan

    Looks like this fellow was is an expert at procurement. He has left the assembly to you :)

  41. guido smith

    guido smith

    6 månader sedan

    Nice beast Mustie what an absolute gentleman he was.

  42. Jan Dyke

    Jan Dyke

    6 månader sedan

    what a great project

  43. aterack833


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    So America and England say “needs sanded” or “needs rebuilt” instead of “needs to be sanded” or “needs to be rebuilt” or even “needs sanding” or “needs rebuilding” I’m starting to feel less and less like the way we say it in Canada is the normal way

  44. brett dearing

    brett dearing

    6 månader sedan

    What’s going on with the marine diesel

  45. st hildas

    st hildas

    6 månader sedan

    Great when the owner wants to sell it to the right guy..🇬🇧 Any Meg's 105/205 or Meg's #7 for single stage, MF Lake Country Pad.



    6 månader sedan

    What a nice guy. He catalogued the entire thing. Amazing.

  47. Liam


    6 månader sedan

    wHY DON"T KIDS HAVE PROJECT CAR NO MORE?? Boomer asking 10k for roller

  48. Danny Cochran

    Danny Cochran

    6 månader sedan

    That's one fine old Cougar. Can't wait to see it get the Mustie treatment. Congrats on such a great score.

  49. Ronnie Coleman

    Ronnie Coleman

    6 månader sedan

    Love the video here

  50. Micmichael Adflak

    Micmichael Adflak

    6 månader sedan

    passenger side number 2 cyl. bad wire.

  51. Janusz Lausch

    Janusz Lausch

    6 månader sedan

    " I am always doing that which I cannot do in order that I may learn how to do it." It appears that this is your life's creed due to the challenges you take on.

  52. Conner Sterne

    Conner Sterne

    6 månader sedan

    "one old white guy gives another old white guy an old white car" great video mustie, you got a great cougar from a great guy

  53. Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster

    Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster

    6 månader sedan

    👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻 Enjoyed! I'm not sure but I think you left at least one piece/part with Mike!

  54. Glenn Miller

    Glenn Miller

    6 månader sedan

    The ending of the video was great, I cant wait to see this build.

  55. AussieGuy-1


    6 månader sedan

    Hi mustie1 do you sell your own mugs and or stickers to buy from your channel I love your channel mate

  56. Z W

    Z W

    6 månader sedan

    Detail orientated gentleman! Wow! It's a jigsaw puzzle with the parts numbered!

  57. tableturnah


    6 månader sedan

    That's a life's work right there. I'm getting tingles.

  58. TONY Bl

    TONY Bl

    6 månader sedan

    IDK why anyone would go to so much trouble then abandon it.

  59. tperki


    6 månader sedan

    At the end, around 26:28, did you see the arcing while cranking it over? I bet that is the clicking you heard.

  60. tpalshadow


    6 månader sedan

    That is the kind of guy to deal with. Very cool that he let you film to share with us!

  61. Michael Harless

    Michael Harless

    6 månader sedan

    Completely out of context but.. I just purchased a 1947 Frazer rototiller 2 stroke. Needs completely restored. Have you ever worked on one of these?

  62. wtbm123


    6 månader sedan

    Back when i was young a friend of mine had a Orange convertible , that we used to run around in some . I think it was a 70 ,or 69 but think i remember it was newer than my Camaro. It was a nice car . I had my 69 Camaro and a lifted 1973 ford truck . Before the Truck i had a 1976 toyota corolla with a 2TC engine . At 15 i bought the Camaro , 16 I started making payments on the Toyota and by 18 i had bought the truck . Those were my main ones but had several really cheap vehicles also around then and a few bikes , but stuff was cheap back then and by 15 i was mowing a lot , part time helping paint houses and started working for our county park district .

  63. wtbm123


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  64. that bass kid

    that bass kid

    6 månader sedan

    Can we get a update video of the lamborghini

  65. Coy Hilron

    Coy Hilron

    6 månader sedan

    I have a 72 Buick CENTURION about 25,000 miles had origonal Michelin X tires on it they were dry rotted.

  66. Coy Hilron

    Coy Hilron

    6 månader sedan

    Looks like a lovely Cougar lucky Mustie1

  67. Dagenham Dave

    Dagenham Dave

    6 månader sedan

    Mustie great videos by the way Is this your best find? Cannot wait for your series of rebuilding this car

  68. Jim Ronchetto

    Jim Ronchetto

    6 månader sedan

    Woohoo! An Anerican car project! I'm looking forward to this one!

  69. djshnibz


    6 månader sedan

    What a wonderful guy to buy a car from

  70. CaptainToyota


    6 månader sedan

    Wow a rust free cougar in the NE or midwest is amazing. What a project for youtube perfect reassembly and satisfying progress

  71. TheDboy1968


    6 månader sedan

    bike week where? New England ? very cool ride

  72. Sonny Horton

    Sonny Horton

    6 månader sedan

    Absolutely beautiful score! Congrats!

  73. Marcus Jair

    Marcus Jair

    6 månader sedan

    Top da galáxia

  74. christopher weaver

    christopher weaver

    6 månader sedan

    When are you gonna get back on the Econoline?!

  75. static fanatic

    static fanatic

    6 månader sedan

    You need to join AAA Antique Auto Anonymous.

  76. John Gray

    John Gray

    6 månader sedan

    Been waiting for u to do some American muscle... please build it for burnouts, dulchik will give u a hand-

  77. Melvin the Mechanic

    Melvin the Mechanic

    6 månader sedan

    Does that car fit in a basket case tho

  78. JWBEATY1012


    6 månader sedan

    How disgraceful! Pulling a mercury with a Toyota. You need Jesus. That is just f'd up on multiple levels. Car is awsome the fact you are driving a toyota shameful.

  79. Kevin Bergeron

    Kevin Bergeron

    6 månader sedan

    I had a 78 cougar XR7 400M

  80. Rpm Auto

    Rpm Auto

    6 månader sedan

    What are you going to do with a Mercury cougar. I thought you was a Volkswagen guy. Lol

  81. Andrew Tornadoboy

    Andrew Tornadoboy

    6 månader sedan

    I had a 71 as my first car, used to get 10 gallons per mile and we used to pull down trees with it in the backyard!

  82. Eddie Moyer

    Eddie Moyer

    6 månader sedan

    Clay bar it.

  83. Eddie Moyer

    Eddie Moyer

    6 månader sedan

    Nice to see ya have something other then junk. It will have a bigger reward then just a gobble out the tail pipe. Good luck with it. And a happy return.

  84. Tom Clarke

    Tom Clarke

    6 månader sedan

    Well, Mustie just bought one of my favorite cars. 😁

  85. Flymochairman1


    6 månader sedan

    Hey, nice to find the old 'Cherry' that you bought 40+ years or so ago, if you will, is still in good nick and the parts all still available. All the best with it! If we don't see many videos, the resurrection day will be one not to miss! Take care and Keep Well Mustie!

  86. jorge fernandez

    jorge fernandez

    6 månader sedan

    Sweet ride my man!👍👍👍👍

  87. Tyler Coates

    Tyler Coates

    6 månader sedan

    Mustie if you don't keep this car, I'll drive up there and slap you myself.

  88. Jeffrey Strader

    Jeffrey Strader

    6 månader sedan

    Mustie I have but one question for you............................."Are you filthy rich??"

  89. Mr International

    Mr International

    6 månader sedan

    That's a garage not a barn and that car was mass produced nothing special about it.. it's an unwanted model

    • Mr International

      Mr International

      6 månader sedan

      @Mustie1 no

    • Mustie1


      6 månader sedan

      try watching the video and where it came from a barn,

  90. Kevin Yaryan

    Kevin Yaryan

    6 månader sedan

    Wonder when this happened , weather sure looks good for a January

  91. mark humphrey

    mark humphrey

    6 månader sedan

    Oh the Mercury Cougars were beautiful in late 1960's and 1970. Is it a 351C or W. Looks big to be a 289cI? Thanks for putting out all your videos.

  92. Eddie Weaver

    Eddie Weaver

    6 månader sedan

    I want that car!!!👍😀🇺🇸

  93. Diddles Mc Muffin

    Diddles Mc Muffin

    6 månader sedan

    However much you paid it clearly wasn't enough that guy cares for his motors which is a rarity across the pond fantastic buy mustie

  94. Kentucky Fried Joe

    Kentucky Fried Joe

    6 månader sedan

    I bet he knew that car like the back of his hand. Nice score Mustie 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  95. Stephen Cresswell

    Stephen Cresswell

    6 månader sedan

    26:31 you can see a spark. 👍

  96. John Can-Am Spyder UK

    John Can-Am Spyder UK

    6 månader sedan

    There was a spark jumping down the side of the engine under your arm when you were jumping the solenoid

  97. Nick W

    Nick W

    6 månader sedan

    “Nice garage” something only men say to other men 🤣 Also I really hope that guy doesn’t watch your videos wiping that wet sanding down with a greasy towel, something tells me he might have a heat attack

  98. Andrew Rits

    Andrew Rits

    6 månader sedan

    Mustle 1 can't to see what you with it mate

  99. Craig Miller

    Craig Miller

    6 månader sedan

    Aaaaaa, So this is the mystery car behind the curtain. Fun. I'm a Ford guy. Love the brand. I look forward to seeing it come along. I guess this will be a restoration vs a rustoration since there doesn't seem to be any rust.

  100. Bell Family

    Bell Family

    6 månader sedan

    wow,! great car, great video, and the coda!, great vibes, thanks so very much!