Trash Picked, Engine Powered Blender. Will It Run?

viewer found this gas powered blender in the trash and thought of us. so lets see if it can be saved ? and or why it was thrown out in the 1st place.




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    The start of another lost weekend.

  2. David


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    Thanks Must !e 1.I really enjoyed this video. !!!You made me laugh. I like your good humor when things don’t work out, you fix the problem then you really laugh.

  3. John Bowen

    John Bowen

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    Think you're missing a bushing under that top blade.

  4. John Bowen

    John Bowen

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    The allen screws went in the top not in the clutch.

  5. Dwight Parish

    Dwight Parish

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    I appreciate your videos mustie but I have to say, that is the dumbest contraption I have ever seen. Lmao. Good job tho, keep up the good work. Thanks for all the entertainment and teachings

  6. Frank


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    Surely this should have been entitled “Will it blend?” 😀

  7. Josh Enoch

    Josh Enoch

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    Alright mama knows how to get down those drinks looked great! Great video guys! If someone would’ve asked me if I wanted to watch a weed eater blender be fixed I would’ve said are you crazy 😝 but here I am 1 hour almost 30 minutes later not sure if that says more about me or you 😂 thx

  8. Josh Enoch

    Josh Enoch

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    For rubber into gas product is Seal-All in a yellow and red tube! It’s so tough it held inside my three wheeler gas tank for about 2 years until I got a new tank I think it would have held another 2 years never used anything that could hold up to gas like this stuff

  9. R Verro

    R Verro

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    14:56--14:57 Full screen, playback 0.25, look about one inch below that black spot, on the left side of your screen. That white blur is the filter screen.

  10. JakeTheGreat 05

    JakeTheGreat 05

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    I turned the captions on when you were pouring the muriatic acid and it said: [applause]

  11. Daniel B

    Daniel B

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    Mustmom makes a mean margarita !!! Was that mustmelon she put in there ?

  12. Walter Golston

    Walter Golston

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    Sometimes you are having too much fun! God love ya!

  13. Florian Ditzel

    Florian Ditzel

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    That moment when you have almost the same glass mug...

  14. Ryan Beyea

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    What's up

  15. Ryan Beyea

    Ryan Beyea

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  16. Shawn_Wolf_2727


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    Where can I buy one?

  17. ghillepig2


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    This idea was stolen from Jeremy Clarkson !

  18. David


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    that ending was so epic

  19. Terrence Buller

    Terrence Buller

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    Great video, the soap splashing out was hilarious 😆. Take care 👍

  20. Fon Hollohan

    Fon Hollohan

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    That little thing cleaned up well, looks new, that's alright. cool ...I thought for sure we'd see a couple martini's made up at the end of your least. lol

  21. Fon Hollohan

    Fon Hollohan

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    Mustie, you can buy a tube of SEAL ALL, it's does not break down in gasoline. Its a sealant.

  22. Mojoman57


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    Some of the best content on gootube.

  23. Michael Johnson

    Michael Johnson

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    If you had painted like you suggested the three coats of paint would make it taller on outside and easier to fix.

  24. Michael Johnson

    Michael Johnson

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    What happened to using primer, especially on bare metal or wood, I saw some three-deckers sprayed without primer and the wood showed through.

  25. Michael Johnson

    Michael Johnson

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    You should have sprayed lube on the bolts and whatever needs lube the minute you got it and did every time you thought of it until you made your video. I'm surprised that you don't do that, it's requirement number one for taking apart rusted and neglected parts. You should teach the neophytes the right ways.

  26. Jeremy Lucas

    Jeremy Lucas

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    I was hoping you would replace the handlebars with high-rise handlebars. Then it would be a blender chopper. 🤣

  27. Old Man Fred

    Old Man Fred

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    How many Margaritas do you have to blend before you wear out bearings in a two stroke blender?

  28. WyreTheWolf


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    The wire was an interesting idea, I was thinking more along the lines of slipping a garden hose seal onto the grommet, and then installing it.

  29. Charles Keene

    Charles Keene

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    That is one awesome set up

  30. Jimmy Tjomsland

    Jimmy Tjomsland

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    they were "phillips" on top of the table, I think?

  31. Jimmy Tjomsland

    Jimmy Tjomsland

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    what about the big snap ring?

  32. tino Anderson

    tino Anderson

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    The Allen bolts were on top and the Philips are what held the motor to the mount

  33. Mathew Franco

    Mathew Franco

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    Great video! I’m just chilling out in the patio having a cup of coffee I made with my v-8 coffee maker and thinking. It’s a wonderful life. Thanks 😊

  34. Rated Redneck

    Rated Redneck

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    I noticed when you put the screws in opposite how they went in and was like that may cause a problem haha but in all honesty when you showed the beveled edge on the inside i 100% agree they put them in wrong and just used a longer screw to correct the issue. It also makes sense that with the bottom screws holding the motor up that it shouldnt have been the screws but the stronger allen bolts to hold more torque instead of the flimsy philips head screws that strip if you give them a half an ugga dugga too much. If i were you i woulda just shortened the allen bolts and ran it the way you had it. Just makes more sense that way, but hey thats why mechanics hate engineers lol

  35. David Phillips

    David Phillips

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    Do you ever see your wife , maybe kids

  36. William T. Musil

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  37. charlie buse

    charlie buse

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    55:35 wrong screws the phillips where holding the motor down!

  38. mobileone6


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    Ill have 2 please!

  39. Joe Cummings

    Joe Cummings

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    Apocalyptic total grid collapse, F it let's have some margaritas and watch the zombies

  40. Mark Miller

    Mark Miller

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    this is one of my favorites so far,im gonna need time to catch up to everyone else. Great video!!!....

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  42. Armantas


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    The ending bit was perfect :D

  43. Tricky Who

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    Muh valves are a lil clogged, needs some fiber 🤪 Purée me a 2x4 stat 🍹

  44. Vester Dillon

    Vester Dillon

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    Cool.just need to add a speedy an tach,and horn to tell the drinks are ready

  45. Gary Wolfman

    Gary Wolfman

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    You have got the allen screws ans screws in the wrong location Mustie1.

  46. Austin Anders

    Austin Anders

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    Best way I have found to clean bearings is to submerge them in Tupperware in WD40 and then vibrate the Tupperware with a pair of hair clippers. Works great for small bearings.

  47. Gary Stewart

    Gary Stewart

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    Instead of wire to pull it tight why not use an o-ring?

  48. Brian Terrill

    Brian Terrill

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    Reed valves.

  49. Dan Keeton

    Dan Keeton

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    🤓🤓🤓 would like know more about your table?🤓🤓🤓🤓

  50. Kevin Ackley

    Kevin Ackley

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    Have you tryed soaking the old diaphragms in armoral

  51. Chris Provan

    Chris Provan

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    Why is Hylomar so unfamiliar to most of America? That’s what you would want for sealing that grommet even with the slop. And for removing surface rust/pitting, we’ve apparently all forgotten naval jelly...? “It’s only dumb if it doesn’t work” is the corollary of “it’s only temporary unless it works.”

  52. Philip Gwyn

    Philip Gwyn

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    Those blades seem underwhelmed compared to the force being put through them.

  53. akbychoice


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    Cool channel. Run castor oil for that true race track mixed drink. Household vinegar is about 6% acid, you can get gallon jugs of industrial vinegar that is 30% acid at homedepot. 30% vinegar is what I use to clean concrete and kill weeds. You can buy this blender for $285 on uncrate.

  54. Louis Adams

    Louis Adams

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    Heyman, 6202Z bearing available on Amazon for 10$....

    • Louis Adams

      Louis Adams

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      Welcome to Margretiaville!!!!

  55. RoseOfHizaki


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    Reminds me of old Top Gear where Jeremy Clarkson turned a V8 from a car into a blender.... You can find the video clip on youtube. Its one of the most fantastic things ever to be made by man.

  56. Wind in your Sails

    Wind in your Sails

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    That is just ridiculous, in a good and funny way! Love it.

  57. Alex Westman

    Alex Westman

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    Best video yet Who has more fun than you? 🤘😜🤘

  58. powder749


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    Fun fact... this is called The Extreme Daquiri Whacker. Side note, I only found one listing for it. It was on Amazon for $599.99

  59. OddTechMan


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    Found your channel a few weeks back through a youtube recommendation from Andrew Camarata's channel... and i have just binged this entire fortnight on your adventures! You, Sir, have an excellent video manner and work ethic with your 4th wall commentary. it's brilliance and a joy to watch. Thank-you most kindly for sharing your adventures with us all, the frustrations and the laughs of which we have all lived with you! Waving hi from the south coast of the United Kingdom here.

  60. Matt Schlapfer

    Matt Schlapfer

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    I know about the foggy welding window blues

  61. 4bstr4ct


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    do something, declare, "good as new" love it.

  62. 4bstr4ct


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    my man, why no 4k? this would be heaven in 4k 60fps.

  63. Rhodeygirl


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    Who on earth would want to use something like this? This is the opposite of a relaxing noise while you're partying.

    • Rhodeygirl


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      And Rustie has now learned why you don't use Dawn in the dishwasher. :)

  64. zapro_dk


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    The liquid you poured in looked like ferric chloride :D

  65. Brad Scott

    Brad Scott

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    The whole fam damily shows up when the alcohol comes out!

  66. 4N5W3R5


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    What you have yourself right there is a Margarita Wacker!

  67. Donut Doge

    Donut Doge

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    what a nice, wholesome ending~

  68. The Cynic

    The Cynic

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    How do you monetize a channle

  69. Duarte Gois

    Duarte Gois

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    I have one of these. Dose anyone know a carburetor kit number that would work. Thanks Duarte

  70. Truckinchihuahua Alvie Schreckhise

    Truckinchihuahua Alvie Schreckhise

    4 månader sedan

    Phillips went in the engine and the allen went on the blender

  71. John Taylor

    John Taylor

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    Awesome stuff. Pmsl at bubbles flying. I want 1 make awesome chum/berley grinder for the boat

  72. Joseph Peters

    Joseph Peters

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    You get that coffee Mustie ya can never go wrong with a cup of caffeine!

  73. Mark


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    Cheers ! Mustie. Great fun. Keep up the good work.

  74. ronmathewson


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    Good clean fun!

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    Dog shows up too late for happy hour.

  77. Darell Sunderlin

    Darell Sunderlin

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    That gas tank looks like it is the same or close to ones on a Eskimo Viper ice auger except it has a plastic tank but the two hole fuel line grommet looks the same . Hope this helps .

  78. Olly Alme

    Olly Alme

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    Id make us a smoothie, but I'm missing one of the ingredients. Petrol.

  79. Chuck Smoko

    Chuck Smoko

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    Unless that added washer is stainless steel, ditch it and get one that is stainless. That’s coming into contact with food/beverage.

    • Mustie1


      4 månader sedan

      it was stainless

  80. Hans


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    gas proof silicone (If only I wasn't blocked)

  81. STEF.B.M.L K190

    STEF.B.M.L K190

    4 månader sedan

    Topgear uk did it with a LS V8

  82. MotoDoug


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    Compared to the rest of the stuff on this channel this thing looks brand new!!!

  83. Mike AUSTIN

    Mike AUSTIN

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    1:23:20. Poor Lucy, my master has REALLY LOST it now. Please send dog 🐕 food and a bone or two?

  84. Neil Reddin

    Neil Reddin

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    But can it beat Jeremy Clarkson's V8 powered blender?

  85. Peterj McGee

    Peterj McGee

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    Oh my God you professional alcoholics I guess you all know how to bartend over there where you live that's what I used to do for a living a long time ago

  86. Peterj McGee

    Peterj McGee

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    Oh and by the way I was going to ask you why did you change the screws for the top I know right away when I saw you using a screwdriver on the top of the blender that you didn't use the Allen wrench I was wondering why you change the screws

  87. Peterj McGee

    Peterj McGee

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    Now wasn't that intelligent look at the mess you gotta clean up now but I guess it was a little bit fun wasn't it

  88. Derrek Graham

    Derrek Graham

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    Love it. 👍👍👍

  89. Rick Dubois

    Rick Dubois

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    I love it!! Nice work!

  90. The Same Same

    The Same Same

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    This must be one of the most american things ive ever seen!

  91. João Cajazeira

    João Cajazeira

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    Best ending

  92. brave mcgarnagle

    brave mcgarnagle

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    Good move not loktighting it

  93. Simon Hopkins

    Simon Hopkins

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    awww i was expecting the v8 version Jerermy clarkson made.

  94. Tom Sommer

    Tom Sommer

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    That was fun. LOL

  95. RastaMafin PL

    RastaMafin PL

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    Best tinkering person i ever watched and i jump thru many channels

  96. xantra (bakabeni)

    xantra (bakabeni)

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    Awww yes Ft Mrs Mustie, one fine margarita

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    Just brilliant !! Thank you!

  98. Travailer


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    Good to see your havin some fun with it!! Meet the new king of Margaritas vill

  99. jimbobbyrnes


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    alcoholics are weird

  100. csorrows


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    You assembled it wrong. The philips held the motor assembly to the base, the allens held the cone down. Later in the video: called it!