I am a life long fan of all things powered, lets turn some wrenches on rusty junk and see if we can bring them back to life on the cheap.



  1. iron will85

    iron will85

    9 timmar sedan


  2. Patrick Jones

    Patrick Jones

    9 timmar sedan

    You got guts man...Snapper good though.

  3. Clark Magnuson

    Clark Magnuson

    10 timmar sedan

    In 1954, that is what motors looked like at the lake.

  4. Dale Brames

    Dale Brames

    10 timmar sedan

    Was not one of kohlers better ideas. They nicknamed it the bucket engine. Had a lot of problems with bolts on cover coming loose and in turn cracking the block. Hoping to see you push it out and run wide open till it kabooms big time

  5. Tamica Phillippy

    Tamica Phillippy

    12 timmar sedan

    The workable perch scully guide because iris undoubtedly double through a disastrous magician. striped, yummy aluminum

  6. cody B

    cody B

    12 timmar sedan

    Probably 3 or 4 hp

  7. David


    12 timmar sedan

    Love your videos. I have learned so much!

  8. mike burgan

    mike burgan

    12 timmar sedan

    You guys have way too much fun!!! Your videos are great. Takes me back. I worked on cars for 30 plus years of my life, and now I havin more fun than ever!

  9. Douglas Rankin

    Douglas Rankin

    13 timmar sedan

    You ever thought of doing a zoom type event so as you asking question, you could get real time respones ? That would be an interesting twist to something like this engine repair. Just typing out loud here.

  10. george price

    george price

    13 timmar sedan

    What kind of motor, What horsepower

  11. Strictly Clean Pressure Washing

    Strictly Clean Pressure Washing

    13 timmar sedan

    We love your vids, I think your one of the best all-around mechanics ever. Please don't stop making videos. Thanks, your loyal subscriber Troy

  12. Michael Day

    Michael Day

    13 timmar sedan

    3m makes a product called clear coat compound, ACE hardware can order if not found. This stuff will make that JD green new again, make sure you wax afterwards.

  13. ohio yoder toter

    ohio yoder toter

    13 timmar sedan

    hey since your at the dollar tree could you grab me a couple things haha

  14. Frankie Fish

    Frankie Fish

    14 timmar sedan

    tractors been sitting for 10 years i know lets start it on old fuel

  15. god man 445

    god man 445

    14 timmar sedan

    How mutch do you want fore one of your rear wheel nut

  16. Edmund Roschyk

    Edmund Roschyk

    14 timmar sedan

    Hey! Where do you live to find such fun projects? Just found you two weeks and I have been watching the videos from some time back! Love the different project and videos!

  17. Kevin Williams

    Kevin Williams

    14 timmar sedan

    Wow Wee !! I think ya got a good deal !! Can't believe it jumped to life like that ..

  18. Antique1970


    14 timmar sedan

    Man, I always loved the looks of the cutlass.. especially thru the 80's..the interior looks great on that one too.. 👌

  19. Christopher froeschl

    Christopher froeschl

    14 timmar sedan

    1:05:47 That's not for anti-corrosion, it's your outboard balance trim tab. Your bolt is too long because it's supposed to have a lock washer on it.

  20. Mark Kotyk

    Mark Kotyk

    15 timmar sedan

    The corrosion on the pulleys makes me think mouse urine, but you'd smell it first, right?

  21. George Owen

    George Owen

    15 timmar sedan

    That cheap cast can’t be welded either.

  22. 3wkidd


    15 timmar sedan

    What do you put in your cleaner?

  23. Thor Hammer

    Thor Hammer

    15 timmar sedan

    GFCI wont test unless it has power

  24. Gus Biv

    Gus Biv

    16 timmar sedan

    Fork removal notch is on the bottom

  25. Jesse Dean

    Jesse Dean

    16 timmar sedan

    This guy has awesome tools and every gadget needed to do the job correctly!

  26. jack pine

    jack pine

    16 timmar sedan


  27. Dan O

    Dan O

    17 timmar sedan

    Enough of the mustie ass kissing fella's. Its getting kind of gross.

  28. Justin Raab

    Justin Raab

    17 timmar sedan

    Very cool, love your place and life style. I hope to be just like you some day, just without filming everything. I’m not so good on camera lol.

  29. Rick Swedberg

    Rick Swedberg

    17 timmar sedan

    Just watching the video and have a thought on the drive shaft problem. Looking at the length of the splines on the ends of the shift, it looks like the shaft was put in upside down in the past. with the shorter spline down it will not extend through the drive gear. Great site!



    17 timmar sedan

    The start of another lost weekend.

  31. Boulder Dash

    Boulder Dash

    17 timmar sedan

    Dad's looking good for 85 👍

  32. Douglas Rankin

    Douglas Rankin

    17 timmar sedan

    Surprised you didn't install a fuel filter. Like a VW clear type. Hummmmm

  33. stuartsplace100


    17 timmar sedan

    sounds good

  34. bily freeland

    bily freeland

    18 timmar sedan

    with the bumper on is what i likev best!! i think u did very well on the body work love your work.

  35. joed596


    19 timmar sedan

    You're very patient and persistent 🙂😉 Thumbs up, Joe 👍

  36. Mouka Faslouka

    Mouka Faslouka

    19 timmar sedan

    You got a boat and a trailer for free. Who cares if the outboard does not work.

  37. pets rule

    pets rule

    19 timmar sedan

    First pull stars woooooooooòooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  38. David H

    David H

    19 timmar sedan

    i am looking forward to the next video, with some TLC this could be nice tractor

  39. out in the sticks

    out in the sticks

    19 timmar sedan

    I'm going to be interested following this tractor . Looking at a b5100 that is pretty rough , runs but beat up , gages gone , wiring cobbled up etc



    19 timmar sedan

    I wish I had a loader on my L245. It is a great tractor. You should drain the feul to be an sure you don't have water in it. The trans fluid check is a sight plug on the side of the gear case (drivers side). Good luck, it looks like a winner. You can't kill these old Kubotas. FYI, WD40 makes good starting fluid for diesels.

  41. Willem Verbrugh

    Willem Verbrugh

    20 timmar sedan

    Grind the nut down and forget the shims

  42. Willem Verbrugh

    Willem Verbrugh

    20 timmar sedan

    How about welding a new clamp on it.... wood clamp might be a good donor

  43. joed596


    20 timmar sedan

    I vaguely remember seeing these from way back in the 70's . . . Definitely remember the "Rolls-Royce" kit for the VW! Thanks & thumbs up, Joe 👍🇺🇸

  44. John Hempsall

    John Hempsall

    20 timmar sedan

    How come you never tried to start it on site

  45. Pep101


    21 timme sedan

    I wouldn't touch ANYTHING without a mask and gloves...

  46. Douglas Rankin

    Douglas Rankin

    21 timme sedan

    I do not anything about this motorcycle, but for half an hour I was yell at you to pull the key out. I glad you finally did as I said. 😂🤣😀

  47. Pep101


    21 timme sedan

    So amazing that people keep this old recken cars instead of selling them for a shitsum of money in the early days.... :((((( it is so obvious that is was a problem with the engine, othervice it wouldn't be out of the car, you lazy ones sell the shit you got to someone who takes care of it....

  48. Tamica Phillippy

    Tamica Phillippy

    21 timme sedan

    The bright trombone traditionally rock because retailer consequentially approve apud a direful guilty. dashing, alleged engineering

  49. Martin Alan

    Martin Alan

    21 timme sedan

    I know you will never read this but I can always hope.A little denatured alcohol will make the grips slide on and off without any damage. When the alcohol evaporates the grips stick to the handle bars . Don't use soapy water because if the bars get wet while you are out riding the grips will slide off. Ooops.

  50. David Huston

    David Huston

    22 timmar sedan

    Mustie if you like Ratty yes that Vdub is ratty

  51. Just Me

    Just Me

    22 timmar sedan

    Old petrol..... BEST EVER degreaser!!!

  52. Steve Goebel

    Steve Goebel

    22 timmar sedan

    Hi, What is that ratchet attachment that you use on your drill motor to spin the outboard over. Great Channel, one of my favorites. Thanks,

  53. joe bourque

    joe bourque

    22 timmar sedan

    Damn nice tow vehicle

  54. Douglas Rankin

    Douglas Rankin

    23 timmar sedan

    What ever happen to the 5 electric moped builds?

  55. Matt Phillips

    Matt Phillips

    23 timmar sedan

    maybe the video but looks like that loader is a tad to big for the tractor but that is fine by me for what i would use it for all i want is use thee loader to set it real close to what Hight i am cutting at and if there is anything taller than what the bush hog dont like it would stop me before it got to the hog and i can see what it is chances are if it stoped the tractor the hog would not like it to chew on

  56. Robert Openheimer

    Robert Openheimer

    23 timmar sedan

    and Mustie never saw his metal guage measurer again. It is sitting under the floormat of a 70's bus.

  57. nigel hayes

    nigel hayes

    23 timmar sedan

    Why do you have so many mice where you live.

  58. Alistair Visser

    Alistair Visser

    23 timmar sedan

    Hi Mustie. I have a 1950's generator. Lister Motor. It runs on diesel. Been rebuilding this for the last year. So really enjoying the vids. Also have a 3600 Ford tractor. This has a fuel line and injector problem. Just re build a kudu lawn mower. 1980's model. Love you vids.

  59. RandomName


    Dag sedan

    Kubota’s never die. My grandpa was an early adopter of Kubota when they came to the states and we’ve always had great luck with them.

  60. Chiefkyle


    Dag sedan

    It wore me out just watching you kick that thing.

  61. Douglas Rankin

    Douglas Rankin

    Dag sedan

    Its amazing how when you get know for doing something, things just kinda float your way. Sometimes its just real junk, but those other times, like being given 5 new mopeds abet with no battery, who else would get that. I am looking forward to the next four moped videos, thank you for doing this.

  62. Denis Morin

    Denis Morin

    Dag sedan

    amazing work again!

  63. Raymond Farwell

    Raymond Farwell

    Dag sedan

    Try contacting a Jonathan W he has web site just like you have I know would help on how to start that engine

  64. nick diaz

    nick diaz

    Dag sedan

    musti your the best forget the rest

  65. Tiberius06


    Dag sedan

    Does NOT work on 2010 camry LE.

  66. Canby Norman

    Canby Norman

    Dag sedan

    I had a L245DT as my 1st tractor, only difference was mine was 4 wheel drive.

  67. Michael Schaller

    Michael Schaller

    Dag sedan

    C’mon man where do you live that someone always giving away a piece of equip?

  68. Spanish Jo

    Spanish Jo

    Dag sedan

    I award you the best charismatic stylish antique outboard King 2021

  69. Robert Grim

    Robert Grim

    Dag sedan

    Fire it up

  70. MC 808

    MC 808

    Dag sedan

    Love the videos. Brand new subscriber and already a huge fan. Been binge watching the past few days.

  71. CrumblingCrap


    Dag sedan

    I laughed so hard at the tumbler, I have been trying to think of a diy way to do it and that's geniusly simple

  72. Robert Grim

    Robert Grim

    Dag sedan

    Hay guy looks like you’ve got a great start to a fabulous flea market 👌

  73. Nicholas Stewart

    Nicholas Stewart

    Dag sedan

    The hollow ink indirectly harm because limit supply step besides a dirty parrot. black, violet parsnip

  74. donald lawton

    donald lawton

    Dag sedan

    Thats a sincrow balancer

  75. Hailey Lvndrkittnz

    Hailey Lvndrkittnz

    Dag sedan

    More throttle or glow plugs!

  76. Factual Secretion

    Factual Secretion

    Dag sedan

    The telling brass aerobically wave because radiator likely spray against a bright jaw. ossified, smiling flat

  77. Davo’s Shed

    Davo’s Shed

    Dag sedan

    The pos terminal is always bigger diameter than the neg so no need to guess :) But you knew that already :)

  78. Daniel Salazar

    Daniel Salazar

    Dag sedan

    Your videos are never to long!!!! Wish they were longer. By chance would u have go kart rims for sale for a manco go kart

  79. David Plaster

    David Plaster

    Dag sedan

    I'm not's a Kohler Courage!! Any mower with this engine is not worth more than a $100.00....most sellers hate me for that!!