Blown Up VW Bus Engine, Can We Repair It For Free?

I picked this 1968 vw bus engine up on a property cleanout. after sitting 40 years in the dirt, on an earlier video we found it had dropped a valve and had no compression on 3 cylinders. then tore it down and found it was a rotten mess, lets see if we can bring it back to usefulness as cheap as possible.


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    another one saved

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    A man enjoying himself.

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    Danke für dieses Video, hab schon fast vergessen wie der einfachste Motor der VW Generation repariert wird, habe als 14 jähriger meinen ersten VW Motor zerlegt und wieder zusammengebaut, bin 3 Jahre damit ohne Führerschein gefahren, und dieses wahr 1967, aber ohne Drehmoment Schlüssel, so wie du... Aber wunderbar der Motor Aufbau. LG.Herbst Johann aus Österreich

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    I really get a kick how you can old junk and turn it to treasure

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    40:19 those are acorn nuts, castle nuts have notches on top, (much like battlements on a castle) for you to put a cotter pin through.

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    Mad when I watch your show it's like I'm standing right beside you and you're talking about to me I love that man so keep up the good work

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    If I had someone were I live like mustie1 for vw I be set. Took mine to shop and let's say I don't think they are experts. Learning from university of mustie.

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    And Mustie will keep the aftermath as well. He can turn rust into gold.

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    Check #3 looked lie some blow by on film.

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    Brilliant. Thanks so much.

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    Tommy Cowger

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    I have a question, what is the difference in a single port and dual port on those VW engines that you work on? I've heard you mention that 1 is single and 1 is dual port can you explain what the difference is and where they can and cannot be used please?

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    Bro you got a stash of lowriders 🤗🤗🤗

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    What a great video. Great Job brother...💪👍

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    hell yes!! great save mate :)

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    Sure looks like my Corvair engine, minus a couple of jugs.

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    I love these engines, built them for years.

    • scdevon


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      These backyard "Macgyver" type repairs by feel and common sense are the most satisfying. The design is very forgiving on these engines.

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    Michael Gordon

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    Future generations will miss the sound of old petrol engines roaring and popping!

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    natürlich läuft ein Käfermotor....4Zylinder Boxer...und wenn er 100 Jahre gestanden wäre. DIESE WARE LÄUFT !!!

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    You may not be a restorer, but you usually don’t give up until it runs!



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    Mustie 1 should be called the Lazarus Mechanic....everything he touches comes back to life...



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      i miss my 1968 1100cc 6volt beetle...used it all throughout my college days...

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    You sir must live in New Hampshire! By GOD !!

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    What's up

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    I like the way you do the valve grinding

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    Good job mistie! Again love your T-shirt

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    Live free or die love it right on man

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    I would absolutely love you build one of these, I can think of a million uses for an engine like that

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    I sure miss my 59 bug and 71 911 !!! TNX for the GREAT video !!!

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    That's a unique way to lap the valves, better than using your hands, as long as it works, Right. U can tell your a typical gear head when you get so excited when it motor fires up! Your laugh says it all. Now I call that a success in my book..perfect motor for a dune buggy build. anyways have a good one bud.

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    Grub's rust

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    I really like that torque wrench

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    you got to talk to CT on youtube he would love to talk to you about all the parts of VW

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    Sigh:working You:SIKE IM PLAYING!!!

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    I love the programs you do about VWs most of all. I had a 1300 Beetle for 27yrs and am sorry that I ever parted with it, the most simple and practical cars ever made.

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    Sounds Great Mustie! Thank You for the lesson and Great Video ..

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    endplay is 001 to 003 thousands any higher than that the thrust bearing is shot....014 crank will be dancing

  37. kevin lockhart

    kevin lockhart

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    if you use longer studs i forget which 2 you can put dual port heads on a single port engine which gives you a 1500 dual port which ups the power a bit drove one for years even raced it a little

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    Looks like there a compression leak under load between 3-4

  39. Bill Skoros

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    Like a kitten! Another nice build! Would love to find one of those to mess with, never touched one before, then a baja beetle build for it!

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    Can you narrow the stims

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    All you needed for that ole VW motor is a pair of 38mm dellortors and stinger exhaust!

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    Fun video

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    Yes my son is yelling at the tv!haha. My dad yells to and my uncle brian. I sent you a message so I can send to you the thing you can put on your next bike. My dad helps me to say it right. My dad makes stuff and uncle works with dad. I love watching you make old engines go. My dad loves watching you to him and uncle love watching you its funny to yell at tv. Hi. My son Malachi enjoyes watching with me and Brian. Please humour him with a response. Yes Mal has a gift for you. J

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    You are the King of Mechanics getting engines running. 👍👍

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    Awesome videos and save on this engine. Just love listening to you my friend. Always a good treat no matter what you do. I do love the VW vids more than the rest but, you remain the main attraction in the way you do things and no nonsense approach. Keep up the good work and keep doing these VW ones. : ) Cheers from Quebec City, Québec Canada.

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    WHY do you keep laughing all the time ??

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    LOVE IT! sounds like Herbie, in Herbie goes banana's lmao

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    I have a old coot Atv that I scored from a friend and it has a old Tecumseh motor Can you recommend a rebuild kit or could you do a rebuild video for this type of motor? It’s pretty old. Thank you.

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    Absolutely amazing! Loved this video.

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    Damn you were close to that tuning note, only 1 step off. It was an Ab ( I'm musician that has perfect pitch) I really love your videos and I appreciate your master level skills, forensic talent and quirky sense of humor. Thanks for the education and making it entertaining!

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    It’s all been said. Truly a joy and treat to watch you work your magic. We are all thankful for your efforts. Just never stop.

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    Had a 69 beetle with 1500cc in her. Drove her across Canada. What a blast. 78 Rabbit, then 78 Westfalia- wish I still had the van. Nice engine job man.

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    Certainly not free

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    @1:02:15 is that top left cylinder having some blowby?

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    Assuming this engine goes back into a car, would anybody care to guess how long it would last?

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    I noticed at one hour and two minutes that smoke was coming from the area of the coil. Anyone else see this?

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    That is a boxer engine

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    If I had your mechanical ⚙️ skills I could fix my new Husqvarna Honda 4 stroke, starts and runs, gets hot and dies, Valve problem ❓or carburetor 😡

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    VW CLASSIC SA Restorage

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    i am getting almost the exact same engine for my vw 1972 bay window kombi, will make a video of building it up and installing it, and driving it

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    Mustie I really enjoy your vids. I worked with an old fellow who was a repairer and fixer i often found lawn mower engines and tell him the previous owner said that the engine would never run again..Fred always proved them wrong.

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    This video was very informative and to be honest I never thought the engine would run again having had the same engine in a beetle. I cut out the heater flap in the air delivery shroud because if this jams shut it closes the air flow off to the cylinders.

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    Stop censoring my free speech

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    That motor sounds great to me. Good save and good thing for the hoard. I see why you go get rusty vw s now like you said for the motor.

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    The hungry result invariably smash because morocco exemplarily excite down a false familiar famous surname. anxious, unequaled bay

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    The old VW motors had a design flaw... the stock oil cooler was mounted so as to block cooling air flow to number 3 cylinder which generally caused overheating and metal fatigue failure of the #3 exhaust valve usually causing the valve head to break off and dive into its piston. This problem was so pervasive with the old air cooled VW's that it was always predicted when a VW was being towed in for repair. There is an aftermarket kit for these that places the oil cooler outside the shroud thus restoring cooling airflow to #3 while better cooling the oil and adding some volume to capacity as well.

  93. Hank Cohen

    Hank Cohen

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    Typical failure of the fresh air VW engine. The oil cooler obstructed airflow to the #3 cylinder leading to overheating of the exhaust valve. The stem gets brittle and breaks the head gets sucked down into the cylinder.

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    I enjoyed the rebuild very much (as usual) but stupid question: you mentioned the crankshaft had quite some play, so why use this engine bottom as a base for a rebuild? (Apart from because you can 😅) thanks for the videos, always learning and amazed at the amount of experience, curiosity, and ingenuity.

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