Will It Run/Drive? 1970 Mercury Cougar Saved From The scrap Yard.

Part 1 Here, se-one.info/cycle/bM9_l5aIeYysmbY/video
I picked up this 1970 mercury cougar about 10 months ago as a basket case, it had been in a wreck in 1977 then stored in a cow barn until 2003 when Mike (the guy l bought it from) bought it for parts but found it too nice to scrap, He then took it apart restoring over time. then I purchased it as a basket case finishing the car.


  1. Michael Hartloff

    Michael Hartloff

    2 dagar sedan

    Did you take the guy you bought it from for a ride

  2. michael cudby

    michael cudby

    8 dagar sedan

    Hey Mustie.Just a thought.These older motors MUST run on 96/98 oct gas.Or you will bugger the valve seats.We know what happens then??

  3. Tom Bastion

    Tom Bastion

    8 dagar sedan

    WOW , u have one heck of a beauty there so i been yelling what engine does it have but i guess u can"t hear me,, lol

  4. Michael Johnson

    Michael Johnson

    10 dagar sedan

    So much more car than the usual VW's you waste time your time on.

  5. Brent Farvors

    Brent Farvors

    11 dagar sedan

    Just in case anyone was wondering; Parts for those are EXTREMELY HARD to get hold of...

  6. Sonny Moorehouse

    Sonny Moorehouse

    15 dagar sedan

    shes beautiful !!!!!!!!

  7. Perry Degonia

    Perry Degonia

    16 dagar sedan

    There should be a reset switch for the low fuel light in the glove case that you push

  8. Sticky Fingers

    Sticky Fingers

    17 dagar sedan

    2/3 of a tank in 50 miles.. that was another age

  9. Andrew Cooper

    Andrew Cooper

    20 dagar sedan

    Very sweet

  10. Neil


    20 dagar sedan

    Love the videos! From an old Ford guy... I don't think the second terminal on the solenoid on the fender well/fire wall is ground. That was used to bypass the voltage reducing resistor for the coil, ignition curcuit. That terminal puts full 12v-battery to the coil during crank for higher ignition voltage. Then when the solenoid disengages it drops back to the 9 volts (+ -) for normal run ignition. If you will notice in later years after solid state ignition (about 74-75-76) they did not have that second terminal. Ground is normally made thru the base of the solenoid to the fender well. Keep the videos coming!!!

  11. Donald Fuller

    Donald Fuller

    22 dagar sedan

    Windsor I'm guessing?

  12. Michael Daniel

    Michael Daniel

    22 dagar sedan

    Very cool car.

  13. Steven R

    Steven R

    24 dagar sedan

    Great work. What a classic.

  14. Smoker's Chuggin'!

    Smoker's Chuggin'!

    Månad sedan

    I love this car!!! It’s gorgeous! Always liked the Cougar better than the Mustang. This one has a really nice color combo. That burgundy interior is swank!

  15. Sox4Life


    Månad sedan

    Definitely past “morning piss yellow”🤭🤣

  16. Trailwander


    Månad sedan

    Beautiful car Darren, I had a 68 and a half (302CI instead of the 289) The sequential tail lights (relay activated not electronic like today)was the thing for me too. Oh and the windshield washer operated by a foot pedal. Those were the days.

  17. Tommy Wood

    Tommy Wood

    Månad sedan

    Is it 351M ?😎

  18. Michael Bouley

    Michael Bouley

    Månad sedan

    That Cougar has a C4 light duty dual range automatic. If the modulator valve has a bad diaphragm that would have upshift problems

  19. Kenz Dubee

    Kenz Dubee

    Månad sedan

    wow oh the memory's i had a 68 GT and E with 427 not the 428 that was an awsome car it beat hands down my brothers 68 california special mustang by Shelby with 351and independent suspension all around wooped him every witchway. 0-60 5.5 seconds 1/4mi in 11-12ish seconds a very fast car and of course it has the 160 speedo pegged it a few times just to see if it could yup it could but im sure the rear diff had something to do with that 150 max with factory gears anyways I want another one..... good luck with the leaky C-6 transcombustdibulator Pan replace with a none stock aftermarket cast aluminum pan fergit the manufacturerereres name but any who it sure will stop all them leaks on them thar there transsess YUP!!!

  20. Smokeybooboo0308


    Månad sedan

    Don't know if it's where I'm getting older, but I'm starting to appreciate old American muscle cars more. 5 or 6 years ago this wouldn't have really interested me but now I'm finding myself wishing I could drive something like this one day.

  21. Fred Seaborne

    Fred Seaborne

    Månad sedan

    1:12:53 Wow --- that's the first car I've ever seen that has the rear side-lights blink along with the turn-signals! The only vehicles I'd ever seen that did that were a few public busses; I'd always thought that they ought to do that on all vehicles for safety. :D

  22. Tony Chamberlain

    Tony Chamberlain

    Månad sedan

    That’s nice I’d love it

  23. John Terrell

    John Terrell

    Månad sedan

    Nice dang car.

  24. prissy134


    Månad sedan

    You got a great car now.

  25. Gary Soykin

    Gary Soykin

    Månad sedan

    Very nice 👍

  26. Phillip Demry

    Phillip Demry

    Månad sedan

    On the end of the video you a wild dude man I LOVE IT

  27. Jesterr


    Månad sedan

    There is nothing worse than trying to follow somebody that didn't know what they were doing.

  28. Jesterr


    Månad sedan

    I think Stevie Wonder wired that thing, lol. What a clusterfuck.

  29. Jesterr


    Månad sedan

    When you were turning it over at 11:42, it was arcing down near the starter. I could actually see the spark. Lower Left hand side toward the rear.

  30. Wade Surrett

    Wade Surrett

    Månad sedan

    I had a 71 cougar

  31. Stone Object

    Stone Object

    Månad sedan


  32. Sui Generis

    Sui Generis

    Månad sedan

    _Nice job! I have restore 67s', 68s', 69s' and 70s' thought-out my life. Growing up in Cali, one of my first cars was 68 mustang, by my brother had a 67 Cougar. Once I drove his car, I sold both of my Mustangs! Went straight, bought my first Cougar, and never look back. I'm a huge Cougar fan; they're a sexy-looking car. What's nice you can use a lot of Mustang parts too. Here a little know fact. Mustang's original name was the Cougar during the clay 1962 concept, and in 1962 when the car was built, it had a running cat and the name Cougar. Joe Oros always preferred the name Cougar for new upcoming car [ Mustang ]. There's a huge story behind it all, why and how, plus name to use! But this is the jest of it._

  33. Ross Erskine

    Ross Erskine

    2 månader sedan

    Lovely car. Keep it.. don't sell it ever

  34. Kevin Auld

    Kevin Auld

    2 månader sedan

    I will be looking for a 1964 Chevrolet mallubo SS rag top .yours is looking good no appallingly nessisary ✌

  35. Hailey Himes

    Hailey Himes

    2 månader sedan

    My mother just inherited my grandfathers '70 Eliminator, a few years ago. My grandfather was well-known as a founding member of The Cougar Club of America, and I spent much of my childhood helping my father rebuild my grandfathers '69 and '70 eliminators.

  36. 0akgrove


    2 månader sedan

    Wow, good job sir.

  37. Spencer plays mario

    Spencer plays mario

    2 månader sedan

    Give us an update on what you found... Was the flywheel grinding? Or was it the transmission? Also, was the sending unit causing the lightning fault, or just a ground wire? Great job on the car! One of my favorite cars ever!

  38. R Verro

    R Verro

    2 månader sedan

    For the transmission noise, remove the dust pan and hit the ring gear with a rubber mallet. Sometimes, there is a micro fracture around the core (where its bolted to the crankshaft).

  39. Chris Baumann

    Chris Baumann

    2 månader sedan

    Sequential rear signals, hidden lamps. Pretty nice keeper! Cougars are one of my favorites. Step up from Mustang.

  40. Chris Baumann

    Chris Baumann

    2 månader sedan

    Lots of 70 cats started as H code. Standard 351 2v. I personally like the Clevelands. This cat, a Windsor. Pretty cool. Probably a ,3:00:1, 9" conventional. No traction lock. Cool.

  41. Kimdino1


    2 månader sedan

    I can really see where the M3 Cortina/Taunus got their idea from. Replace the headlight covers with a chrome grill, feef up the rear wheel arches slightly & a few other little tweaks and there you are. One of the most beautiful cars ever to hit the roads. Then they go and stick a 1300cc (79cubic inch) engine in it :(

  42. Neil Brown

    Neil Brown

    2 månader sedan

    Very nice!

  43. Shar Pei Dad

    Shar Pei Dad

    2 månader sedan

    What a gorgeous car...great work.

  44. Stephen Byford

    Stephen Byford

    2 månader sedan

    Lovely motor.👍🏻👍🏻

  45. Martin Pettitt

    Martin Pettitt

    2 månader sedan

    Sorry must’ve been the ht lead’s

  46. Martin Pettitt

    Martin Pettitt

    2 månader sedan

    I did notice that the starter was sparking down the bottom when you turn it over over

  47. Thomas Hill

    Thomas Hill

    2 månader sedan

    You da man!💯🙏🏼😂

  48. Graeme toobux

    Graeme toobux

    2 månader sedan

    you may look older but you are still 17 at heart

  49. Test Pilot

    Test Pilot

    2 månader sedan

    Have you hit your head on the center grill yet... I always wanted to remove the center section from the hood. Sooner or later you will develop a cougar hood dent in your head!!!

  50. Dan Baxter

    Dan Baxter

    2 månader sedan

    I had a 70 wimbleton white and blue top and interior. It was not an XR - 7. Always wanted one.

  51. Graham Parr

    Graham Parr

    2 månader sedan

    Aren’t voices funny, your voice sounds younger than your face looks, other voices sound older than their face looks, on the whole I prefer the older voice with the young face.

  52. Graham Parr

    Graham Parr

    2 månader sedan

    You could have dressed that screw head back a little with a dremel disc.

  53. Graham Parr

    Graham Parr

    2 månader sedan

    I used try shouting “you bastard” at it😉

  54. Will


    2 månader sedan

    My mom had a 70 cougar and man I wish she would have kept it! Love the look of those old cars!! Great job!

  55. Chris Norton

    Chris Norton

    2 månader sedan

    That thing is so sweet. Great job putting it all back together! You should give Mike a ride. 👍

  56. Tony LIucci

    Tony LIucci

    2 månader sedan

    starter positive lead should be on the other side of the solenoid

  57. Fon Hollohan

    Fon Hollohan

    2 månader sedan

    My first car was a 69 coronet super bee, drank fuel like a pig but if I had my time back I wouldn't of sold it, like the rest of us. right. lol I have to admit for a basket, you did very well with this find, by the looks of things. Its too bad you broke through the paint with trying to get rid of the orange peel and the paint don't match perfectly but give it time to cure though and it should match up a little better hopefully.. its the use of water in the painting process with acrylic paints, they say that causes the color shift. They also say if you don't use water, the color shifts aren't very noticeable. And remember with Acrylics they become darker in tone as they dry. so as I said, give it a bit of time, it might match up, Your scored Mustie you really did just needs a little more loving care....in 81 I had my Yamaha XS 1100 tearing up the town. lol I paid cash for it at the dealership bran new. I worked in the coal mines back in the day and and made a lot of cash for a 18, 19 year old. I was making 60 G's a year. not bad for a kid. Looks pretty good for parts car there Mustie, I must say,

  58. Ton Bosma

    Ton Bosma

    3 månader sedan

    great car, lot of hours and love putting in that big cat. Have some projects waiting for me too. Just gave my inspiration a bump up. :)



    3 månader sedan

    Pretty clean car. I think you found a gem.

  60. Hyundai Dashcam

    Hyundai Dashcam

    3 månader sedan

    An awsome job your knowledge and skills is incredible love your video's keep them coming.

  61. FreezyAbitKT7A


    3 månader sedan

    I had a 68 Mustang that I had to reinforce the front end (shock towers, subframe.) It wouldn't stay aligned

  62. John Smith

    John Smith

    3 månader sedan

    I lost a 2001 Ford Ranger V6 engine due to a Fram oil filter. I now run from a car with a Fram filter. ANY OTHER BRAND is better than those Fram pieces of garbage.

  63. John Smith

    John Smith

    3 månader sedan

    If I remember correctly, there is an interlock that prevents you from taking it out of park unless the key is turned on. I think that was to prevent you from taking it out of gear and pushing it away to steal it. "IF" I remember correctly, that is. At 74 memories are getting fewer and farther between. Love the videos, keep it up please.

  64. wiliam cushman

    wiliam cushman

    3 månader sedan

    Great job brother!

  65. Bozidar Vedda

    Bozidar Vedda

    3 månader sedan

    Just have to love how he checks the coolant last🤣 sign of confidence knowing he will not run it long anyways...

  66. Steve Cox

    Steve Cox

    3 månader sedan

    that noise was the transmission low on fluid

  67. chatrkat


    3 månader sedan

    Nice work! Big a- job starting with baskets of parts and turning out a nice finished product. I’ll look for it at Barrett-Jackson next year. ; -)

  68. Ron Sharlow

    Ron Sharlow

    3 månader sedan

    that is one beautiful car very nice job man,i had a 70 convertable ,sorry i ever sold it, great videos a have learned a lot from you keep up the great video's

  69. Todd Kigas

    Todd Kigas

    3 månader sedan

    Oil pump not enough around the Trans slide making that sound

  70. Todd Kigas

    Todd Kigas

    3 månader sedan

    Holly shit that looks fucken grate

  71. Don Duncan

    Don Duncan

    3 månader sedan

    Does this bring back good memories and love this cougar! You sure done a great job on this one.

  72. Don Duncan

    Don Duncan

    3 månader sedan


  73. blaser51


    3 månader sedan

    It is early on but it really looks good from here-what ever that means? My father had a yellow With a white Top- convertible with a 351 engine. Beautiful tan leather seats. Wonderful memories but a was barely allowed to drive it being that I was only 17 years old.

  74. William T. Musil

    William T. Musil

    3 månader sedan


  75. Tête Dur

    Tête Dur

    3 månader sedan

    Yeah, if the kid wrecked it, he probably tore the hell out of the transmission as well. Also: needs a posi for better burnouts.

  76. Golden Mask

    Golden Mask

    3 månader sedan

    Very nice Cougar and a rewarding project! I would rather have this Cougar than a Mustang of the same era.

  77. Chris Elliott

    Chris Elliott

    3 månader sedan

    Is there anything you can't do? I wish you were my neighbour, I would be a real pest and be round every day!

  78. Robert Steven Schwartz

    Robert Steven Schwartz

    3 månader sedan

    I loved the early Cougars from the sixties and the a bit fancier Thunderbirds. Unfortunately both cars were destroyed in the mid seventies and should have renamed whales. Cars from the sixties and very early seventies were so much more stylish than most of the modern cars.

  79. gerald phillips

    gerald phillips

    3 månader sedan

    Could the grinding sound be coming from the flex plate bolts to torque converter?

  80. Cheryl Cold

    Cheryl Cold

    3 månader sedan

    I fall asleep watching these. Really so relaxing and a wonderful voice and sense of humour.

  81. NSDAP Enthusiast 88

    NSDAP Enthusiast 88

    4 månader sedan

    Does this car have the 2 barrel or the 4 barrel 351?

  82. Keeping It Real

    Keeping It Real

    4 månader sedan

    I Wander If They Had Some Crazy Anti Theft Deal Set Up With The Extra Solenoid ???

  83. tgrn uytgu

    tgrn uytgu

    4 månader sedan

    The panoramic cinema secondly bolt because employer phylogenetically risk for a free imprisonment. married, tedious close

  84. james ploof

    james ploof

    4 månader sedan

    Car is fucking unbelievable, good job man, you and you garage, good work, hands down good work

  85. Terrence Buller

    Terrence Buller

    4 månader sedan

    Congratulations on putting this car back together. What a beauty. I do see a new set of rear tires coming soon, lol. Have fun and be careful. 👍

  86. Scott Yurkovich

    Scott Yurkovich

    4 månader sedan

    Whats it got for a motor?

  87. Scott Yurkovich

    Scott Yurkovich

    4 månader sedan

    1970 cougarxr7 very nice

  88. Guilherme Marinheiro

    Guilherme Marinheiro

    4 månader sedan

    That sound tho! :D

  89. 12B Georgia

    12B Georgia

    4 månader sedan


  90. Vincent Villanueva

    Vincent Villanueva

    4 månader sedan

    You need to get the drone that follows you while recording so you don’t have to worry about it

  91. smith jimmy

    smith jimmy

    4 månader sedan

    The wires on the coil could be backwards

  92. smith jimmy

    smith jimmy

    4 månader sedan

    That top lever on the carb Is the trans kickdown

  93. smith jimmy

    smith jimmy

    4 månader sedan

    How about the neutral safety switch on the shifter

  94. Richard Baumgart

    Richard Baumgart

    4 månader sedan

    lol excellent burnouts, one wheeler peelers

  95. vtec2liter


    4 månader sedan

    Nice car

  96. Donn Dabney

    Donn Dabney

    4 månader sedan

    May start in neutral, typical of C4 and C6's

  97. Niam Akhtar

    Niam Akhtar

    4 månader sedan

    Mustie, yiu are still terrorising your town, but on a Sunday ans in a more gentlemany manner!!!🤣

  98. Niam Akhtar

    Niam Akhtar

    4 månader sedan

    Hi, what caused power liss at the igntion barrel? was it rhe gear shifter mechanism?

  99. qfdforme


    4 månader sedan

    Astonishingly good resurrection. Love it!

  100. Steven Grace

    Steven Grace

    4 månader sedan

    Wow, that dash was like those 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles, great video...